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Find the toddlers.

john kerry 3

PETER RHODES on why TV isn't telling us the full story about the migrant crisis, why John Kerry should choose his hats carefully and a good reason not to ignore cancer screening.

The joys of martyrdom

PETER RHODES on death in the desert , the right future for Syrian orphans and why bee keeping is best left to others.

Anyone for rat?

There are fears that vCJD could pass onto people through blood transfusions

PETER RHODES on road-kill cookery, X Factor allegations and why it's safest to be a cynic.

Rich on Redditch


PETER RHODES on the comedy of Rich Hall, the latest energy-saving gizmo and the shifty Mr Blair.

And finally, Scotland


PETER RHODES on forgettable forecasts, conspiracy theories and the wondrous Ms Dormer.

Oh, Spanish plumes

MEDIA Weather 1

PETER RHODES on our changing weather forecasts, a glorious harvest and some ducking and diving by the man who would lead Labour.