In this Weekend: Bros, clay curiosities and stylish gym wear

internet WE 14 jan

Weekend is here! In this week's edition we chat to Matt who gives us all the Goss on the Bros reunion tour. From starting out with nothing, to hitting the heady heights of stardom in the 90s, one half of the band of brothers tells it how it us.

What it's like to...Make your own beer and wine

Wine kit

Dry January is looming. After weeks of celebrating the festive season and New Year it's time to abstain from alcohol all in the name of charity. Oh, and perhaps it's a good opportunity to give your liver a chance of recovering.

Andy Richardson: Farewell 2016, now bring on a New Year

Andy Richardson

David Bowie died. So did Prince. So did George Michael. What do we do now? Where will the future take us? We’ll get to wise-cracking jokes about fireworks and New Year’s resolutions in a minute – promise – but if ever there was a time to reflect on 2016, it’s this. Bowie. Prince. George. Gone.