Top baby products for new parents

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Becoming a parent is an exciting yet frightening time - preparing everything your impending arrival needs before they're here.

Top baby products for new parents

From breast-pumping kits through to car seats, sleep suits, and even a first aid kit - we look at the top products for new parents.

Medela Starter Kit - £24.99 -

Medela Starter Kit

5 out of 5

This handy kit contains a range of Medela’s most popular products: two bottles, a specially-designed Calma teat set, 12 nursing pads, a 7g tube of PureLan, five breastmilk bags, and a sterilising microwave bag.

The 150ml milk collection bottles, which fit on to the breast pump - sold separately - are easy to clean, sleek in design, durable, and leak-free.


The teat, meanwhile, comes with covers for the top and bottom which simply click on, ensuring it remains clean. The top cover is also handy when the teat is attached to a bottle.

This Calma teat is designed to allow babies to control the flow themselves, and is also leak-free and ideal when feeding from bottle or breast, as the shape lets the infant easily swap between the two. It is also easy to clean as it comes apart into three different parts.

The PureLan is also excellent for breastfeeding mums, soothing and repairing sore or damaged skin. It helps the nipple and surrounding area to heal quickly and, though the kit oly includes a small tube, it does go a long way and lasts well on the skin.

Nursing pads are always useful to avoid leakage when out and about and the breastmilk bags also make for easy space-saving storage of milk.


The microwave bag too is easy to use and saves on space and time.

A great set, packed with essential, high quality items.

Medela Swing Pump - £134.99 -

medela swing pump

5 out of 5

Though more pricey than some many pumps on offer, the Medela Swing Pump is an absolutely superb tool and one which is ideal for modern-day mums, as it can be used at home or on the go.

This efficient, handy little electric pump is easy to use and comes with the option of being mains or battery powered. It also has a strap which can be attached to the top of the device, meaning it frees up a hand and be worn around the neck.

The small size of the pump also allows for it to be carried in an average-sized handbag and its smooth, yet effective design means it is pain-free yet efficient.

The pump offers a range of suction settings, to make sure the pressure is right for its user and also starts the pumping process with a prepping stage, which can also be skipped, should the woman choose to, by simply using the buttons on the front of the device.

It is also simple to clean as it comes apart into smaller, washable pieces easily.

NutriBullet Baby Food Processor - £59.99 -

nutri bullet baby food processor

5 out of 5

This baby food making set is an excellent kit, complete with 22 different pieces designed to make the perfect, fresh, nutritious food for babies as they grow.

With all the benefits of the original NutriBullet, this smaller version of the favourite blender is easy to use and comes with two different types of blades: a cross blade and a flat blade, meaning puree and chunkier food can be created from a range of ingredients.

The set also includes a batch bowl, which allows parents to make a large amount of food, to then be stored in the fridge or freezer. To aid with efficient storage of the food, the kit comes with easy to use, bendy freezer trays, as well as six storage cups complete with a date dial feature around the rim, so you can be sure when the food was made. The storage cups even have cute smiley faces on the front.

Two short cups with handles and tops also come with the kit, as well as a spatula.

A recipe book and ‘Pocket Nutritionist’ leaflet also give advice on when your child is ready to switch to solid food, suggests ingredients and tells of which foods offer what benefits.

A great set, offering a lovely, efficient, fresh alternative to shop-bought baby food.

Doona Car Seat - £279.99 -

doona car seat

6 out of 5

This car seat and pram is a tremendous tool, providing comfort and safety for the baby, as well as ease of use and efficiency for parents.

Its excellent design means it can be converted from a car seat to pram in just one simple manoeuvre and is super easy to navigate too, aided by its small size and superb, slim wheels.

To change the Doona seat into a pram, a button is simply pressed in at the back and the wheels come down as the legs extend and click into position. The reverse is done to change it back into a car seat.

Suitable for babies weighing 1.8 to 13kg, this seat grows with the child with a removable infant insert and a harness which is adjustable from one point.

Though a little heavy to lift when containing a child, it is simple to fit into a car and comes with clear instructions.

