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Arctic convoy veteran Sid on parade


A 92-year-old war veteran who took part in the Arctic convoys to Russia has spoken of his pride after attending a special church service at Westminster Abbey to mark the 70th anniversary of VE Day.

Anyone seen my hand?

Timmy the five-month-old rescue hedgehog

PETER RHODES on a DIY horror, Beatles in the exam room and the royals with badgers in their sights.

Naming a princess


PETER RHODES on the Windsor industry, the promise of endless energy and a Dr Doolittle moment.

Texas comes to Surrey

A parking warden issues a ticket

Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES on an oil strike near Gatwick, the strangeness of lawns and a new political game.

No first-timers, thanks

libby lane

Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES on trips to the tips, dodgy bow ties and the feminist Easter message.

The deceptive mug


Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES on inappropriate souvenirs, a priceless moment in Poldark and the most important four-letter word of them all.

An exercise in hindsight?

Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES on trying to explain the inexplicable, Italy's odd legal system and the legacy of the League of Gentlemen.

Day TV election debate was born

election 1

Reverential, respectful and rather dull, the first General Election in which TV played a major role was dubbed the ‘lull before the lull’.

Mole writes again

Campaigner's state funeral plea

Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES with Adrian's take on Richard III, government as approved by the Scots and a flaming good idea in the garden.

The voice of the people


Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES on common sense in ermine, a dimwit juror and those Antique Roadshow bargains.

Bring on the 20mph limits

20mph speed limit sign

Blogger of the Year PETER RHODES on a new generation of speeders, the DNA map of Britain and how Auntie missed a royal event.