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Thousands of people are heading to V Festival this weekend, with headline acts including Beyonce, Kings of Leon and The Script. If you're joining the crowds at Weston Park, don't miss our our top festival survival tips.

Check, check, and check again...

You don't want to get half way to Weston Park and realise you've forgotten your tent. We know we sound boring but make a list and check it all off before you leave the house. Most people get a cheap disposable phone to take with them; don't pack anything you can't afford to lose.

The early bird catches the worm...

The earlier you are the better you're camping spot will be. You don't want to be the one forced to set up camp next to the portaloos. Where you set up your camp can make or break you festival. While it's good to be close to the showers remember the queues can get quite long first thing in the morning – not the best wake up call.

Bring your own loo roll...

You're sharing toilets with 10,000 people – the loo roll provided isn't going to last long. Guys, be considerate, ladies have to use the same toilet as you - lift the seat when you tinkle and put it down again when you're done! And remember the saying: If you sprinkle when you tinkle please be sweet and wipe the seat.

Protect your stuff...

It's sad but true that thieves tend to strike at festivals. Try sleeping with your valuables (money, ID, car keys etc) and stick them in the bottom of your sleeping bag. Keep your money on you at all times. Try splitting it up and putting it in various pockets - that way you haven't lost it all if you do end up getting pick pocketed.


It's not a fashion show...

After a weekend in a field no one is going to look good, so why even bother? Let's be honest, none of us are going to pull of the Kate Moss look – we are staying in a tent not a 5 star hotel. We hate to sound like your parents but pack practical clothing – comfy trainers, waterproof coat and a hat. Trust me you'll thank us in the end. Leave the heels at home ladies.

Make sure you drink (we're talking about water)...

Sorry, we're going into parent mode again. Water is an absolute festival essential. Don't overdo the alcohol and try to at least drink one litre of water a day to stay hydrated.


Checklist – Make sure you don't leave home without it!

Tickets – We know we are stating the obvious but you never know

Tent – It might get a bit cold and wet sleeping outside

Raincoat – We're still in Britain remember

Clean underwear – Enough said

Disposable camera – One you aren't scared to lose

Torch – Finding your stuff in the dark isn't easy

Sunglasses/suncream – There's not much shade

Thick jacket – Even if it's warm in the day, the night is gonna get cold

Shower Kit and toothpaste – You're sharing a tent with people!

ID – You'll need it to get in if you look under 16 and if you want to buy any alcohol onsite

Disposable Phone – Something you don't mind loosing!

Cash – There are cash points of sites but the queues will be horrible

Paracetamol– you'll need them the morning after the night before.

Food and drink – Remember glass bottles aren't allowed

By Beth Motherwell

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