It also comes with a seat cover, meaning when the wheels have been used on dirty or muddy ground, the car is protected.

This seat is durable too and has provided us with the ultimate ease for hospital trips, days out, shopping excursions and more. Thanks to its slim design and ease to push and move around, it is a delight to use and takes up very little space in shops and other busy areas.

It is available in nine different colours, from black, to lime green, sky blue, pink and cherry red.

An amazing product and an absolute bargain for its price.

Infantino Flip Advanced Four-In-One Convertible Carrier - £22.32 ($29.99) -

flip carrier

5 out of 5

This baby carrier is a wonderful product, providing comfort and reassurance to both parent and infant.

Suitable from birth, this great carrier supports a newborn’s head, yet extends and converts, so can be used for many more months afterwards.

It takes up little room when not in use, so can easily be folded away and kept in a changing bag.

The carrier also has a considerable amount of padding, so is comfortable for both parent and baby. My little one often falls asleep in hers.

The four-in-one feature allows the carrier to be used with the baby facing towards parent, with a small and wide setting, meaning it can be extended as the child grows. It can also carry a child facing away from the parent, as well as on the parent’s back. It features a removable bib too.

An excellent product for a great price.

Moba Moses Basket Set - £99 -

moba basket

5 out of 5

This unique Moses basket is great, and comes with a liner and mattress included in the set.

It is more durable than the traditional basket, thanks to its plastic material, meaning it is waterproof and hardy.

The Moba is the size of an average Moses basket, so can easily fit next to the parent bed, and is fairly lightweight, meaning it can easily be carried.

The basket comes in an array of colours too, including mint, pink, grey and white. A stand can be purchased separately.

It is suitable for babies from birth to six months.

Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra - £30 -

bravado bra

4.5 out of 5

This superb bra is wonderfully comfortable and its stretchy material has allowed me to use it throughout pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Offered in pink, two nude shades, white and black, its straps are discreet yet supportive, and feature an easy-to-use, efficient, durable clip, allowing for simple feeding.

The soft material from which the bra is made and the lack of wiring and seams also makes it a pleasure to wear.

Joie Serina 2in1 Soother and Portable Rocker - £150 -

joie portable rocker

5 out of 5

Our little one loves this great rocker and often falls asleep in it, thanks to its comfortable, padded design, and soothing array of sounds.

Available in a range of designs, this sweet rocker is a two-in-one system, working as both an electronic, vibrating rocker, and a portable rocking seat.

It comes with a harness which fits over the shoulders, around the waist and between the legs, ensuring maximum safety for the baby.

Suitable for children up to around six months of age, the Joie Serina 2 in 1 features six swing speeds, a three-position reclining seat, five lullaby sounds and five nature sounds.

It also has a soft night light with four brightness settings, an overhead bar with two toys that dangle above the child’s head, and a seat which can be turned allowing the infant to be rocked from side to side or front to back.

The seat padding and head support are removable and washable too.

Though the toy itself is rather heavy, it does have wheels on the base so it can be moved from room to room.

A wonderful piece of kit, which our little girl finds very soothing and comfortable.

ErgoPouch Cocoon Sleepsuit Bag (2.5 tog): Spring Leaves - £59.99 -


5 out of 5

This sleep bag is beautiful; thoughtfully designed, comforting and very warm.

Available in a range of colours and prints, it doubles as a sleepsuit and sleepbag, with a zip to convert the bottom half of the bag into legs. It also has non-slip patches beneath the feet.

Its 2.5 tog padding keeps little ones warm in winter weather without the need for added blankets and comes with a thermometer and temperature guide to ensure your infant remains comfy and safe.

It features a soft, stretchy band around the neckline, a cover to keep the zipper away from the child’s face and integrated scratch mitts which can be folded over the hands on the arms which are also made from a soft material. The suit is made from organic cotton, making it especially kind on soft baby skin.

It has a two-way zipper on the bottom making nappy changing easy.

A wonderful item of sleepwear, ensuring comfort and warmth for child, and peace of mind for parent.

