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Top gifts and products for expectant mums

Expecting a baby - or know someone who is?

Top gifts and products for expectant mums
Top gifts and products for expectant mums

Check out this list of handy little items to make maternity that little bit easier, from pregnancy pillows, to support belts, bath products, creams and more.

Dreamgenii Pregnancy and Feeding Pillow - roughly £47.99 (dependant on design) - Mothercare and John Lewis or

5 out of 5

Dreamgenii Pregnancy and Feeding Pillow

This pillow is an absolute Godsend for expecting mums. I first began using it in my first trimester due to severe sciatica in my hip and thanks to the soft, yet supple support it allowed me a good night’s sleep - something I had been seriously lacking beforehand.

When folded into an ‘A’ shape, this pillow also makes for an excellent backrest, supporting the lower back, upper back, shoulders and neck; alleviating aches and pains and allowing for peaceful rest.

Post-birth, this cushion also doubles up as a feeding pillow.

The pillow also comes with a soft, removable cover which can be put in the washing machine. These covers are available in a range of designs, including a cool white cotton jersey material and floral patterns.

Cantaloop Support Belt - £13.30 -

5 out of 5

Cantaloop Support Belt

This award-winning support belt is ideal for use throughout pregnancy - from the moment the bump begins to form, all the way through to the end; aided by the stretchy, soft material from which it is made which allows for growth.

The belt itself has in-woven support and great elasticity, meaning it helps reduce the strain from the expectant mother’s back and hips. This was especially important for me from weeks 15 onwards, as I struggled with sciatica and back pain.

The added warmth the support provides also help ease aches.

The belt, available in white, black or nude, also helps to smooth the overall shape of the bump beneath clothing.

Excellent value for money.

Boody leggings and shaper bra - leggings (full length) £21.95 and shaper bra (£11.95) -

3 out of 5 for leggings, 4 out of 5 for bra

Boody shaper bra

Created with 80 per cent rayon made from organic bamboo, these items are both super comfy - and ideal for wear during the early stages of pregnancy.

The bra is absolutely lovely and easily one of the most comfortable I’ve come across . Slightly padded with soft, ribbed straps (shaped perfectly to be easily hidden beneath clothing), this undergarment is attractive, cosy and everything you could hope for. Having said this, however, later down the line I did find I could have used slightly more support.

The leggings, meanwhile, are super soft, but do come a little small on the waistband. They have plenty of give on the legs, however, and are great for women of a variety of heights.

I personally thought the leggings were a little underwhelming for the price, but the bra was absolutely excellent - and a bargain at just under £12.

kokolokahi Harmony Oil - £39.50 -

2 out of 5

kokolokahi Harmony Oil

Safe during pregnancy, this oil is designed for use in the bath or as a massage oil - and comes in a variety of scents, from ‘Serenity’ (bergamot, alpine lavender and sandalwood, coconut, argan and shea oil), and ‘Purity’ (coconut oil), to ‘Strength’ (frangipani, sandalwood, patchouli, coconut, argan and shea oil).

Each comes in an attractive coloured glass bottle too, making them a lovely gift.

Though the scent is very nice, it was no more than an average massage oil - and I found it to be very greasy when used as a bath oil.

The reason for such a low mark out of five is more down to the price, which I considered too high for the quality of the product.

BetterYou Magnesium Flakes - £3.49 per 1kg bag -

4 out of 5

Magnesium Flakes

These pleasant flakes for use in the bath are enjoyable and aid with relaxation and relief from muscle tension - particularly good during pregnancy and safe for mother and unborn baby.

Though part of the appeal of the flakes for some may be their purity, however, I would have liked them better had they have been scented or bubble-producing; though this is entirely down to personal preference.

As pregnancy limits the amount of products that can be used for relaxation in the bath, however, these are a welcome relief - and good value for money, considering just two cups are needed per bath.

4 out of 5

QardioBase 2

This clever set of scales measures the users’ weight, calculates BMI and works out the body’s percentage of fat - making it far more advanced than the average set of scales. It also allows for numerous users and links up to each person’s phone, keeping a personal profile and allowing users’ to track progress.

There is also a pregnancy feature, though I thought it to be a little limited. As such, I can’t wait to use it to track my weight loss after the baby’s birth, as there are far more options for the average person.

These scales, available in black or white with a digital display, are very attractive and look great as part of the bathroom.

4 out of 5

Bola necklace

This attractive little pendant is designed to hang over the bump, allowing the baby to supposedly hear the tiny chiming bell inside the charm with mum’s movement. It is a Mexican tradition, which many believe the baby will then remember when born, providing them with a familiar and soothing sound, reminding them of the security of the womb.

These lovely necklaces are available in sterling silver or as silver-plated pendants on either ropes or chains.

The pendant I opted for was decorated with an attractive, delicate floral design.

Lovely - and a wonderfully unusual gift for expecting mums.

4 out of 5

Love Boo Mummy and Baby Countdown Kit

Though very expensive at first glance, this kit is super handy - and the high quality products it contains go a long way; especially considering how small they appear in the pack.

For mum, the set contains a body wash - which smells beautiful and feels wonderfully silky to use; bath soak - which is soothing and, again, smells lovely; 100 per cent natural Super Stretchy Miracle Oil - which worked incredibly well when my stretch marks first began to show; an indulgent body moisturiser; and perineum oil.

There are also a few products for baby, helping the mum get prepared ahead of time: body wash; baby lotion; bubble bath and ‘bottom soother’ nappy cream.

The products for mum are all safe to use in pregnancy and nursing - and contain all natural ingredients.

A wonderfully handy little gift.

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