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Fashion and shopping blogger Emma Iannarilli shares her experience of London Fashion Week and gives tips on how to survive such an event.

Fashion and shopping blogger Emma Iannarilli shares her experience of London Fashion Week and gives tips on how to survive such an event:

I've just had my first experience of the wild, wonderful world that is London Fashion Week.

It was a fantastic event ...and a real eye-opener. I have certainly returned a much fashion-wiser woman and now have a bank of insider tips that would help even a fashion novice to enjoy the experience.

So here are my top bits of advice on how to be a part of London Fashion Week...and survive!

Dress to be noticed rather than to impress

I thought I had the balance just right when I attended Vauxhall Fashion Scout, the home of the hottest up-and-coming designers during London Fashion Week.

I'd dressed in a delicately pleated nude skirt teamed with black lace t-shirt and some amazing Charlotte Olympia rip-off shoes. Hell, I was even carrying a Vivienne Westwood bag!

So I was feeling pretty darned pleased with myself. . . until I spotted the bloke next to me. He was sporting a pair of striped leggings, alpine style, over the knee, ski socks and, the pièce de résistance, a huge pair of pink bunny rabbit slippers!


I pondered, who would The Sartorialist race to photograph out of the two of us?

Me with my attempt at staid sophistication or Bunny Rabbit man with his attempt at mad bordering on total crackpot?

No contest. They would climb over me to photograph the bunny rabbits. If you want to be noticed, dress like a crazy person.

Take plenty of water, and be prepared to wait


The most common thing you see during fashion week is queues. Queues outside hotels, venues, toilets, Somerset House etc...

Nothing ever starts on time, so take plenty of water and a snack. Although don't let anyone see you actually eating the snack – this is London Fashion Week after all.

If you are still waiting, it's probably for a celebrity

Anna Wintour herself was kept waiting at the Matthew Williamson show for a very late Sienna Miller, whilst I was kept waiting by Z list socialite Lady Victoria Hervey.

The FROWERS (Front row people to you and me darling) turn up when they like with little or no regard for the plebs waiting outside in all weathers.

Learn to walk in those heels...because there are steps everywhere

The venues are mainly chic old Victorian hotels and mansions where the word 'lift' is akin to swearing.

So practice your sashay weeks in advance, invest in a subscription of party feet and learn to mask that grimace with a fake smile or a pout, whichever suits you image better.

Follow these few tips and you will have the most fashion-fabulous time! Enjoy.

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