Sleepyhead Deluxe+ Baby Pod - £130 -

sleepyhead deluxe

4.5 out of 5

Though quite pricey, the Sleepyhead pod is a wonderful tool for keeping baby snug from birth up to eight months.

When placed on a solid, flat surface it is great for tummy time, sleeping, and even changing, with a removable, washable, durable cover.

Its soft, lightweight design makes it comfortable for baby, while practical for the parent, as it can easily be carried around.

The materials from which it is made are also breathable and hypoallergenic.

The bottom of the Sleepyhead Deluxe also features an adjustable strap and clip, allowing it to be extended as the child grows.

Skip Hop Explore & More Jumpscape Foldaway Jumper - £96.77 ($130) -

Skip Hop Jumpscape Fold-Away Jumper

5 out of 5

This jumper is an excellent, engaging toy which boasts an array of engaging features.

Brightly coloured and beautifully designed, the Explore and More Jumpscape Jumper features a strong bouncing suspension, as well as the ability to adjust to five different heights, ensuring it lasts your little one as they grow.

Suitable for infants over four months old, the jumper comes with removable leaf-design teethers attached to the seat, as well as four clip-on toys: swaying trees which teach cause and effect; a fox which does jumping jacks jumps as the baby jumps; a spinning bee which rattles and wobbles; and a hedgehog mirror with tambourines on each side.

The seat is deep, so offers support to the child, and also swivels 360 degrees.

It comes with a light-up cloud bounce counter which tracks the baby's jumps and rewards the child with colorful lights and sounds. It has four sound effects when the button is pushed, and an applause sound when the infant reaches 100 jumps.

A parent reminder is also featured at 10 and 20 minute intervals to track usage.

A superb toy which can also be folded down for storage.

Poorly Boo Baby Box - £34.99 -

poorly boo baby box

5 out of 5

This excellent kit offers all the medical must-haves for babies, contained in a plastic medical box with a handle which can be taken on holiday and trips out easily.

The box includes: Metanuim, liquid paracetamol, liquid ibuprofen, a digital thermometer, a syringe, Sudocrem, teething granules, teething gel, vapour rub, a nasal aspirator, saline solution, Olbas for Children, and Infacol.

Its compact medicine box container makes it easy to be stored and offers peace of mind to parents, with treatments for the most common of baby illnesses.

Not only does it make for a great buy for all new parents, it is also a wonderful gift.

Poorly Boo First Aid Kit - £14.99 -

poorly boo first aid kit

5 out of 5

This handy first aid kit, contained in a compact material bag, is great for storing at home or keeping with you and the family while on the go.

The 100-piece kit includes an ice pack, thermal blanket, tweezers, scissors, bandages, plasters and much more.

Great on its own and also a fab addition to the Poorly Boo Baby Box.

Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Backpack - £74.76 ($100) -

Skip Hop Greenwich Bag

4.5 out of 5

Though a little pricey, this bag is absolutely tremendous: I not only used it for my baby’s hospital bag prior to her birth, but have also used it as a changing bag every day since.

This deceivingly large, yet attractively designed backpack is superb, made from a faux leather and available in black, olive, caramel, dusty pink and dark grey.

The bag boasts nine pockets: one main compartment with a two-way zip; a back pocket with the same depth as the main bag; a smaller, zipped front pocket with a small pouch for little items; a zipped side compartment; an open pocket on the other side - ideal for easy access to bottles; two compartments in the main pocket for nappies or bottles etc; and a small, zipped pocket a the back of the main large compartment.

It comes with a changing mat which, though padded, would be better if it was wipe clean.

The bag also has stroller straps, allowing it to be hung from a pram or pushchair, comfortable, wide, padded, and adjustable shoulder straps and a handy top handle.

This is an absolutely excellent baby bag - wonderfully practical and far more attractive than the average changing bag.

Skip Hop Camping Cub Activity Gym - £59.57 ($80) -

Skip Hop Camping Cubs Gym

4 out of 5

This vibrantly coloured playmat is unique in design, made to look like a makeshift wigwam-style tent, complete with woodland animal cartoons.

