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Tweedale busy on string of projects

Tweedale's design for the new distribution unit on the Birch Coppice Business Park

Wolverhampton-based architects firm Tweedale is working with IM Properties on the latest phases of development at Birch Coppice Business Park in Tamworth. Tweedale is also the town planner for the whole of the development.

The night a gunman wiped out my entire family

Jill Burkitt

Jill Burkitt was just 17 years old when she was shot eight times by next-door neighbour Barry Williams, who wiped out her entire family and two other people in a merciless killing spree in 1978.

‘We are the people’s army’

UKIP 3 SL 14

“We’re the people’s army” – that was the message from Neil and Christine Hamilton last night when they attended the launch of a UKIP manifesto.

West Bromwich Manor House vintage fair


There were lots of events through the summer for me to photograph, but now Autumn is here, there are fewer events and many are indoors. I went to West Bromwich Manor House on Sunday to photograph the vintage fair which was held both indoors and outdoors.