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Anyone for rat?

There are fears that vCJD could pass onto people through blood transfusions

PETER RHODES on road-kill cookery, X Factor allegations and why it's safest to be a cynic.

Rich on Redditch


PETER RHODES on the comedy of Rich Hall, the latest energy-saving gizmo and the shifty Mr Blair.

And finally, Scotland


PETER RHODES on forgettable forecasts, conspiracy theories and the wondrous Ms Dormer.

Oh, Spanish plumes

MEDIA Weather 1

PETER RHODES on our changing weather forecasts, a glorious harvest and some ducking and diving by the man who would lead Labour.

Poll: Do you want Britain to remain part of the EU?


David Cameron has been given a fresh indication of the resistance he will encounter in his plan to renegotiate the UK's relationship with Brussels as a senior French minister warned against the creation of an "a la carte" European Union where members could pick and choose the aspects they liked.