YOUR Wolves stories

The agony and the ecstasy, the highs and the lows.

Wolves' fans react to Nouha Dicko's missed penalty

We're gathering YOUR stories from the 2013/14 season. What did it mean to you? Were you tearing your hair out in despair, or did you know it would all come right in the end.

In addition to our regular bloggers, we'll be showcasing the personal tales of fans from this season.

Simply leave your story in the comments below, in 300 words or fewer.

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When Kenny Jackett won over the fans and got praised for his efforts for the beginning of a new era for the wolves. The players showed pride for wearing the gold and black colours. They went into every battle with the thousands of Wolves fans by their side! they won together and lost together and now in touching distance of gaining promotion together!. It just goes to show that before the season started when the frightening storm was fast approaching. It showed that through potential stormy weather you can always rely on a "JACKETt".


As a Season Ticket holder from Yorkshire it was becoming increasingly difficult to justify to my partner the renewal of my season ticket.

'Why do you go to watch Wolves lose?' became her regular question.

With the horror of the past two seasons, a massive gap between players and fans and regular defeats, the 300 mile journey was becoming difficult to say the least. A group of players with no love for the club and horrendous managerial appointments by the board provided the backdrop to the start of life in the third tier of English football. None of this helped me answer my girlfriends query, very little seemed to inspire an answer.

Into Molineux walked a softly spoken man, Kenny Jackett. A man who was, at best, many Wolves fans 2nd choice. “The cheaper choice” came the response from some, despite his previous pedigree and the backing of a former Wolves boss.

Jackett quickly set about his attempt to revitalise a team and fanbase hungover from the previous two seasons. He has overseen a rebirth of Wolves, a mix of local players and intelligent signings has reforged a bond between the incredible following Wolves have attracted this season and the players.

Out of the darkness has appeared light, Wolves fans suddenly have a team who are strong at the back, vibrant in attack and a group of players who have worked hard to earn the respect of the fans. A team able to not only move a ball around fluidly in midfield and win convincingly but a team able to dig out difficult 1-0 results.

This season has provided me with the answer to my partners query. The Toaster Wolves banner shouts the answer loudly and proudly from the North Bank:

“This is our Love and it Knows no Division.”


Being only a 17 years old I have only had a brief time with Wolverhampton Wanderers, I do not share the same memories with those older fans, but I have been lucky enough to experience a great deal in my brief life with this glorious team. I have experienced promotion to the promised land and then seen and been a part of supporting the club through its decline through the leagues. During this 2013/2014 season, in my opinion, everything that was necessary for the clubs revival was carried out. Jackett was savvy in his restructure of the squad, players such as McDonald and Ricketts added something new to a squad that was bewildered by its disastrous few years. Whilst reluctant to feel confident about automatic promotion at the start of the season I grew, as many others in old gold, belief in the squad again. A belief that had been shattered prior to this new era. Finally I had returned to a stage where I would look around the North Bank and see smiling faces on the gold and black seats. From league record away attendances to a defensive record unmatched by any English club Wolves as a club have provided much to be proud of. I am proud to be a wolves fan this year, as we all should be. Wolverhampton Wanderers, the players, the fans, the community deserve something to smile about. And I'd like to thank all of the above for bringing a smile back on to my face again. Out of darkness cometh light. Forever we are Wolves.


you don't know what love really is until you find football, and a team that determines what mood you're in depending on whether they win or lose. you could call it a very volatile relationship. you can imagine that wolves' back to back relegations must have had a lot of hearts aching. 5 managers in such a short space of time couldn't have helped that, either. so when dean saunders got the boot, you can imagine what fans must have been thinking. what next? who next? league two next? nobody really knew. then along came kenny jackett. wolves' saviour at the fifth time of asking? i'm sure everyone hoped so, and their hope was reflected in nearly 5,000 fans making their way to preston on the first away match of their first season in league one since the 80's. fast forward (nearly) a season and he's done it with four games to spare. kenny jackett has restored the faith in a club that didn't have much of it left. the fans who didn't let two seasons of heartache stop them from pulling on their old gold tops and making their way to molineux, as well as up and down the country, week in week out, have been rewarded. on 12/04/2014 it was confirmed, wolves were on their way back to the championship, and fans rushed on to the pitch at full time after a 2-0 win away at crewe to celebrate with the team of men who had made it happen. not many people would have had them down to do it, you can imagine. a relatively brand new team and a new manager thrown in at the deep end with huge expectations on their shoulders. but they came through. can they do it again? only time will tell.. but i wouldn't doubt it too much, because after all, they are the pride of the midlands.


