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State of the Nation survey: Tell us how you feel about your country

Today the Express & Star today launches a major survey that aims to capture the mood of the region.

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How are you feeling about life in the summer of 2019?

These are strange and unprecedented times – this is a year that is likely to go down in the history books as being of particular significance in the history of our nation.

A Brexit deadline is looming that many believe will bring chaos to our lives and the UK economy. Others dismiss those fears and say we are about to enter an exciting and prosperous era of greater independence.

  • This survey is now closed. Look out for the full results in print and online.

Meanwhile, knife crime and gang culture on our streets has developed into a problem that has ruined thousands of lives.

The NHS continues to creak under increasing demand, with long queues in A&E and even longer waits for a GP appointment.

And the age of the middle ground appears to have fallen by the wayside, with our political parties moving to more polarised ends of the spectrum.

Today the Express & Star launches a major survey that aims to capture the mood of the region at a critical point in the UK’s history.

With a new prime minister in Number 10 and our political system in a continual state of crisis, our country stands at a crossroads.

And the standing of our ‘mainstream’ politicians is at an historic low, opening the way for smaller parties like the Brexit Party to take advantage when it comes to putting our X on the ballet box.

There are increasing fears that exiting the EU without a deal could plunge the country into recession, putting thousands of jobs at risk. Should that happen the Conservatives could be heavily punished at the next general election, potentially handing the keys to Downing Street to Jeremy Corbyn.

But, in a region that voted overwhelmingly to leave, there are many who may welcome a no-deal scenario and believe the forecasts of doom to be merely scaremongering.

Brexit may be the biggest issue currently facing Boris Johnson but there are other issues domestically where the Government has been accused of allowing its focus to slip.

Violent crime and the NHS is just one. Accusations of increasingly intolerant views among our main political parties is another.

With the UK preparing to enter the third decade of the 21st century, we today ask key questions about the state of the nation.

Are you optimistic about what the next five years will bring? Is Boris Johnson the right man to be leading the country? Is Jeremy Corbyn the right man to replace him? Is knife crime out of control? Is the NHS in crisis and would you be prepared to pay more to help it?

This survey has now closed.

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