U2-2 - Tribute to U2 (HH)

U2 2 are the world's longest running tribute to U2. Formed by current members in 1992, the band have played over 1200 shows, spanning three continents! U2 2 are a look-a-like / sound-a-like band, in the same vein as The Bootleg Beatles. Indeed, the two bands have performed together at Coventry's Ricoh Stadium.

U2 2 are the real-deal when it comes to tribute bands, known for their attention to sounds and detail, they have sometimes been referred to as the 'official' U2 tribute. They are known to U2 and their staff and are now working annually with The Edge's cousin, in aid of Mencap.

During the bands two decades together, they have been featured on national TV and radio, performed alongside U2 (Feyenoord Stadium) and have been hired as look-a-likes. Past shows include Dublin's Point Depot (to 8000) London's Under the Stars (to 7000) and a show in Monaco, for Pernod-Ricard. (The band were paid a five-figure fee for one concert)

Their stage show encompasses all of U2's biggest hits, with a few album tracks for the die-hard fans. Their equipment is second to none and all keyboards, backing vocals and harmonicas are played exactly the same way as U2 perform them. Their past clients include BBC1, ITV1, SKY, Blackberry, Air TV, RTE, 2012 Olympics, Pernod-Ricard, Chivas Group, Mencap.

'We're flattered by what they're doing' - Bono
'Seen them a few times, they're the best.. quite stunning as always' - Aaron Govern U2 staff
'Amazing, you guys are incredible' - Winston Ellis Pirates of The Caribbean / Batman Dark Knight
'The best U2 tribute in the world' - Ciara Lawrence-Evans (The Edge's cousin)
'The greatest U2 tribute in the world' ? Suggs Madness
'You look more like them than they do' - Carol Decker T'Pau
'You guys saved me tonight...I said, look there's U2!' - Brian Roberston Thin Lizzy
'You only need Jo the sound man stood next to ya' - Keith Duffy Boyzone

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