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With the whole world currently focusing on how to become more eco-conscious, green is most definitely the colour which everyone wants to be.

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With the whole world currently focusing on how to become more eco-conscious, green is most definitely the colour which everyone wants to be. With everything from harvesting solar energy to reducing household energy consumption, British residents are being encouraged to save the planet in any way possible.

Naturally, times such as this encourage innovative and development. Yet, whilst we may all be familiar with the introduction of energy efficiency labels – which must now appear on all electrical goods such as washing machines and televisions – there are other success stories to note.

For those in Birmingham, being associated with pioneering development and iconic figures is hardly something new. One of the most well known industrial cities in the country, the history of Birmingham is defined by leading figures and entrepreneurs who have put the city well and truly on the map.

One of the latest names to feature on this list is that of Robbie Grabarz – member of Team GB and bronze medal winner for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Despite being first known as an athlete who could be truly spectacular if he only put his mind to it, Grabarz made the brave decision to throw caution to the wind and really attempt to excel. The ensuing result was not only a number of accolades under his belt, including the aforementioned bronze medal at the recent Olympic Games and a European title at his first major championship, but also a number of personal bests.

In essence then, the mere decision to do something can often lead to greatness. For Birmingham residents, this is nothing new or innovative and adopting Grabarz's get-up-and-go attitude could lead to greatness in other areas: especially that of energy efficiency.

Like with the Scottish eccentric, Graham Obree, the decision to make a difference can often yield the best results. This individual was famously dubbed the Flying Scotsman after a bicycle he made from old washing machine parts helped him beat the world velodrome record back in 1993.

Since then, Obree has not let complacency seep into his life but has rather sought to further his achievements with more record-breaking attempts. Taking the art of recycling to the extreme, Orbree began work on another two-wheeled creation this February.


Nicknamed 'Pie in the Sky', his latest bicycle includes an old saucepan in part of its design and Obree hopes to put it well and truly to the test by attempting to exceed 100mph on the creation. For Birmingham residents, the actions of this Scottish individual are sure to incite their own drive to go green and, with such a history of influential thinkers and engineers coming from the area, it is only a matter of time before the fruits of this labour are seen.

Whether the city of Birmingham will utilise the leftover parts from washing machine parts or focus on other areas on energy efficiency, such as reduced consumption and increased reliance on renewable energy sources, remains to be seen. All that is certain is that Birmingham's future is almost guaranteed to be one which is dominated by the colour green.

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