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Jim delivers a politically incorrect rocket over theatre ban

Jim Davidson strode out onto the stage, grabbed the microphone stand, and waved it around the floor as though he was using a metal detector.

DUDLEY COPYRIGHT EXPRESS AND STAR STEVE LEATH 15/10/2021..Pic at Dudley Town Hall, where Jim Davidson was playing. Here he chats to some of the guests before the show..
DUDLEY COPYRIGHT EXPRESS AND STAR STEVE LEATH 15/10/2021..Pic at Dudley Town Hall, where Jim Davidson was playing. Here he chats to some of the guests before the show..

"Just checking the manager of the Grand at Wolverhampton isn't hiding under here," he quipped to a roar of laughter.

The chances are you are probably aware that Davidson has been banned from performing at the Grand, ostensibly down to a somewhat bizarre row about him sawing off a chain after his car was impounded. However he left the audience in little doubt that he believed the ban was more about censorship of his politically incorrect material, and it is certainly true that his act was not for those of a sensitive disposition.

His first joke was a rather tame effort about a Chinese man answering the phone, followed by a funnier effort about an elderly couple having sex against an electrified fence. His stereotypes about incestuous behaviour in Norfolk seemed a bit hackneyed, but there was a lot of guilty laughter as he talked about his benefit show for the Alzheimer's Society, "where I told the same joke 62 times."

You have probably worked out by now that his spat with the Grand has done little to dilute his act, and it is fair to say that there weren't many woke millennials in the 600-strong crowd. You would politely describe the audience as being heavily tilted towards the 'mature' end of the market: there were young faces in the audience, but they were very much in the minority, something Davidson acknowledged when he asked if anyone was young enough to be experiencing the menopause. And you have to say that those who turned out were lapping up his risque and politically incorrect humour. Indeed it was rather revealing how many very respectable looking elderly ladies were guffawing at some of his extremely blue jokes.

There weren't many groups that escaped the Davidson treatment – Black Lives Matter, Gay Pride, the paralympics, the police – although he was usually careful to target political causes rather than people themselves. He joked about eating muesli and oat milk, while watching "Lorraine Kelly talking to a translucent" after sitting on his wife's HRT patch. And, of course, no visit to the West Midlands could pass without a reference to his Wulfrunian ex-wife Tracy Hilton.

"She was a great wife, can't remember her name, mind," he said. "She was a good housekeeper, she kept that great big house I bought in Surrey."

In many ways, it was like turning the clock back 40 years to when you might have seen this sort of act in a working men's club, a simpler time before celebrities were expected to mind their 'P's and 'Q's.

Did he overstep the mark? Probably at times. You don't need to be Jeremy Corbyn to realise that some of his comments about Oriental people were offensive – suggesting they see an oval ball while playing table tennis 'because they see everything in wide-screen' is surely in poor taste. Not that anybody in the audience was complaining, though. At the end of the show, he went a bit Hughie Green, and made a brief speech bemoaning the fact that he had been barred from the Grand, and saying that "good men" had to stand up to the "evil" of woke culture, and if that people from Wolverhampton wanted to see him in future, they would have to travel to Dudley.

Needless to say, he was greeted with a standing ovation.

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