Marcus Bean

Marcus Bean

It's been a great month - with more coming up

If Carlsberg made months, they’d probably make them like September. It’s been a glorious couple of weeks, with a demo at Ludlow festival, fourth place in a national cooking competition and the prospect of a brilliant weekend here in Shrewsbury.

I am going back to my roots with supper club

Pop-up restaurants have become one of the most exciting new developments in food, writes Marcus Bean. Chefs have started to find new and unusual places to host dinners, so that they can create a feast for their guests in unusual surrounds.

Cooking for birthday surprise was delightful

Marcus Bean

The look on my host’s face was a picture. I’d been booked to cook at a surprise 60th birthday party for a lady in Shropshire. Her family and friends had somehow managed to keep my appearance a secret.

Doing DIY at 1am but it'll be worth it in the end


Curtain rails. Don’t talk to me about curtain rails. Nor shower heads. Nor paint brushes. Food is fine. Ask me whatever you like. I’ll talk you through seasonal produce, whisking up a soufflé in five minutes flat and making the most delicious spring dishes you’ve ever tasted.

Life's so busy but we are enjoying every minute

Marcus Bean

Well, we made it. Last Saturday, my wife, Jenny, and I, welcomed about 100 guests to the official launch of our new cookery school and bed and breakfast. It was an amazing evening and we were grateful to everybody who took the time to join in the fun.

It's a dream come true for cookery school date

Marcus Bean

Tonight could be one of the biggest nights of my life. You think I’m exaggerating? I’m not. Tonight is a night when my wife, Jenny and I, realise one of our lifelong dreams. It’s also the dawning of a new era.