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Dan Morris: Henry Cavill, come and geek out with me

He's been Superman, Henry VIII's best mate, Geralt of Rivia, and he even screen tested for Bond. Now he is to be the victim of a shameless appeal: Henry Cavill – be my pal.

'Cavill-El' – Henry Cavill donning the famous red cape in Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice
'Cavill-El' – Henry Cavill donning the famous red cape in Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

I've been a journalist for some years now, and with this gig I've had the privilege to chat to some fascinating folks – peers of the realm, dazzling academics, brave cancer survivors, and even the odd Cabinet Minister.

Yet there is a particular gentleman with whose company I have not yet been blessed, and to spend an afternoon chewing the fat with him would be nothing less than my Holy Grail.

A chap who puts the 'and-some' in handsome, Henry Cavill is far more than just a sickeningly good-looking bloke that my betrothed would justifiably push me down the stairs to get near.

A talented A-list actor, fitness beast and custodian of some particularly velvety vocal cords, Mr C ticks so many boxes of 'winner at life' that it is impossible not to be both impressed and insanely jealous with regard to the specimen that is. And on top of this, he seems like a genuinely nice and likeable guy – a chap that takes his beloved canine companion, Kal, along to interviews and meetings at any opportunity. 'Nuff said.

Yet for all of his virtues, there is one that for me is sacred above all others, and indicative that we may in fact share the same spirit animal. Just like me, Henry Cavill is a massive dork.

Head nerd of the whole herd, Cavill has an adoration of spending hour after hour gaming on his custom-built PC that is well documented, and his visit earlier this year to Nottingham's Warhammer World ('Nerdvana' in excelsis) was a web-busting Instagram delight for those of us who would rather revel in Rivendell than live it up in the Love Island villa.

Relatively famously in the telly-fan underworld, Big H actively pursued the geek dream role of Geralt in Netflix fantasy smash The Witcher with brazen fanboy ferocity from the moment that whispers of its production began to surface. His persistence and passion paid off, with showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich supposedly being unable to get Cavill's voice out of her head even after seeing over 200 other actors.

Handsome Henners was the chosen one, and despite having long since earned his nerd stripes as the Son of Jor-El (Superman himself) on the big screen, he became the now truly undisputed geek poster boy of the world. It is a badge he seems to wear with pride, and I love him for it.

Being a somewhat nerdy kid at school, I never dreamed that in years to come my 'people' would have an ambassador that would break the stereotype attached to us so brilliantly, and prove to the rest of the planet that table-top gamers can indeed appear on the cover of GQ, and that deciding your fate with the role of a 12-sided die can be sexy.

We're here ladies... and fantasy is our stock and trade.

As I have regaled you all with tales of, recently my pop and I have been getting back in touch with our geekiest of roots, having converted my former abode at his gaff into a hobby room and general nerd sanctuary. As a chap who has himself done a sterling job of donning Clark Kent's cape, I'm sure that Mr Cavill knows all to well the value of a bona fide Fortress of Solitude.

So here and now, shelving all decorum and (let's be honest) holding out only a little hope, I'd like to gleefully extend an invitation...

Henry Cavill, you give hope to every spotty lad in the land that one day that comic collection, shelf full of figurines and water-cooled leviathan of a home computer system might just lead to a life of Hollywood glory. And we salute you, sir.

When you've got a minute, head on over to Morris Manor; we'll crack out the Warhammer and while away the hours doing what guys like us love to do best. You can even bring Kal – our Frank would love a pal.

Reach me at, or better yet, just fly up to the window of the den when the mood takes you. We know you can do it...

And if a certain Mr Affleck fancies it, bring him along as well. Having had both Bruce Wayne and the last son of Krypton round for tea would certainly improve my status at the D&D table.

It's all about the game folks, and how you play it...

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