Carl Jones

Clarkson is still in pole position for Beeb

An uncharacteristically humble Jeremy Clarkson says he has been warned by his BBC bosses that he will be sacked if he makes just ‘one more offensive remark, anywhere, at any time’.

Carl Jones: Surprise TV gem has us all turning into critics


My wife reckons we’d make a perfect partnership on Gogglebox, that crazy Channel 4 show where Britain’s most opinionated viewers let down their guards and pass biting judgement on the week’s TV programmes from the safety of their own front rooms.

Please don't takeaway this tacky fly-on-the-wall

Staff at the famous Fried Chicken Shop in Clapham

Picture the scene. A young and eager producer wanders into the office of Mr Important TV Mogul, sits himself down on the couch and says: “Listen, I’ve got a great idea for a new show”.