Green Haze

Green Haze are the ultimate tribute to one of the best rock bands the world has ever seen, Green Day. Going to every length to capture the raw power and dynamics of Green Day’s music, Green Haze’s live shows are high-octane events that are not to be missed.

The Offspin are Europe's best The Offspring tribute band, replicating their raw punk rock sound to perfection. Touring since 2009, The Offspin combine an energetic and exciting stage performance with a brand new set for 2017.

Paramore (Or Less) are the UK’s only Paramore tribute band. Formed in 2013, the band nails the Paramore sound and look with such an ease that could only come from five diehard Paramore fans.

Curfew 10pm

Stay on for our club night afterwards for free – only if you're over 18, of course.

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