Wolves' supporters celebrate across the globe

They’ve done it – Wolves are going up.


Fans poured onto the pitch in Crewe after the final whistle, which ended their 2-0 win and sealed promotion back to the Championship.

Supporters swamped the players and carried them on their shoulders, as George Elokobi jumped into the directors’ box to hug Steve Morgan.

Led Zeppelin legend and Wolves fan Robert Plant was also at Gresty Road to enjoy the celebratory atmosphere.

And as the players sprayed Champagne back in the dressing room, the promotion party was really getting started out on the pitch,and lasted long into the night in pubs, bars and clubs.

But the jubilant scenes were not just in Crewe and Wolverhampton, the celebrations spread far and wide – as far away as Australia and eastern Europe.

Alex Patkolo, a 36-year-old civil servant from Bratislava in Slovakia has been a devoted Wolves fan since he chose the team to play the computer game Championship Manager ‘93, 20 years ago. He proudly displays the club motif on the bonnet of his car and has a signed shirt.

He was over the moon.

“Today we secured promotion, so let me express my huge thanks, my joy and my congratulations to our team, to people behind the team and to our gaffer Kenny and to all the people in Wolverhampton,” he said.

“When I was choosing the club to play for after the installing Championship Manager, every team name looked similar to me, either FC something or United something else.

“Then there was Wolves. That name had an interesting sound. I chose to play for Wolves, without knowing anything about them and since then I have become their big fan. So it was an accident - but a happy one.

“I have been to Molineux three times and I will surely go there again in the future, but it is a bit expensive to go there, so it’s a ‘once in a couple of years’ occasion for me.

“I would like to take my girlfriend to Molineux sometime, especially since she has become something of a Wolves fan under my influence. She is very creative and hand-made several Wolves related gifts for me, like plush toys dressed as Wolves players and pictures. She even made Wolves  car stickers for me, so I am pretty sure I am the only person in Slovakia whose car has got Wolves badge on the hood.

“Are there many Wolves fans in Slovakia? I doubt that, but since many Slovakians worked in Britain, maybe people who worked in Wolverhampton could be.

“And then family and friends of Kristian Koštrna could be Wolves fans. I know him a bit, he is a good guy. I hope he will get his first team debut someday.

“It is a pity, that since we fell out of Premiership, Wolves internet streams are only rare. I always enjoy to see Wolves live, no matter what league are they in. I think there were only one or two streams this season, so I have to cope with live scores on the internet. TV is showing only big clubs here, I am sick of seeing Barcelona and Real every week.

“Previous season has been kind of hard for us fans, but I am not a ‘tourist’ type of fan - a fan who supports his team because it’s modern. I will be Wolves fan no matter which league they play in.”

Meanwhile fans in Australia tweeted their joy to the Express & Star.

Fan Trevor Hickman, aged 45 and from Canberra, tweeted a picture of himself and his five-year-old son Elijah celebrating the win.

Originally from Bradmore, Trevor moved to Oz after marrying his Australian wife Amy, and the last time he saw Wolves live was in 2012.

He said: “I love the boost the Wolves team gives to the town when they’re on a roll. There’s nothing at all like it here in Australia. Everyone talks about Australians being sports-mad but apart from the awful Ashes there’s nothing I’ve found that comes close to the buzz of the Molineux or a pre-match pint in the Great Western.

“I’m in Australia because I married Amy who is Australian. She sometimes gets sick of me waking up in the middle of the night to listen to the audio commentary or check scores - I think she’s resigned to the fact that you can take the boy out of the Black Country but you can’t take the Black Country out of the boy.

“My little boy is an Aussie through and through but he shares my love of Wolves and is a real little wolf - he sits through old DVDs of Bully et al preferring them to Toy Story, Cars and the like. I’m hoping to come back to Wolverhampton sometime in the next 12 months just so he can catch his first game.

“I didn’t get to listen to last night’s game, but my son Eli and I celebrated about 6am by dancing round the room singing ‘we’re top of the league, we’re top of the league.’ Who knows what the neighbours must have thought.

“It’s great to see Wolves back in the Championship. Not least as they’ve done it with a young and hungry squad. A lot of people, myself included, doubted Kenny Jackett when he came on board but he’s proved to be incredibly astute with his signings and his management of the playing staff. It’s clearly going to be a lot tougher next year, but with a squad of players mostly 25 and under and our new found super-tight defence I can really see back-to-back promotions which would just be amazing.”

