With his ruffled blond-hair, blue-eyed and adorable boyish charm - Russell Howard had the LG Arena eating out of his hand

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With his ruffled blond-hair, blue-eyed and adorable boyish charm - Russell Howard had the LG Arena eating out of his hand from the off, not least a group of girls who insisted on screeching a rehearsed "we love you Russell" at regular intervals.

This may have had something to do with his exposed and bulging biceps or the vigorous groin gyrating that permeated the whole show.

Or it might simply be that Howard offers the sort of childish, naughty humour that endears him to all whether it be the young, the beer-guzzling lads, smitten young women or more mature ladies who simply want to mother him. I'm not sure where I fall into those categories but I loved him nevertheless.

Howard clearly is the king of pranks. Tales of the tricks played on his mother by he and his siblings had me crying with laughter. There is a revealing insight into the Howard family life and they clearly provide a lot of comedy material. In fact, humour would appear to be in the genes of the 33-year-old from Bristol.

With a desperate attempt at a Brummie accent, Howard started the show with some of the answers he received on Twitter after asking what he could do in Birmingham for two days. There were a number of indecent invitations from his female fans - and a slightly more sinister offer for tea and biscuits with a male admirer.

The first half of the show was slightly under an hour as any longer he said would be "more like a hostage situation than a comedy show." But Howard must have crammed 90 minutes worth of material into the time as he bombarded the audience with a gunfire of comic anecdotes. From the British sense of humour to toilet etiquette and his reaction to receiving death threats from the EDL it was a runaway train of gags which crashed into the interval.

The second half flew past just as quickly as the first and included a bit of Daily Mail bashing, pokes at religion and more tales of the Howard family antics. There was slightly more explicit material resulting in even more groin grinding from the cherub-faced Howard.

*Howard performs at the LG Arena again tonight (Sat).

Russell Howard - Wonderbox at the LG Arena, Birmingham

By Diane Davies

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