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My name is Steve Lindon and you may have seen pictures of me in last week's newspaper - I was the guy holding a 6ft banner imploring the passing public to 'give me a job.'

My name is Steve Lindon and you may have seen pictures of me in last week's newspaper - I was the guy holding a 6ft banner imploring the passing public to 'give me a job.'

In February 2009, I was made redundant from my job as a bonds administrator as an indirect result of the financial markets slump.

Since then I have applied for at least 200 jobs without success.

I have tried all of the usual routes, applying online, by letter, taking my CV in person to companies, but so far nothing has worked.

I felt like going around with a placard with 'GIVE ME A JOB' written on it because, as people who have experienced unemployment will tell you, you feel as though you've lost all of your power.

You lose your financial power, you are portrayed as lazy so you lose your self-respect, you may lose family, friends & your house too - although luckily this hasn't happened to me.

I needed a way of taking back control of my life, to make people realise I'm still here.

I'm not invisible, I do exist!


My family thought I was joking when I first suggested it, but I knew I had to try something different.

After all, if what you've been doing isn't working then you have to try something else, right?

So I looked up portable banners on the Internet and found a company that made "roller banners".

I contacted them to see if it was feasible, sent them my design via e-mail and it arrived last Monday morning.


I didn't sleep much that night, got up early the next day, put on my best suit and left the house for the 20-minute walk to Pendeford Business Park.

I was so nervous, I was sweating.

I set up far enough from the main road that I wouldn't cause cars to crash and erected my banner...and waited

By 8:15, a lot of people were starting to arrive for work and the response was amazing!

A girl from Carillion came out with a coffee for me and a representative of Sevacare came out with a couple of application forms for me.

I had people from other companies come down to take my details - everyone seemed really impressed by what I was doing.

Then a girl from a firm of accountants came to tell me she's phoned The Express & Star, who wrote a story on me.

On Wednesday I had some admin from the previous day to get a grip on - I've had a couple of responses which I've replied to, but I'm going to keep going until I'm offered a job.

So on Thursday I went out again - I had a minor hiccup with the banner when I was setting up, but the staff at Carvers Building Supplies (thanks to Steve Malcolm especially) were brilliant in helping me out with a temporary fix.

By lunchtime I was at 'Pigeon park' in Birmingham and, again, I got a great response from shoppers & office workers alike.

I suppose it's all about me trying to take control back of my life really and keeping a positive mental attitude.

I take inspiration from wherever I can. I find that watching the London marathon inspired me, ex-footballers Geoff Thomas & Geoff Horsfield and their battle with illness has inspired me, as has Gary Critchley in his battle for justice.

If these people can do what they do, with the barriers that they face, then I'm sure I can overcome unemployment.

The best bit of advice I could give is that if something's not working for you, then try something different.

What have you got to lose?

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