Another Twitter user, @MattFurlong, hung his scarf on a balcony in Sydney. He wrote: “Celebrating in Sydney, Australia, with the Opera House in sight! Come on you Wolves.”

Muriel Bates, the 71-year-old treasurer of the Wolves Official Supporters’ Club, has been a season ticket holder since 1956. She has been going to games with her husband Albert, 74, since 1966, and sits in the Billy Wright stand.

She said: “I am so delighted, I really really am, for the simple reason that I was so upset and desperate last season. I couldn’t get my spirits high because every match you went to you came back worse than when you went in.

“Last season we didn’t enjoy it, there was no heart in the team. The poor old fans, they were broken hearted, and they couldn’t face what the team were dishing up. But this season it has been lovely.”

Wolves are now also finding favour with the bookies, with football league sponsor Sky Bet placing them at 4/1 to secure back-to-back promotions to reach the Premier League.

But for now fans, including city dignitaries, are enjoying the moment and are looking forward to the boost it will bring to the city.

Paul Uppal, Conservative MP for Wolverhampton South West, said: “After a difficult couple of years I am delighted to see Wolves on the up. Kenny Jacket has done a really good job.

“It’s important for the city. There has already been good news from Jaguar while Sainsbury’s are building a new supermarket in my constituency. Wolverhampton has had a tough time recently but there are now a lot of positive things to look forward to.

“The success of the Wolves shows that we are all going in the right direction.”

Pat McFadden, Labour MP for Wolverhampton South East, declared: “This is great news for the club and the city. Kenny Jackett has done a wonderful job this season. It is a welcome boost after a couple of years when the club have been really struggling. When the club were in the Premier League I know that there was an economic impact on the city.”

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Comments for: "Wolves' supporters celebrate across the globe "


Celebrated long into the night here In Malta,been to four this season including that super day at Mk dons.Flying over on Friday 2nd May for the Carlisle game as are other members of the Malta Wolves supporters club.Well done KJ and the boys,pride restored to Wolverhampton.

Ye Olde South Bank

One presumes that, after his recent, well-publicised 'currency gaffe' concerning the purchase price of pizzas by our City Council, Paul Uppal isn't now compounding his error by confusing Sainsbury's for POUND-land, and Kenny Jackett for RU-pepe Mel?

Just a thought....

Alan in Cyprus

Celebrations here in Cyprus as well. Well done everybody.

Euro Wolf

Beer and wurst being chomped in celebration!


All the best to eveyone at the Wolves. Well done lads. A Tipton lad in Canada had a few bevvies on Sat night. Goo on me Babies!


See proper Tipton cor spell everyone! Ha Ha!


I'm friends with the Viking Wolves who travel from Norway and quite a few of them were at Gresty Road on Saturday :-)


I know there are a few of us here in Perth WA, many a long night watching, listening, live text!! but wasnt it all worth it !! :-)

West Aussie wolf

Yes a few of the old faithful in Perth saw first 3games of season will look forward to watching opening games in coming season well done to all at wolves


My son ,who lives in China, celebrated madly after the game. He's doing a heck of a good job converting his teenage students into Wolves supporters!------- They, at least , now know that football in England is not purely about Premier League spoiled superstars. By the way Jez, I can give you his number . A few Wolves shirts would be great advertising, a really good loss leader if ever there was one. What a potential market that is for the Wolves!!!


No one to celebrate with here in New York, and I haven't lived in the UK for 30 years, but I'm nevertheless thrilled that my home town is back on the winning path again. Well done, lads!


Congrats from Alaska !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UTW


The Gabbawolf celebrated with a few excellent glasses of shiraz in Brisbane....


In the German Club in Vulture St Gabbawolf ? ?


do not forget New Zealand


Fantastic story about the guy from Slovakia!


Celebrating here in St Petersburg too - Great to have promotion sealed. Onward and upward to 100 points and the title!


Congratulations Wolves!.From West Auckland,New Zealand.


A cheeky gallon of Mythos with a few Ouzos went down nicely!


Jiwal....yes! The German Club is in Vulture Street opposite the Gabba. Pork hocks the size of Elokobi's thighs, huge bratwurst (won't say anymore there!) and just about every decent German beer under the sun. Truly Heaven on Earth....


Just a quiet VB and a smile like a Cheshire cat here in Rathmines NSW


Lots of Wolves fans here in Atlanta. Watched the Liverpool City game at the pub and my son and I wore our Wolves shirts. Lots of congrats all round.






Hiho wolverhampton