11 descriptions of professions that make them sound much dodgier than they are

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‘I hand out drugs and sometimes stab people.’

A nurse with a syringe

How can you describe your legal, legitimate job so it sounds illegal or sketchy?

This is the question a Reddit user posed to their fellows, and some of the best answers redefine professions – to troubling and fiercely entertaining effect.

1. Funeral director

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2. Photography instructor, from user andotis0105

“I instruct people on how to efficiently shoot other people in a variety of situations.”

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3. Firefighter

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4. Pharmacist, from user victorkilosierralpha


“I literally do nothing but sell drugs all day.”

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5. Nurse

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6. Lawyer, from user FdBM

“I mislead judges.”

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7. Airline pilot

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8. Insurance seller, from user W0mbatJuice

“You throw us some money every year & we promise to protect you. That is, if you read carefully…”

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9. School IT technician

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10. Masseuse instructor, protegomyeggo

“I teach people (some as young as 18) how to lie a person on a table and touch their naked body in all the right ways, then collect money for it.”

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11. Bartender

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