Cheryl's new rose tattoo is a thorn in parents' side

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I bet there's an army of parents on high alert right now, threatening their offspring with cries of 'don't you dare'.

Of course, they will be refering to Cheryl Cole's latest tattoo, which has struck a bit of a bum note.

I guess most of us have little interest in what happens to the rear of a minor celeb. Nor for that matter, how far the alarming rose tattoo stretches over her bum – though word is that it's blooming covered like an overgrown herbaceous border.

But it is a tad worrying when such grisly art works are displayed and there's a possibility that impressionable youngsters might take their own backs and bottoms off for something similar.

What on earth is this woman thinking?

Just in case the whole world should express a corporate 'ugh', the now rose-covered Ms Cole entered the realms of Twitter (well, of course) to proclaim: "People are entitled to their own opinions. Personally I've never really concerned myself with other people's body parts."

This monster artwork is said to have been done months ago so why on earth has she just had it photographed and allowed it to be posted on the internet?

Well, firstly it's properly healed now.


It also sounds as though she assumes the rest of us are more interested in her body parts than she says she is in anyone else's.

Come on Cheryl. You've been out of the celebrity limelight for a while, life and trends move on and other favourites claim the fans who once were yours.

So in the absence of anything else, why not flash the flesh and see what happens. But that's a bit close to the truth, isn't it, dear?

Rather than body art, one horrified commentator labels the £4,000 tattoo as 'self harming'. And I'm inclined to agree. It took 15 hours to do and six months to heal – which is why we are now seeing it in its full gory.


Isn't it sad. That an undeniably good looking girl who had some significant singing success and was a likeable character, has to resort to such a nonsense says everything about a good slice of today's society.

Public interest will already have waned and you're stuck with your gruesome bouquet now, Cheryl.

Was it worth it?

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