Wedding: 12 things not to do at a wedding

By Lisa Harrison | Woman | Published:

It’s the bride and groom’s day and all about them. Wedding guest faux pas are so not the done thing. . .

It’s my wedding and I’ll cry if I want to – it should be all about the bride

1 FORGET TO RSVP: A great deal of time and effort goes into seating charts and meal planning, so if you plan on attending it’s an absolute must to send an acceptance card.

2 DON’T DISREGARD THE DRESS CODE: If the invitation stipulates a particular dress code, adhere to it. But remember the golden rule: Never wear white, you don’t want to steal the bride’s thunder on her day.

3 DON’T SHOW UP TOO EARLY: It’s an exciting time and you’re probably keen to celebrate but you shouldn’t turn up early. You may end up intruding on private moments before the day officially kicks off.

4 DON’T BRING AN UNINVITED PLUS-ONE: If the invitation is only addressed to you and makes no mention of your significant other or a plus one then go solo. The bride and groom will have made this decision for a reason whether it be financial or otherwise.

5 DON’T BRING CHILDREN IF THEY’RE NOT INVITED: Be respectful of the couple’s wishes when it comes to bringing kids to the wedding. When in doubt, just ask.

6 SHOP OFF THE WEDDING GIFT LIST: It might be tempting to buy a sentimental gift or something you think the newlyweds will appreciate but respect the list: if they’ve chosen it it’s what they want.

7 DON’T TRY AND BE THE PHOTOGRAPHER: You may want to get snap happy but if there’s a professional photographer there don’t get in the way.

8 STAY GLUED TO YOUR PHONE: Constantly picking up your phone and checking it is a little bit disrespectful. Be present throughout the day.


9 ABUSE THE BAR: If it’s a free bar, don’t take advantage of it. Be mindful that a wedding is a costly affair and take it easy.

10 DON’T MAKE CRITICAL COMMENTS: This is not the time or place to air your negative opinions. If you can’t say anything nice, keep it contained.

11 GET TOO DRUNK: All the attention should be on the bride and groom not the drunk friend who is slurring, being loud or making a fool of themselves.

12 STEAL THE MIC FOR A TOAST: It may seem like a good idea in the heat of the moment but don’t grab the mic during speech time. If they’ve not asked you to, it’s not part of their plan for the day.

Lisa Harrison

By Lisa Harrison

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