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IN PICTURES: The boozy Stourbridge night out which ended in Marbella

It's the Black Country version of The Hangover – four lads go out for the night, enjoy one too many shandies and end up in an adventure that has to be pieced together the following day through a boozy haze.


Meet Matt Weyman, Adam Holloway, Jack Gough and Dan Griffiths – who started the night in Stourbridge and woke up in Marbella.

They made the impromptu 1,000-mile trip last Saturday morning after a Friday night out on the tiles, and since then there's been apologies to the parents, begging to their bosses and lots and lots of Pot Noodles.

In the sober light of day, a week later, only Matt and Dan remain in the Spanish sunshine.

"Our diet has been made up of Pot Noodles, Cheetos crisps and loads of Calippos. We're basically in survival mode," says Matt, aged 23, from Wall Heath.

"We have been swapping T-shirts around so it didn't look like we were going out in the same top because we only arrived in the clothes on our back and one iPhone charger between four of us.

"Although we have bought a few tops and pairs of shorts now."

Seeming like a good idea at the time – at 3am in Chicago's in Stourbridge – Matt called a taxi and, after a quick passport-dash to their respective homes, they were at Birmingham Airport, spending £340 on one-way flights.

"We got to the airport at around 5am and caught the plane at 7am," said Matt, who works in sales for his father.

"Although, I ended up paying for two lots of one-way tickets for both Saturday and Sunday morning. It started out as a bit of a joke then it escalated.

"We only did it because one of our mates turned up with his passport to use as ID to get into the bar up town.

"One of the lads who came out with us the night before but left before all this kicked off woke up and checked his phone to see pictures of us on the plane, he was completely confused as you can imagine."

With Adam and Jack, who works in advertising, now back at home, Matt and Dan, a customer service representative for an insurance company, are out until Tuesday.

Adam, who works for Jaguar Land Rover, came to his senses relatively quickly and caught a flight home on Sunday, being back at work the following day. "Yep, we're still here," Matt said.

"And one of our other mates is going to come out and join for the weekend – bringing some essentials and clothes from home.

"It has been absolutely crazy and, to make things worse, Dan managed to lose his wallet on the first night and his parents have had to transfer money over to us so we'd be OK for the rest of the week."

Their accommodation is a £35-a-night hotel on the outskirts of Marbella called the Grand Suite. And as for the apologising, well, there's been a lot of it, with some parents and employers taking the news better than others.

"We had to call all of our bosses to ask for time off and we managed to get it as emergency holiday leave," Matt said. "But Jack had to do a sales pitch to keep his job. He also got suspended for a week.

"Luckily I work as a salesman for my dad, so when I called him up to tell him I won't be at work this week he was actually fine with it. Our parents all took it pretty well as well so we are just going to enjoy ourselves and stay here for the opening parties this weekend before coming home."

And Matt is sharing their good time with the world by posting pictures on social media. Snaps include him on the beach, the lads in the club and a haul of the 'essentials' they've picked up since being out there, namely shorts, flip-flops, vodka and Cheetos crisps.

"Most of the people on the plane were surprised about what we were doing, to be honest," said Matt. "But if nothing else, it's something to tell the grandkids."

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