An outbreak of FOMO is gripping the nation

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There has been an outbreak. There's no need to panic, it's not hit a crisis point, it's not an epidemic. Yet.

It is thought that the only way you can catch the terrible affliction is if you let it get the better of you. There are suggestions that the cause is down to greed or just plain old envy.

The disease. . . Fear Of Missing Out or FOMO.

It's one of those things that is slowly clutching the neck of society and squeezing tighter and tighter.

The symptoms include, the jitters, anxiety, brash, bolshy talk and slightly hyperactive behaviour at times. If you're still in the dark and thinking: "What on earth is she babbling on about?" Then here goes.

I'm referring to those people who have to be doing something, going somewhere, seeing someone ALL THE TIME. If it's the weekend, they break out into a cold sweat, wringing their hands together at the thought of having to stay in. There has to be a story to tell back at the office on Monday morning. A touch of the old 'my weekend was better than yours', syndrome.

The FOMO sufferer has to keep checking his/her mobile phone for messages even if they have the loudest 'you've got a message' text alert. They are constantly signed into their Facebook account watching the status updates trickle in to see who's doing what, where, with who and when.

Then there's the 'I've got to have this iPhone, that iPod, one of those iPads and an iPlayer', oh hold on a sec that's the BBC catch-up thingy isn't it? (See I clearly don't suffer from FOMO).


In every conversation you will find the FOMO victim will utter phrases such as: "I've got this, seen them, done that, been there."

If you've been on holiday you can guarantee that the FOMOer will have been somewhere nicer, plusher, more luxurious and glorious.

And heaven forbid if someone dare suggest trying something or going somewhere before a FOMO sufferer has done so themselves. Be warned they will kick you back into reality and find fault with whatever it was. The thing is with these people is they ALWAYS know best.

But quite honestly, the pressure of feeling you must be seen to be doing things and going places for fear of looking like you're not living your life must be truly exhausting.


Why would anyone want to be like that, it can't be healthy. I just want to grab them and say: "Get a grip." Me, call me boring, (BORIIIIIIING!) but I like to be still. I enjoy some slow time, winding down absorbing what's going on around me. Life is such a whirlwind, with everyone whizzing about at about 100 miles an hour, so being calm is a real treat. Just because so and so is doing this and that doesn't mean I have to. Because I just don't want to.

I take pride in having a mind of my own, being my own person and enjoying my own company. Perhaps it's an age thing and you just have get past that hurdle of feeling the dreaded peer pressure. With all this tweeting and poking malarky in your face constantly, it's no wonder people feel compelled to follow the pack.

There is currently no known cure for FOMO. Prevention can include staying grounded and remaining down to earth.

Maybe take a little step back and face the green-eyed monster and stand up to it. See things how they really are, not as some kind of life Olympics where you've got to get gold. So be brave take action and fight it off before it takes hold.

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