Weekend columns

Andy Richardson: Farewell 2016, now bring on a New Year

Andy Richardson

David Bowie died. So did Prince. So did George Michael. What do we do now? Where will the future take us? We’ll get to wise-cracking jokes about fireworks and New Year’s resolutions in a minute – promise – but if ever there was a time to reflect on 2016, it’s this. Bowie. Prince. George. Gone.

Pete Cashmore: Food glorious food - Hamming up a hot dog & a huge pizza!


There’s something of a foodie flavour to this week’s column. Two of the things I’m going to be pondering involve the kind of junk food that makes up 95 per cent of my diet (the other five per cent is fizzy pop) another involves food, in a manner of speaking, too, and the last one involves vomiting.