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Big-hearted Beverley Knight takes on troll who branded superfan her 'stalker'

Beverley Knight has defended a superfan who a troll branded "a stalker" online.

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Bev and fan Lewis

The Wolverhampton-born singer and stage star was quick to reassure her fan Lewis he was okay by her and to ignore any nasty messages.

Lewis Tyree, who supports the singer in all her endeavours, was upset to receive a nasty message about his online posts.

The troll messaged Lewis: "Come across your profile from Beverley Knight's tagged posts! You come across like a proper stalker. She probably hates you in real life and only talks to you in real life because she wants you to f*** off!

"Get a better hobby."

Upset Lewis posted on X, formerly Twitter, to say he would be giving away his Bev merchandise because he did not want anyone to think bad of him.

He said: "After getting this message I’m now going to give my Beverley Knight album signing wristbands away if anyone wants them! Can’t be doing with anyone thinking I’m anything but supportive!

"I just can’t be getting anymore abuse like that! It’s been a pleasure being such a big supporter but think I’ll take a step back for a while!"

However, the big-hearted Black Country star was not going to let anyone bully her fans and leapt to Lewis' defence.

Beverley posted: "I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Lewis many times over the years. He’s a bundle of Yorkshire joy.

"I don’t know the hell sent this s**t to him but whoever you are, you stand for the opposite of what I’m about."

"Lew, don’t cancel! I want my hug!"

The star's intervention led to nearly 100 messages of support for Lewis from her army of fans.

Radio presenter Richard Sefton-Grant told Lewis to keep supporting Beverley, he posted: "Don’t you dare! You know how much love Bev has for each and every one of us. If you’re going to do anything, just block the person bringing you down!"

Leah added: "Aww Lewis don’t listen to the trolls. There is always on jealous person who want to be all entitled as they smash the keyboard. Enjoy them and have a great time."

In the end, the light overcame darkness and Lewis posted: "Cannot thank you all enough for your kind words over the last 24 hours! There are so many decent people on here that drown out the few rats!"

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