Get the Best Tea Subscription Box online

Are you someone who loves the excitement of opening new things which you have received in the mail? Then you definitely the perfect candidate for getting a monthly subscription. When you get a monthly subscription service, each month for the duration of the service, you will receive a subscription box with items which are carefully selected and curated just for you. The best thing about these monthly subscription services is that even when you know what type of items you will be receiving as well the quality of the products, the actual product will be a complete surprise. In the process, you might even discover something that you love and would otherwise not have even tried on your own. It is best to Geta subscription service for things you know you will love. One such thing is Tea. In India, almost every household has tea as part of the breakfast routine. The offices literally function on tea. Then what other better useful thing to get in a subscription service. Teafloor is an online platform where you can get a monthly tea subscription box.

If you are a tea addict, a tea connoisseur then a monthly tea box subscription service is perfect for you. By getting tea delivered to you every month, you will never ever have to worry about running out of your favourite tea. If you love trying new varieties of tea, then you can get a subscription service where each month you will receive carefully curated and selected teas in some premium and unique flavours, blends and varieties. If you don’t want to receive new varieties but tend to prefer one type of tea, then you can even get a customised green tea subscription or black tea subscription or oolong tea subscription or white tea subscription. If you are even more specific about your type of tea then you can get very specific varieties included as part of your monthly tea subscription boxes such as Darjeeling green tea subscription. Wha we like the best about Teafloor, is that at Teafloor, you can customise each and everything. You simply have to make an enquiry and let them know our preferences. Their expert staff will do everything for you as per your criteria. Or you can even select from their vast array of products.

So, now that we have given you enough reasons to consider subscribing to a monthly tea subscription service, let us give you more reasons to get it from Teafloor.

Why we recommend you to get a monthly tea subscription service at TeaFloor?

  • At Teafloor, you can choose from over 80 varieties of tea
  • The teas sold at Teafloor are of premium quality
  • The prices of the teas sold at Teafloor are affordable based on the quality of the teas that they offer as well as the varieties and flavours that they offer
  • You can select from all of the following varieties- black tea, green tea, white tea, oolong tea and CTC tea.
  • You can even select the tea based on where it was produced, i.e. the region of production or manufacture of the tea from amongst the following- Assam, Nilgiris, Darjeeling, North East India, Nepal, Kangra
  • You can even get a huge selection of organic teas at affordable rates
  • If you are very particular about your teas then you even have the option of choosing your tea based on the flush seasons such as first flush or spring flush, autumn flush, second flush or summer flush and winter flush.
  • Teafloor is the best platform for making a selection as it gives you the perfect description for all of their products. They list down the description of the tea leaves, the health benefits, the description of the brewed tea, the flavour of the infusion, the aroma of the infusion, the method brewing the tea as well as the description of the tea estate from where the tea leaves were procured. 

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