West Midland Safari Park to create Ice Age exhibit

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The Ice Age is a snow joke for staff, volunteers and visitors to the West Midland Safari Park where a new £1 million exhibit is being created.

Dr Matthew Nock, chief geologist at Rockstone University, a character created to be part of the Ice Age exhibit at the West Midland Safari Park.

Over the past few months, strange things have been happening and an unusual mound that initially appeared a couple of years ago in an off-show area at the park has recently grown larger.

Bizarre rumbling sounds emanating from the area have also been increasing.

Kash Knezovich, development director at the park, said, the Safari Park had lots of uneven ground but that this particular mound was "different" with strange sounds started to be heard.

But staff, visitors and animals in the park have no need to fear as the sounds are coming from a new exhibition area which is under construction and which will open in the Spring.

The Ice Age area will enable visitors to take a prehistoric walk in time, through a huge volcano and among anamatronic creatures such as a woolly mammoth, sabre-toothed cat and giant ground sloth among others.

At the end of the tour visitors will find themselves in an ice cave and come face-to-face with a character called Dr Matthew Nock, said to be chief geologist from the University of Rockstone, who has been invited to carry out an investigation on the phenomena.

He is said to have been carrying out radiometric tests to determine what the rocks were made of and how long they had been there before he fell into a huge ice cave.

Visitors will be able to catch a glimpse of a giant creature he has uncovered.

A spokesman for the park said that it was hoped that the exhibit would be opened to the public in the next two months.


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