A man of many talents: BGT star Mark McMullan talks ahead of Joseph role at Wolverhampton Grand

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He lost out on his bid to become Northern Ireland’s first ever winner of Britain’s Got Talent. But Mark McMullan is already on the way to become a star of theatre.


The 24-year-old architect was approached by theatrical agents despite his defeat in the final by 89-year-old singing Chelsea Pensioner Colin Thackery.

And he’ll star at Wolverhampton’s Grand Theatre in Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat this week, with a production running from Tuesday until February 29.

Retelling the Biblical story of Joseph, his 11 brothers and the coat of many colours, the magical musical is full of unforgettable songs including Go, Go, Go Joseph, Any Dream Will Do, Jacob and Sons, Close Every Door To Me and many more.

Joseph was the first of Lloyd Webber and Rice’s musicals to be performed publicly. Seen by an estimated 26 million people, and counting, it continues to enthral audiences around the world.

McMullan was delighted to sign up.

“It was the call I never thought I’d get and the moment I got it I was thrilled,” he says.


“I just thought I’d go for it. I remember seeing it as a child. I didn’t have any preconceived ideas about how I should do it, I just wanted to put my own impression onto it.


“I didn’t want to copy what other people had done. It’s a show that people come and see over and over and over again. I wanted the performance to be different.”

McMullan has been on the road for three months and has quickly become accustomed to the rhythms of touring life. He enjoys being at different venues each week and is looking forward to his first experience of Wolverhampton’s much-loved Grand Theatre.

“I’m seeing lots of the country. I love to see the enjoyment that the audience gets from the show. It’s been a busy year, really, with BGT and now this.

“I get moments where I look back. It’s a year this week since I auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent. So this time last year I didn’t imagine I’d be here. It’s strange to see how the theatrical world works. I’m lucky to have been given the opportunities that have happened. You can’t pass up an opportunity because you don’t know where you’ll be tomorrow.”


McMullan has been inspired by his disabled brother, Declan, who has locked-in syndrome and was in the audience for the BGT final and in tears after hearing Mark’s performance.

“That’s given me a good mindset,” he adds.


“Fingers crossed it keeps going. Whenever I was young I always wanted to do something like this.

“I remember when Declan was sick, I put everything on hold. I just wanted to be there for him. After so many years of him not being well, I just accepted that maybe I would never do these things and that was okay with me. As long as he was home and okay, nothing else mattered. But that has just made this experience even more poignant for me. This opportunity came my way and he was there to support me and push me. I’m very lucky to have that.

“I think at the minute, I’m kind of talking about getting into more shows. Joseph for me is a very-sung show with a lot of vocals. I know that I can do that but I’d also like to do more acting and hone those skills too. I’m just enjoying what I’m doing so much and want to learn so much from it. If I’m offered a role that I think will be a challenge and I think I’ll do it well I’ll give it a go. I don’t expect anything. I’ve been very lucky to get this far, as long as I can just enjoy.”

McMullan has adapted quickly to receiving attention, following his BGT success. He remains down-to-earth and grounded.

“I come from such a big family that I’m used to having loads of people around me. I love talking to people. So I was grateful that people were supporting me. I remember that my family is the reason that I’m here – and I’m grateful that the support from fans has helped me to get there.”

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