Once it's in your blood and running through your veins, you will never stop loving the Wolves.

After becoming a season ticket holder finally in our ill fated last Premiership campaign (I had the ticket bought me for my 40th birthday by my wife and family) and attending every game instead of sporadically throughout a season, it is hard to put into words what your mind and body is put through during those 9-10 months of attending 'the golden palace'.

Being relegated that season was hard to take, especially as my two young sons also had season tickets for the first time too, I will never forget the way the eldest of them absolutely broke down in tears when our local rivals put the fifth goal in against us, it is the only time in 30 odd years of following Wolves I have left a game early. Surely it was as low as it could get for the modern history of our beloved club?

Alas, no. We renewed our season tickets and were full of optimism for the Championship, but it turned out to be a disaster on and off the pitch, dark days indeed.

Did this stop me and my boys from renewing again.....hell no! My youngest even decided to join us for our adventure into League One. And what an adventure it has been so far.

Amazing away days, great attacking football, young, hungry and determined players and of course, a seriously good manager steering the ship. This is what I wanted my season ticket for and what I wanted my boys to witness, happy, exciting days at the Molineux. There is no greater sight than watching my lads cheering and jumping for joy at a goal and punching the air at the final whistle along with the 20,000+ other die hards. Thank you to all connected with Wolverhampton Wanderers, because gold and black is forever and forever I am a Wolf.


A poem from a wife and mum who goes through the ups and downs of the Wolves by supporting father and son who are season ticket holders!!

It's saturday again, just after two,

Bag is ready and they're off to the Molineux,

Gold and black shirt are worn with pride,

We get in the car for the 10 minute ride.

They are dropped off at the same place,

Father and son walk away with smiles on their face,

Through wind, rain, snow and sun,

They support the Wolves but who supports the Mum!

Home I go, kettle, radio and facebook on,

Waiting for the whistle, house is quiet now they've gone,

We score, they score, we score, they score,

Come on wolves, my Harry hates a draw!

I follow play until about four thirty,

Then back in the car I go -I bet his face is dirty!

He always has a hot dog and a bottle of coke,

Stu and Harry love the team although others call them a joke,

I park up around the corner from the golden palace,

I hear chants, songs, boos and huge sighs as they miss,

Come on Wolves, make them happy and proud,

Make them sing and shout out loud,

The ball is there, it's in the back of the net,

Sometimes I wonder if i should have had a bet!

They return to the car, tired but happy we won,

I take them home, cook their tea, and listen to their fun,

My boys support the Wolves but who supports the Wolves fan's mum?


Who cares then?

In August 2013, less Wolves fans than before based on season ticket sales.

Part of the reason was a second relegation, part of the reason was the players.

Some of us had the resilience to travel to Preston, Morecambe and Bristol in the

opening weeks with hopes rekindled. Gradually changes and improvements could be seen.

The shirt colour had remained the same, but inside, the life and soul had been adjusted.

Previous players looked like they were going through the motions now they were driven and determined.

Our spirits were lifted. We were winning again. There was a style about our play.

Spectators negativity evaporated as we saw the effort and endeavour was genuine. Successes followed.

Hopes were fulfilled, there was enjoyment and a reason to look forward to games.

We were all one again. The players made eye contact when they stepped off the coach. They acknowledge

conversation. They gave everything on the pitch. An inspired leader constantly fine tuning the line up.

We improved, individually and as a group. Our defence was consistent and held firm. Two fine keepers

protected many clean sheets. Midfield were precious with the ball and forward thinking.

Passing was accurate with a healthy pace.

Goals were flowing and our consistency level was rising all the time.

Who cares now?

Many more in April 2014. On and off the pitch. Over 30,000 have demonstrated that.

The reception at MK Dons. The reaction on the pitch at Crewe.

Ricketts jumping on the back of every goal scorer. The reaction to the penalty save at Colchester.

The current crop of players care more than ever. The lost fans have started to care again.

Some of us never stopped caring, but it’s a joy now to see more people feeling positive.