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From lollipop man to TikTok dance sensation with son for Brian, 75

A 75-year-old-man from the Black Country has become a TikTok sensation after creating dancing videos with his son.

Jay Scott and Brian Kilgallon. Photo: JayScotttttt Instagram
Jay Scott and Brian Kilgallon. Photo: JayScotttttt Instagram

Brian Kilgallon, and Jay (Jamie) Scott, 28, from Oldbury, have risen to fame getting recognition from all over the globe, including from Grammy winning US artist Lizzo.

What started out as a bit of fun, making a dance video on Father's Day in 2020, has now turned out to social media stardom, turning both father and son into 'influencers'.

After retiring at the age of 63, Brian said he lasted just two months before he wanted to get back out there and do something to keep him busy. After a friend recommended he become a lollipop man, that was exactly what he did and continues to do today, alongside creating content online with his son.

Brian Kilgallon

With over 275,000 followers on TikTok, 11 million likes and tens of millions of views, Brian still cannot believe that the video have gone viral.

He said: "We started on Father's Day. My son said we can't go out, so let's make a TikTok video. My reaction was what on earth is a TikTok?! I had no idea what it was, but my son said it's an app that we make videos and people will get to see us.

"I enjoy dancing and my son is a live dancer and singer, so I was happy to do it. But, wow, the videos completely took off and the account has blown up. It has gone out of control, and we have gone viral.

"I'm just a 75-year-old man that enjoys dancing, and my son has given me a new lease of life.

"My son has really invigorated me, and he is the best son in the world.

Jay Scott and Brian Kilgallon. Photo: JayScotttttt Instagram

"People are recognising me everywhere. At the school I work at, kids, parents and even teachers have been recognising me and some even call me the 'TikTok lollipop man king'.

"I am not used to all this attention and fame, but I am loving it. It makes me feel like I am 26 again, when I was a good dancer!"

Brian and his Jay create dancing videos on the social media app, and do the latest dancing trends and musical trends, which have proven to be a huge hit with users of the app.

Away from TikTok, Jay both sings and dances, and has released a song called 'Cake' on YouTube.


my 75 year old dads reaction to watching my new music video “CAKE!” 🎥👨🏼‍🦱🎂👨🏻‍🦳🥰 my video is OUT NOW on YouTube!!!

♬ original sound - Jay Scott 🌷

Brian worked in billboard advertising sales before retiring at 63, and can now be found working as a crossing warden at Rood End Primary School in Oldbury, where he enjoys getting out, meeting people and keeping busy.

While he wears a bright high-vis uniform when working as a crossing warden during the day at school, Brian pulls on flash, colourful outfits for the TikTok videos too, which he says companies send to Jay to advertise in social media posts. But recently the companies have also been requesting that Brian himself wears the clothing too, showing off the outfits in their videos.

He said: "I don't actually own these flash clothes, companies instead have asked for Jay and me to wear them in the videos. My son is an influencer, so he is used to it all and I usually take photos of him but now I wear them too!

"I don't really do Instagram. I have an account where I will reply to messages, but my son controls everything and comes up with all the ideas.

"He never puts any pressure on me though, but I say Jay, I'm up for it and want to do all the dances. We will do maybe one or two takes but with the more videos we have done, I now pick all the moves up very quickly.

"I love it because I get to spend time with my son, we bond together and love doing it. We give each other a hug after every video we make. Again, he has really invigorated me."

After making a video with the music to Lizzo's single, 'About Damn Time', the US artist commented saying "THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!!"

Jay Scott and Brian Kilgallon. Photo: JayScotttttt Instagram

Despite getting recognition from kids at school, and now celebrities, Brian is most pleased with being an inspiration for others around his age.

He said: "I want to inspire people. I want to show people that life does not end when you retire. You can still have fun and enjoy life. Doing this has really made my life go on again."

When asked about any future collaboration's or video ideas, Brian said as long as he will be doing them with his son, he doesn't mind.

He added: "I'd love to do a video with a singer like a music video, but to do it with my son of course!

"He sings and dances and has performed at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, but the only thing that I can do that he can't is play football. I used to play semi-professional football."

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