Circus of Horrors performer to be taxidermied and displayed as show tours the world

A Circus of Horrors performer has gone the extra mile in proving his dedication to the act - by deciding to have his body preserved via taxidermy for display in the show.

Circus of Horrors performer to be taxidermied and displayed as show tours the world

Freak show performer Anthony Walls, aged 50, performs a human pin cushion act which involves him pushing giant hat pins through his neck and face.

He as decided to devote his body to the act after his death, so that it may be displayed as the show tours the world.

The Circus of Horrors show will take place at Wolverhampton's Civic Hall this Friday.

He a second-generation circus performer, as his father the great El Hakim did a very similar act in the Circus of Horrors 20 years ago.

Anthony learning to breathe fire from his father as a child

"I have been in this particular form of entertainment all my life," said Anthony.

"I first lay on a bed of nails when I was four years old and I want this legacy to live on beyond my death.

"I believe the best way of doing this would be to have my body preserved via taxidermy and exhibited in the most famous freak show on Earth - The Circus of Horrors."

While humans have been taxidermied before it is very rare; embalming is more common - Vladimir Lenin had his body preserved and put on display in his Mausoleum in Moscow's Red Square.

Canadian taxidermist and professor B.Q Orbax says he is prepared to travel to Britain to perform the taxidermy once Anthony dies.

"I have been a practising scientist and taxidermist for more than 15 years in Canada, having preserved and prepared abnormal specimens for some of the top exhibitors of our times," he said.

"I have a lifelong passion for science, sideshow and the circus arts and can completely understand his request to become an exhibit and maintain his presence in a place of entertainment once his time has come.

"In order to preserve Mr Walls in a lifelike state, time is of the essence. I would be willing to travel to London to perform the taxidermy thereby avoiding the time consuming and expensive process of sending his body to and from Canada."

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