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Black-Eyed Child spotted in Cannock Chase


New footage has emerged, which apparently shows the little girl walking through the woods.

A child dressed in white with hollow black eyes is said to haunt the Chase and has attracted teams of ghost hunters.

The spooky footage was taken by paranormal investigator Tom Buckmaster, aged 23, and appears to show a pale figure glowing in the darkness.

The 'figure' was caught on camera at around 7pm on October 10 after Mr Buckmaster spent six hours waiting for an appearance. He runs Haunted Finders with his father David Cranfield, 56, and brother John, 24, and between them they investigate reports of the paranormal. It is believed that the ghosts on Cannock Chase are of the three children murdered by car mechanic Raymond Leslie Morris in the 1960s.

During their hunt, Mr Buckmaster from Arnold, Nottingham, claims his team were chased by the figure, which threw a rock at them and warned him 'We're watching'.

He said: "It looks like a child dressed in white – you can see the legs moving as it walks. I didn't even know I had captured the ghost until I went over the footage and thought, 'What the hell was that?' You could hear running on the footpath behind us. At one point a rock was rolled quickly from behind me and through the group, out of nowhere.

"We use a device called a spirit box, which is basically a modified radio system.

"We got weird voices on there – there were footsteps, and voices saying, 'We're watching, we're looking' and then a male voice saying, 'he's coming'."

The footage appears to show a small white outline appearing to be stood several metres away from the camera.

Cannock Chase is a hot bed for sightings and was hailed one of the spookiest places in the country in a report in 2009 by paranormal researcher Lionel Fanthorpe.

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