It comes with four detachable toys which hang from loops on the wood-effect soft arches: a light-up firefly, a turtle mirror, a bear rattle and a musical raccoon with wooden teether that plays Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star - all of which the infant can engage with differently.

Its eye-catching, animated design makes it attractive and fun for little ones, with a scenic mesh backdrop and added loops for additional toys.

It also features a peek-a-boo felt flap and a separate bear tummy time pillow to encourage development.

Safety 1st Swivel Bath Seat - £11.99 -

swivel bath seat

5 out of 5

This sturdy little bath seat has curved edges for comfort and non slip suckers attached to the bottom.

Its open sides and ability to turn 360 degrees make the little one easy to wash, while the turning feature and a ball which swivels at the front helps keep the youngster amused.

As with any bath items, the child needs to be supervised at all times when this is used and a maximum water line shows how far the bath should be filled to ensure the infant stays safe.

The seat is also shaped and non slip, ensuring comfort.

It is very good value for money.

Safety 1st Easy Care Swing Tray Booster Seat - £18 -

safety 1st seat

4 out of 5

This lovely booster seat is fitted with an adjustable swing tray - and the whole structure is easily wipeable.

Available in a range of colours, the booster is appealing to both boys and girls and is fitted to a dining seat with straps that go round the back of the seat and underneath the seat too.

It also has a harness to ensure the little one remains safely in place, which fits between the legs and around the waist. The straps are not wipe clean however.

The seat itself also comes with adjustable legs with rubber bottoms and three height settings, as well as being shaped and made non slip for optimal comfort and safety.

This durable booster seat is reasonable in terms of price and a good piece of kit.

Safety 1st Smart Rewards Potty - £29.99 -

safety 1st rewards potty

6 out of 5

Make potty training fun with this superb, innovative, interactive, exciting design.

The Smart Rewards Potty has multiple sensors, which react when the child sits down, fills the potty, gets up, and uses the flush - and each time the potty responds with a different message of encouragement, even if the child can't fill the potty on some tries. It also rewards the little one with a sticker after flushing, which they can then put on a sticker chart - these are retrieved by an adult with a childproof knob behind the backrest. It also has light up stars.

Rugged and sturdy, this potty is not going to tip or crack easily, yet its smooth surface and back makes it comfortable and lifelike. It is also easy to clean and comes with a detachable lid which, when the time is right, can be clipped on to a toilet seat.

It also comes with a deflector which can be fitted to the seat for little boys and the neutral design makes it appealing for all.

The only flaw is a slight delay after the child has stood before they are prompted to flush.

The stickers, if poking out from the reel fitted inside the backrest of the potty, are also easy to pull out by mischievous little ones - but the potty does come with a spare reel of stickers too.

A really wonderful potty and great value for money.

Skip Hop Moby SoftSpot Sink Bather - £22.34 ($30) -

Skip Hop Moby SoftSpot Sink Bather

4 out of 5

This cute bathtime aid is great for supporting baby while they are being washed in a sink.

Designed beautifully to look like a whale, it is visually appealing and its soft, flannel material makes it comfortable too.

Inside the cushioned whale is a beanbag-like filling, making it supportive as it moulds to the shape of the child’s body.

The Moby Bather also dries quickly and comes with a hook, allowing it be hung up to drain any excess water.

A lovely bathtime helper.

Beaba Baby Sunglasses - £20 -

beaba baby sunglasses

5 out of 5

Suitable for ages nine to 18 months, these lovely little sunglasses are flexible and durable.

They are also lightweight and made from a soft touch plastic, making them comfortable for wear.

The glasses offer 100 per cent UVA and UVB protection, meaning your infant’s eyes are well cared for in the sun.

They are available in a range of colours too - green, blue and pink - so are suitable for a range of tastes and outfits.

The glasses come with a cleaning cloth and plastic case included.

Lovely eyewear and sun protection for your little one.

Quinny Zapp Flex Plus - £358.62 (399 Eur) - and Quinny Zapp Luxe Carry Cot - £185 -

Quinny I CREATE YOUR OWN ZAPP X - customization

5 out of 5

This beautiful pushchair is innovative, practical, comfortable and very attractive.

