EXCLUSIVE: Sickening 'zombie' blades delivered to your door

Brutal 2ft long machetes, throwing knives and even Samurai swords advertised as weapons to kill 'zombies' are being sold online to be delivered to your front door.

EXCLUSIVE: Sickening 'zombie' blades delivered to your door

The Express & Star has discovered that a legal loophole means that a zombie 'head splitter' and other deadly blades can be ordered online and shipped to homes.

Now there are calls from the West Midlands for the law to be changed to ban the import and sale of these dangerous blades which the region's police commissioner said had no practical purpose or display value 'other than to cause harm and suffering'.

Some of the 1,600 'zombie' branded blades which are for sale on ebay

There are more than 1,600 such blades under the brand names of Zombie Hunter or Zombie Killer on the American version auction website ebay.

Some are advertised with sickening names such as 'head splitter', 'vicious zombie killer', or decorated with 'blood splatter'.

Most sellers are willing to ship internationally with the disclaimer that the buyer is responsible for complying with any laws in the UK.

But British sellers will also send them by mail order because it is legal to do so.

It exposes the terrifying loophole in the law, where people in possession of a blade in public can end up in prison for as much as four years or fined £5,000 but can have them in their homes.

And it comes as knife crime in England and Wales has risen by 13 per cent – the first increase in four years – despite a drop in the West Midlands.

Yet there were 1,555 crimes in the West Midlands alone in the past year.

While police will take action against anyone they find carrying such weapons in the street, nothing stops them buying them to keep in their homes.

Last week police in London discovered one of the Zombie Apocalypse Combat Slayer machetes in an alleyway.

The lethal weapon discovered by police beneath undergrowth in an alleyway
Police officer Alex Ware who found a 2ft machete in an alleyway

The Express & Star found around 1,600 machetes, knives, throwing axes and more weapons by simply typing the word 'zombie' into the American version of the auction website ebay.

Many sellers described their weapons in joking terms about preparing for a zombie apocalypse.

People could be forgiven for thinking they were little more than 'cosplay' items – accessories for people wearing fancy dress or attending sci-fi and fantasy conventions.

But anyone who carries any one of these items around on the streets of the UK faces a £5,000 fine and four years in prison if they are caught. Worryingly, however, there is nothing to stop anyone buying a razor sharp, serrated machete that is advertised for its ability to inflict deadly wounds and having it delivered to their home.

One item found by the Express & Star was the Zombie Z Hunter Machete Stainless Apocalypse Sword, in biohazard slayer green. It was available for $22.64 (£14.49). It is 23.75in-long and the description given is that it is a 'slayer sword machete, neon green cord wrapped handle with flared butt end for grip retention and lanyard, black baked on matte finish, sawtooth section on cutting edge, slightly sharpened serrated top edge, stainless steel, nylon sheath with Z-Hunter Bio Hazard logo with adjustable shoulder strap sling'.

Another was a Zombie Killer 1045 High Carbon Steel Full Tang Katana Sword Green Wrap BioHazard, for $125.00 (£79.99). It was described by explaining that people did not have to 'simply put it on display' and that it came with a shoulder strap: "This battle ready full tang Zombie Killer Katana features a beautiful black finish and is constructed from heat tempered 1045 high carbon steel.

"The hardwood saya (scabbard) is wrapped in leather with a leather shoulder strap, Zombie Killer Green nylon wrap decorates the saya between the fittings for the shoulder strap. While the sword is battle ready and made for Zombie Killing action, a free decorative sword stand is included if one wants to simply put it on display."

It was found hidden in undergrowth in Hackney, east London, as officers searched for drugs and weapons. A 2ft long machete is available on one UK website for £19.95 plus postage and packing.

And the description online for the huge blade reads: "Are re-animated ghouls getting you down?

"If you're looking for some effective zombie repellant, look no further than this highly specialised tool from Z-Hunter!

"The Zombie machete is the best blade for fighting zombies, and it includes multiple blade edges to suit every tactical style."

It even comes with a way to conceal the blade in public, stating: "You can even take this machete on the go with its included black nylon sheath and carrying loop."

However, police warned anyone thinking of buying such a weapon that they would be jailed or fined if found with it outside of their homes.

Hampshire-based Master of Arms says it complies with laws preventing the sale of blades to minors. And Midlands website Hunters Knives and Swords will even sell Zero Tolerance 'throwing knives' for £17.99, advertising them as 'well balanced' and a way to challenge the undead from a distance.

The company, based in Northampton, said it only sold a small amount of 'zombie paraphernalia' and that most of its knives had practical uses, with machetes able to cut pampas grass.

Hunters Knives and Swords spokesman Paul Smith said: "Machetes represent a very small percentage of Hunters Knives sales with the vast majority of these purchases tend to be made by males aged over 40 who are looking for a tool for a specific gardening task.

"The zombie machete is popular with collectors of zombie paraphernalia and as such the target market is very limited."

But, West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson declared the zombie blades 'disgusting weapons' with 'no other purpose than to cause harm and suffering' and called for an international response to stop their sale and import.

He pleaded with anyone who had bought one of these potentially deadly weapons to take them to a knife surrender bin.

He was backed by the Halesowen and Rowley Regis MP James Morris who also called for an 'urgent review' of online shopping to stop the import of 'very dangerous knives'.

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