Life’s all write now for Mark


You’ll have to excuse the noise, there’s men in the cellar. I’ve locked them in there and am waiting to see how long it takes for them to turn savage. It’s for the next book.”

Life is short - be careful what you wish for, Em

Emma Watson enjoyed having a real ark on set

Oh Emma, just you wait. Lovely actress Emma Watson is a global superstar, thanks to Harry Potter. She’s very much in demand by filmmakers and an all-round sweetheart. She’s also 23 years young.

Carl Jones: It was just great satire - no strings attached

Spitting Image

It’s not very often that a show so original, so anarchic, and so defiantly different gets people across all generations talking. But that’s precisely what happened 30 years ago this month when an understated little affair called Spitting Image made its debut.