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Are you a feminazi?

In a world which is striving to be equal and fair, why does it still feel like men have the upper hand? Kirsty Bosley finds out more. . .

Are you a feminazi?

In 2016, you'd hope that there was no longer a need for feminism – that equal rights for us girls was a given. Unfortunately, we all know that's not the case, and striving for a fair world is still at the forefront of the agenda for feminists worldwide.

Strangely, we live in a world where 'feminist' is almost a dirty word. It's the kind of term that people (men and women, sadly) roll their eyes at. Many would have us believe that feminists are no more than bra burners with hairy armpits, an axe to grind and an antagonistic sense of superiority.

Worse still, the word 'feminazi' is now a thing – a derogatory portmanteau of feminist and Nazi coined by those who are fed up of hard-line women. Remember last year when Human Rights Barrister of the Year 2013 Charlotte Proudman named and shamed a fellow legal professional for using LinkedIn to comment on her appearance?

2 Do you think women should be scientists? Nobel prize-winning Tim Hunt doesn't think so. Earlier this year, he addressed a room full of scientists and said that women were distractingly sexy, prone to weep when criticised and best segregated at work. What did he win his Nobel prize for? Being hilarious? Obviously not.

3 Think that women should have an equal voice in parliament as their male counterparts? Men have been telling women what to do for hundreds of years and everything's been going well so far, hasn't it? Well, until Margaret Thatcher came into power, and look what happened then. We learned then that women shouldn't be in positions of power. Unless that power is over a sandwich in the kitchen.

4 Do you want to, or do you wish for your wife/sister/mother/daughter to earn the same amount of money as a man doing the same job? Women in full-time employment only earn 15.7 per cent less than guys at work. You've had stronger wines than that. At the end of the working year it only adds up to a pay difference of £5,200 a year. You'd only spend that on stupidly expensive shoes and handbags anyway. Flaming women, eh?

5 Do you get offended when someone makes a joke about rape? Can't you take a joke? How damaging can it really be to have a good old laugh about something that only affects 85,000 women in the UK a year? Along with 12,000 men that is. That's only an average of 11 rapes an hour. Come on, love. Smile!

So, how many did you answer 'yes' to? If you got five, then you're a downright feminazi, well deserving of the title that harks back to a day when millions of people were mindlessly slaughtered for nothing.

Positively evil.

He could have been messaging to congratulate her on the work she has done during her career to establish the first free legal advice centre for women and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He may have been dropping her a line to find out more about the area of law that she specialises in – that of violence against women and girls, including sexual violence, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, trafficking and honour-based violence.

He could have been messaging to congratulate her on the accolade she'd been given by International Acquisition. But he wasn't.

"I appreciate that this is probably horrendously politically incorrect but that is a stunning picture," he said to her. He also said that she had won the award for best picture he'd ever seen on LinkedIn.

Charlotte was furious at his actions, and spoke up against what she felt was a sexist remark. And that's when she was labelled a feminazi by those who disagreed with her. It's a label that, in the great historic hall known as Google, she'll always be aligned with.

Though the ridiculous term is usually reserved for extreme or militant feminists, apparently Charlotte's anger at having her image commented on – on a platform used for professional networking – earned her the title.

We've been looking further into this horrible term, and have devised the quiz to the right, based on our research.

Keep a note of how many of these you answer yes to – this goes for men as well as ladies – we don't generalise here.

And we'll deliver the results at the end. Pens at the ready. . .

By Kirsty Bosley

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