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Macho men from across the West Midlands: take a seat, crack open a can, and prepare to get angry.

Because according to a new survey, the region's view on what it takes to be an 'accomplished man' has changed, with respect for more traditional values being replaced with a drive towards a more 'understanding' kind of guy.

Being a feminist, feeling comfortable playing with dolls and knowing their partner’s dress size are all key attributes men need in order to make the grade in modern day Britain, the survey says.

And it suggests that 'qualities' such as knowing how to change a car tyre, old fashioned romance and chivalry, and having a the ability to consume enormous amounts of beer, are very much on the way out.

The research, which asked 2,000 people in the West Midlands to define 'an accomplished man', regarded David Attenborough as the best example of one, with Barack Obama and Bill Gates also rating highly.

Daniel Craig

New Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not do so well, with just one per cent of people extolling his virtues.

However, slightly more surprising entries onto the list included Tyson Fury, Peter Andre, Drake, and Nigel Farage – none of whom are exactly known for their dedication to the feminists' cause.

The survey was carried out by name label company My Nametags, and claims the region is moving away from the stereotypes of the past.


Being a good father comes out top of the 'wants list', with two thirds of those surveyed describing fatherhood skills as being key to defining an accomplished man.

Despite Piers Morgan mocking Daniel Craig for carrying his baby in a papoose by tweeting he had ‘emasculated Bond’, the region disagrees.

Only four percent believe carrying children in a baby sling makes them less of an ideal modern man, while the same proportion of people feel the same way when it comes to men changing nappies.

Nigel Farage


Respondents also valued men being able to talk openly about their feelings, while being able to rustle up a decent meal, having excellent manners and being confident also featured highly.

On the other side of the coin, having no ambition was top of the traits that make someone less of an accomplished men, followed by being bad with money.

Wearing fake tan was another 'no no' according to 14 per cent of those who took part, which begs the question as to how Peter Andre came to be rated so highly on the list.

The results around men's social activities were perhaps the most eyebrow-raising.

Very few who were surveyed believed that being teetotal made someone less of a man, and not liking sport – a trait previously unheard of in West Midlands blokes – was also deemed irrelevant for an accomplished man.

Boris Johnson

Lars B Andersen, founder and managing director at My Nametags, said his firm had seen a surge in men buying name labels for their children.

"As we suspected, the results clearly demonstrate that the role of the modern man is evolving, with many choosing to get involved in household tasks," he said.

"It is heartening to see the definition of an accomplished man becoming much more diverse and inclusive, showing a clear move away from traditional stereotypes."

The campaign follows research from last year into the changing role of the accomplished woman.

The results clearly demonstrate that there is less disparity between the qualities associated with being accomplished across both men and women than ever before.

Mr Andreson added: "Many Brits favour emotional achievements, such as being happy and being comfortable talking about their emotions, over the traditional marks of success associated with their gender.”

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