Dog holds UK record and boasts around 1,000 awards

Around 1,000 rossettes and the UK record for certificates is something on four-legged canine can boast about on his CV.

Karen Barnard said her dog Dukey is the 'most prolific Ridgeback in the country' and now holds the record for the most challenge certificates in the country - totalling to 36.

Once a dog acquires three certificates, which is given when a judge thinks a dog is worthy of becoming a champion, a dog becomes a show champion which is one of the highest accolades in the show world.

Along with cups, trophies and more - the six-year-old dog has around 1,000 rossettes from an array of competitions around the world.

Karen, from Pelsall, imported Rhodesian Ridgeback Dukey from Holland in 2012 and now holds the record for the challenge certificates after winning at the Blackpool Championship on Saturday.

Karen, 56, said: "It's like winning an Olympic Gold medal in the dog world. It's quite an achievement - it's like winning the lottery.

"My parents and grandparents have shown dogs before me but they didn't achieve what Dukey has managed to achieve in such a small space of time because it really is difficult.

"It's something that's taken me nearly six years to get. I would never have believed I'd be in this position.

"Dukey is fantastic. I could've have done it with a better loving, loyal and faithful dog. He doesn't have a bad bone in his body and everyone knows that. He's well known for it.

"He's had three puppies and all three of those have now become champions along with even their own offspring."

The previous record was held by a woman for 10 years, who handed over the new record to Karen at the Blackpool championship, at a total of 35.

Karen, a dog groomer, added: "From a puppy you have to make sure they have a nice temperament and can get used to strange people and have people handling them.

"Dogs are judged on their movement, structure, teeth, bone and every possible last detail.

"It can take months for a dog to become trained up and ready for shows but I bring in a lot of play when I'm training them so they're not too strict.

"In the dog showing world, all of the rossettes and owning this many challenge certificates is a lifetime achievement and for a lot of people they won't be able to achieve it. It's something we all aim for and it's a dream come true."

Dukey also regularly competes in Crufts and reached the final 21 out of 20,000 in the hound group in 2014.

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