How will the recent flooding affect your car insurance premiums?

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With flood warnings being placed all across the UK by the Environmental Agency, and many areas already badly hit by heavy rainfall and rising waters, there is a great focus on insurance companies and what possessions are covered in the event of a flood. 

With the recent flooding in the UK the residents of the worst affected areas, such as Somerset, Gloucestershire and Devon, will be wondering how their home insurance premiums will be affected. However it is not just homes that are destroyed in the floods. On TV you will have seen four by fours and vans driving through the river-like streets, while the smaller hatchbacks and sports cars are submerged at the side of the road.

So are these vehicles covered by their insurance companies for flood damage?

Car Insurance comparison site says that it is important to check your own insurance policy first, as every one can vary. However most fully comprehensive plans do cover flood damage, although the car owner may need to pay an excess depending on the scale of the damage. If you only have the basic third party, fire and theft cover then it is less likely that you will be covered so it would be a good idea to look at the details of your policy to make sure you won't be paying out for any damage to your vehicle.

Level of damage to the car is a major contributor to how much an insurance company will pay out. Read through the few tips below to make sure you minimise the affect flooding will have on your vehicle, and perhaps your wallet.

The most important first step is to move your vehicle to higher ground. If you live in an area that received a flood warning then make sure your car is parked on top of a hill or ridge that won't be reached by flood waters. Houses can't be moved, but cars can, so if you have the opportunity to drive your car out of the danger area without risking your safety then do it.

If your car has been reached by flood water then don't turn on the ignition! If the engine is submerged then turning on the ignition can cause irreparable damage and this may not be covered by an insurance company. If your car's engine is below the flood water then leave it where it is and call in a professional to dry it out when the waters recede. If your insurance company has a list of approved mechanics or garages then it would be advisable to use one from this list to ensure you can prove that any work has been completed.

It is also important to call in any claim to your car insurance company immediately. The sooner the claim is made the better. There will be lots of other people making claims across the country due to the recent weather, so the earlier you get in there with your claim the earlier it will be processed.

If you have any other doubts about how your car is covered by your motor insurance provider in the recent weather or floods then checking your policy details or phoning your provider is always the best option.

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