Weekend columns

Andy Richardson: Summer’s sports heroes - get a Froome

Andy Richardson

Ah. Summer. Mad dogs and Englishmen. Temperatures tipping the 90s. Pimms and strawberries. Bad dogs on the BBQ. Burgers burned on the outside and raw in the middle. Doesn’t summer taste great. Doesn’t it smell just like heaven.

Kirsty Bosley: There’s no party like a hen do! We’re barking mad for them

kirsty bosley

I’m on a hen do this weekend. By the time you read this, I’ll be on my way to Liverpool wearing a pair of deely boppers topped with plastic phalluses (phalli?!) and downing a bottle of fizz from the bottle like Tara Palmer-Tomkinson in the bad days. No, forget that. I’m strawpedo-ing six bottles of Reef because oi oi, I’m a girl on the razz.