Midweek Ghost Hunt at Drakelow Tunnels

Are you brave enough to enter the very haunted Drakelow Tunnels for the night!

The dark and disorientating Drakelow Tunnels are sure to tick the box for any avid ghost hunting fans! With mile upon mile of pitch, black darkness, you certainly will need nerves of steel, as we conduct our ghost hunting vigils deep inside the eerie network of this vast Tunnel system.



Drakelow Tunnels are a former, close, kept secret, underground military complex which can be found hidden below Kingsford Country Park and situated in Kidderminster, Worcestershire. The tunnels were built in 1941 and were purposely built as a Shadow Factory for the Rover car company.

During World War ll aircraft engine parts were also made deep within in the 4 miles of tunnels.

Once the War had ceased, until 1958 the Tunnels then began producing tank engine parts.

After this time the tunnels were then handed over to the Ministry of Supply, and then later the Ministry of Works. Sadly there have been several documented tragic accidents that have been associated with the Drakelow Tunnels also.


Ghostly Experiences

There have been many strange occurrences at Drakelow Tunnels that visitors have reported over the years, such as old time music playing hauntingly in the distance. In the 1940’s Tunnel area in particular, strange green lights have been witnessed, moving slowly towards our attending guests on previous ghost hunts here!

The apparition of a man has also been seen standing in a ray of light, visibly at the end of a Tunnel and the chilling cries and moans of a Woman’s voice has been clearly heard on many occasions also.

More recently a whole room of candles, in the base room area of the Tunnels were discovered to have been completely extinguished whilst no one else was in the room or area and the rest of the attendees were together in another part of the complex

This really is an amazing, yet foreboding location, where many unexplained and strange things happen here on a regular basis.

This atmospheric venue is terrifying to say the very least, however, if you like your ghost hunting dark then this is the one for you!


What’s included in this Ghost Hunt

Vigils and Séances in the most active areas of the building

Ouija Board Experiments

Table Tipping Experiments

Ghost Hunting Equipment


Please note: Refreshments are NOT provided on this event, so please bring along your own drinks and snacks.

This event is regrettably not suitable for anyone with mobility issues.

Join us if you dare...!

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