Stressing the point


With ringing phones, bleeping app notifications, business, housework and children to deal with, life can be stressful at the best of times for most of us.

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If you've got 'the gift' you may already know this, but we've got an exclusive interview with Britain's favourite psychic Derek Acorah in this Saturday's Weekend.

Forget scary movies, evil is closer than you realise

Internet 'terror breeding ground'

I pride myself on my bravery. I can knock the door of a stranger to seek out a challenging story, watch horror movies without a cushion and I can catch a spider and release it safely elsewhere without having the desire to burn my entire flat to the ground.

Inside your Weekend Express & Star

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Anarchy rules in this Saturday's Weekend as we chat to Public Enemy Number One John Lydon. He talks Sex Pistols, butter adverts and why he'll always be Rotten.