Living in harmony: The Kinver woman using crystal healing to treat stress and anxiety

In this modern, fast-paced world it’s little wonder that many of us are looking for ways to slow down and take time out for ourselves.

And for some that means turning to relaxation and breathing techniques that have been around for centuries.

Since as long ago as the ancient Greeks crystals have been used to achieve physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Today people from all walks of life swear by their power and turn to them to help ease their stress and anxiety worries.

When Patsy Parr, who lives in Kinver, began having difficulties sleeping she too decided to use crystals to give her an emotional boost.

“I was having severe problems with night terrors – I used to imagine people were coming to get me in the night,” says the 27-year-old.

Desperate to find a solution, she was inspired to try crystal healing while attending a reiki retreat in Glastonbury with her mum Samantha and sister Gemma.

As well as easing her night-time anxiety, the marketing director also began using them to steady her nerves ahead of important presentations.

But Patsy, who at 16 found herself on X-Factor alongside Olly Murs and Jedward as part of the girl band Belle Sorelle, found clutching a crystal at her time of need wasn’t always convenient.

“It was chunky and big – I needed something better to help my stress and anxiety,” she tells Weekend.

This led her to design a range of bracelets to help with meditation and mindfulness inspired by the Taoism philosophy of living in harmony.

“It’s about going with the flow of life and not against the grain and having a positive mindset,” explains Patsy who runs the business alongside Samantha and Gemma.

There are six different bracelets – the sky blue and royal indigo tones found in Sodalite are said to stimulate creativity. The Tigers Eye, with its deep chocolate and caramel tones, oozes wisdom. Rose Quartz is well known to be calming and represent unconditional love.

Gunmetal grey Hematite boosts energy, Snowflake Obsidian is associated with power and strength, Amethyst evokes peace, calm and spiritual awareness.

The idea is that they can be used to practice mediation. The wearer can hang the bracelet on their middle finger and use their thumb to rotate each bead towards themselves. When the reach the silver disc, they reverse the process.

As each bead is rotated, they can take a breath and there is an empowering mantra which can been repeated.

Gemma, Samantha and Patsy

For example for amethyst, which represents peace, focus and protection, the suggested mantra is “I am peaceful and safe” and for sodalite, which is used for confidence, communication and creativity, it’s “I am calm and confident”.

“The best stones are sourced from all over the world and then they are handcrafted locally where the lovely silver disc is hammered by hand and can be given an initial. Each bracelet is individual and totally unique.

“I use mine which is Tiger’s Eye before I have to do a big presentation, I feel very confident when I wear it.” says Patsy.

“We wanted something that we believe in, is positive with its message and is beautiful to wear,” adds the entrepreneur.

Gemma, aged 35, found the meditation techniques useful while working as a flight attendant and was also able to help passengers who were feeling nervous about being up in the air. “As cabin crew for Emirates I would always take five minutes before a long-haul flight to get in the right zone.

“Counting the beads on my woo way bracelet, breathing and saying the mantra does this really quickly. I would often lend my bracelet to passengers who were nervous of flying- so they could relax and enjoy the flight.”

“Sodalite is my favourite it helps with communication and creativity and can relieve hormone problems and give a sense of balance and calm. I love the blues and indigo hues in the stones.” says Samantha.

“If I have a big business meeting I’ll use mine to steady myself before I got in,” she adds.

There are six different bracelets, including Rose Quartz, which is well known to be calming and represent unconditional love.

The bracelets, which are all unique, have already attracted celebrity fans including Trinny Woodall who has been seen wearing one in an Instagram video. While Manchester City and England footballer Gill Scott has also purchased a bracelet.

The business has been named Woo Way inspired by the Taoism concept of “wu wei”which means effortless action.

“The idea is that rather than chasing after everything you let it come to you,” explains Patsy, who believes mindfulness and meditation has many benefits.

“Meditation can help you sleep, relax the mind and body, boost your energy, bring balance and give a feeling of peace and well being,” she adds.

The mother and daughter partnership has been delighted by the response to the bracelets since they were launched in October.

“A lot of young people are anxious and really struggle with mental health but they don’t know what to do.

“I think Woo Way can help lots of different people, no matter what path you are on. We’ve got a lot of young footballers wearing them. They say it helps them with pre-match stress.

Patsy believes that channelling energy into something positive such as taking time to calm down before a stressful event can help to relieve negative feelings. “I’m not saying they are magical but having something to focus on can help distract you from what’s going in in your life,” she says.

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