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£100 fines for poor parking

A coach brought in as a rail replacement service for a broken-down train on 2nd September 2014 at Stourbridge Junction could not manoeuvre because of incorrectly parked vehicles.

Fines of £100 for commuters who park badly at railway and Midland Metro stations are coming into force from September 29.

Apprentices? You’re hired


Employing apprentices – giving youngsters their first step on a career ladder – has been a bedrock of Black Country industry for centuries.

School backed over fingerprint scheme

A MP who is also the governor of a school which has installed fingerprints scanners in a £20,000 project today said staff were 'ahead of the game' by launching the scheme.

School pupils to be fingerprinted

File photo dated 03/12/03 of pupils during a lesson as with Christmas fast approaching, children named Bradley and Paige will need to be on their best behaviour if they are to avoid SantaÕs naughty list, a survey claims. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Monday December 3, 2012. It suggests that youngsters with these names are likely to be the least well behaved. But those called Benjamin and Elizabeth can hang up their stockings now as they are most likely to be the best behaved children. The survey, by School Stickers, looked at the names of more than 63,000 children who logged good behaviour or achievement awards in online sticker books. It found that the boysÕ names which appeared most frequently were Benjamin, Alex, Jordan, Mohammed and Aaron. The girls who were most likely to receive the stickers were called Elizabeth, Rosie, Grace, Lydia and Emma. The boysÕ names that appeared least often were Bradley, Jacob, William, Morgan and Joe. And the girlsÕ names which appeared least often were Paige, Niamh, Natalie, Holly and Phoebe. See PA story SOCIAL List. Photo credit should read: Barry Batchelor/PA Wire

Pupils will have their fingerprints taken at their £20,000 high-tech new school canteen in a bid to reduce queues and monitor pupils’ diets.

Non-league interview: Dean Coleman

dean coleman

I caught up with the Stourbridge goalkeeper Dean Coleman on how he became a footballer, life in the non-league and his new hobby - motorcycling.