Express & Star paperboy robbed of £850 bike

Brazen thieves snatched an Express & Star paper boy's bike in broad daylight before taunting him as they sped away.

Express & Star paperboy robbed of £850 bike

The crooks pounced on Aaron Keirle, 13, taking his £850 white Carrera mountain bike while he was on his rounds in Broad Lane North, Willenhall.

And the two men, dressed in dark clothing with hoods, cruelly laughed at him as they made off, swearing and telling him 'you're never getting your bike back.

A Carrera bike like the one that was stolen from Aaron, worth around £850

Since the theft, Wolverhampton Councillor Phil Bateman has launched an appeal for the bike whereabouts and the offer of a new bike.

But the boy's mum Kerry is still desperate for the 'scum' thieves to be caught.

Broad Lane North in Willenhall where two men stole the expensive mountain bike

She said: "He went out to do his paper round as he always does when he saw this car.

"He had seen this car before slowly following him.

"They waited for him to go up to a door and deliver a paper when they grabbed it.

"As they were driving off they were shouting and swearing at him and told him 'you're never getting your bike back."

She added: "They're just scum, I really hope they get caught.

"It was his dad's bike, he was just borrowing it because his own had broken. He'd been using it since about Christmas time.

"It looks like they were following him, they must have known it was quite an expensive bike.

"Aaron is OK, he was a bit upset by it. I'll go round with him in the car for the next few weeks to do the papers.

"He doesn't want to stop doing his round, and I don't want him to either. Why should he just because someone has done that?

"He saves up his money so he can buy football boots."

The youngster is a keen footballer who plays for Cresswell Tigers in the Walsall League.

Councillor Phil Bateman said: "Doesn't it make you sick?

"Hopefully they will get caught and it will be a happy ending.

"It happened at about 4.20pm, our paper boy was stopped and robbed of his bike by two men in a blue car as he was delivering the Express & Star newspaper, it was a Peugeot type vehicle. It didn't have registration plates attached.

"They screamed abuse at the paper boy then one robbed him of his bike, the other then followed the guy who rode off on his bike in the car.

"It was a blue car. Any of our neighbours who have CCTV that may have captured this action in In Broad Lane North, contact the police on 101."

Last night, Councillor Bateman said he had received an offer of a second-hand mountain bike from a resident in Ashmore Park. He also said a large 'cycle group' had also got in touch to offer a new bike.

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