Available in an array of colour combinations which can be chosen online, this is a luxurious system which offers a smooth ride for baby and easy pushing for parents, suitable for an array of terrains thanks to its hefty wheels.

The pushchair also has a two-way seat, which fully reclines while facing forward or backward, plus an extendable sun canopy.

It is also very spacious, so lasts the child a good amount of time - from newborn to a few years old with the carrycot which allows for the system to be turned into a pram, making it a good investment.

Despite its size, it is also easy to store and transport, with a base that detaches and folds down.

The Luxe Carry Cot is also easily detachable and re-attachable to the frame, making it all the more convenient.

It comes with a rain cover too and the carry cot mattress is detachable and washable.

A pouch beneath the frame also allows bags to be carried, making outings all the easier.

A really visually appealing, comfortable, practical investment.

Motorola Wi-Fi HD Digital Video Monitor: Blink 83 - £99.99 -

motorola digital video monitor

3.5 out of 5

This video monitor is both responsive and useful, alerting parents to movement by sounding an alarm on their chosen device.

It allows for two-way conversation too, meaning parents can hear their baby, as well as soothing them. The sound is good quality too - on both ends.

The camera also has the ability to be moved remotely, though there is some delay in this.

There is also the ability to play a song through the camera which can be selected via the app, helping to keep the little one soothed - a great addition.

The picture is also of a fair quality, but lacks definition - and it is not what we hoped for given the price of the product.

It is however fairly durable and operates via mains power, meaning it can run all hours without fear of a battery running down.

It is also very easy to install.

A little underwhelming for the price.

Safety 1st Timba Wooden Highchair - £69.99 -

safety 1st wooden high chair

5 out of 5

This lovely three-in-one highchair is great value for money, lasting your little one from the age of six months to nine or 10 years.

It converts from a highchair, to a junior dining chair, to a table and chair. The seat also has four height positions.

Its attractive wooden appearance makes it a nice addition to the dining room too, rather than a standout multicoloured item as many highchairs are.

With a two year guarantee, this strong and durable chair is also wipe clean and comes with a removable tray.

Its three-point harness and safety bar ensures the child is secure too.

An adjustable footrest also means the chair can be moved according to need as the child grows.

A great buy.

Safety 1st Securetech Flat Step Stairgate - £30 -

safety 1st stairgate

5 out of 5

This great stair gate gives parents added peace of mind with a flat-to-the-floor base, meaning reduced risk of tripping.

It has four pressure points, ensuring it fits securely to walls and does not require drilling to install.

Two locking mechanisms also prevent the gate from being opened by a small child, while a visual indicator shows whether the gate has been locked properly.

It has an extra wide opening too, making getting through it while carrying a child or items such as toys or clothing easier.

A great buy for a reasonable price.

Joie Spin 360 car seat - £249.99 -

joie spin 360

5 out of 5

This innovative, plush car seat is a wonderful tool providing comfort and safety for the infant, plus peace of mind as ease of use to the parent.

Available in black, grey and red, this beautifully cushioned seat swivels 360 degrees, making taking the child out of the car easy and strain free.

The seat, suitable for children up to four years old, can be positioned front and back facing - backward from birth, and forward from 9kg upwards. It also has five recline positions, which can be used whether the seat is facing the front or back.

A five-point harness keeps little one safely in place and the whole thing can be tightened from one point.

The Spin 360 is suitable for cold and hot too, with side ventilation built in to keep the baby cool.

A lovely, attractive car seat which makes life simpler for the parent and grows with the child making it a great investment.

Tiny Love Meadow Days Take-Along Mobile - £24.99 -

tiny love meadow days

This adorable mobile is eye-catching and entertaining, with colourful characters and five different tunes.

It plays 30 minutes of music to entertain your little one, while also having a mute button for when they have fallen asleep. The dangling toys then rotate as the music plays, keeping your infant engaged.

It can be used on a wide array of different devices too, with three connectors suitable for cribs, cot beds, carrycots, strollers and bassinets.

It is suitable for children from birth to six months old.

A gorgeous toy, encouraging baby’s development and a device they can keep with them in many different situations.

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