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At last year’s Project Mayhem, Fight Club: PRO dropped a curtain to reveal a special ring for a hardcore tag-team match.

This year they went one better, with a violent brawl featuring Jimmy Havoc, Drew Parker, Ricky Shane and Clint Margera being sprung on fans after the announced main event.

There were literally fans leaving The Hangar when Havoc’s music revealed that there was more action to follow.

What followed almost defies description, with all four men being left a bloody mess after using a variety of weapons on each other.

At one point, one of the pro-wrestlers was literally on fire!

In the announced main event, Team Fight Club: PRO emerged victorious against Chris Brookes’ rulebreaking Schadenfreude faction.

However it was a bittersweat victory, as it occurred when the referee disqualified their opponents after America’s Timothy Thatcher stormed the ring to attack the fan favourites.

In wild scenes, even promoter Martin Zaki was beaten down.

What was striking throughout the match was the electricity in the crowd when champion Meiko Satomura and number one contender Walter would interact.


Despite the Austrian superheavyweight towering over her, Satomura’s striking skills ensured exchanges were credible.

One hopes that match is something we see very soon.

This weekend is the biggest of the year for British pro-wrestling with London’s PROGRESS promotion running Wembley Arena for the first time.

We had a preview of the supershow with Millie McKenzie and Jinny finally facing in a Fight Club: PRO ring after months of feuding.


Jinny would emerge victorious with help from Ireland’s Jordan Devlin despite the best efforts of Birmingham’s Pete Dunne.

Elsewhere on the show, Mexico’s Flamita and Bandido collided in a special showcase match.

The two tag team partners put together a spectacular high-flying match.

Risks were also taken in the night’s first match, with Japan’s Cima and T-Hawk earning the victory over the popular American duo of Desmond Xaiver and Zachary Wentz.

The night however began with WWE UK superstar and Fight Club: PRO co-owner Trent Seven talking the fans. He reminisced about his ten years promoting pro-wrestling in Wolverhampton, and some of the craziness involved in his first show.

He also talked about the herculean efforts involved in moving the event to The Hangar at short notice.

The new venue was a good fit for pro-wrestling, with its natural square shape meaning the sightlines were good for everyone in the crowd.

By Will Cooling

  • Project Mayhem 7 will shortly be available to by on DVD or Video on Demand. Fight Club: PRO next returns to The Hangar on Friday 26th October. For more information, go to


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