Weekend columns

Money can't buy you love, ladies

Cheryl Cole to separate from Ashley Cole

Never get a tattoo. If there’s one lesson the WAGs of this world need to learn – other than boob jobs and Brazilians being sooo 2004 – it’s never get a tattoo.

Home is where the Wi-Fi is: kids have to be connected

It’s one of Europe’s great train journeys: to my right, Lake Geneva glistened in the midday sun; to the left, a gentle valley rose to some of Europe’s most dramatic peaks as we headed into snow-tipped The Alps.

Lame finales, wild beasts, oh, and the World Cup

Martin Freeman as Lester Nygaard in Fargo

Bit of a change of plan this week. Instead of rambling on about a specific telly theme - reality TV, bad goodies, my undying love for Peter Barlow - : I thought I'd ramble on about this week's best and worst on the ol' gogglebox.