Sir Jack's delight after Wolves' promotion

Wolves president Sir Jack Hayward celebrated promotion after listening to the match from his home in the Bahamas.

Birthday boy – Wolverhampton Wanderers owner and chairman Sir Jack Hayward celebrated his 90th birthday today in the Bahamas
Sir Jack Hayward

The club’s vice president Baroness Wolverhampton, Rachael Heyhoe-Flint, said her first call after the match was to Sir Jack.

She said: “He was thrilled to bits. His only regret was that he could not be at Crewe himself.

“I had also phoned him at half time, he was listening to the game through some kind of peculiar contraption on the other side of the Atlantic.

“He has never lost his love of Wolves.”

Baroness Wolverhampton also said that promotion on Saturday was about the whole season, and not just that one game.

“Things had been gently simmering and then really started to take off,” she said. “But I have been in sport all my life and have learnt that you never take anything for granted.

“I just love the approach of the management, board of directors and players. It has been so level headed. You can talk a good game but you have still got to do it.

“There has been a quiet and considered approach by everybody at the club. I did not dare to believe we would do it until five o’clock.

Sport is a funny old game but one thing is certain  Good Friday is certain to be a very good Friday for all Wolves fans.”

And she added:”Even those who were not in the team were really delighted. George Elokobi climbed over the seats into the directors’ box, gave Steve Morgan a hug and kept saying ‘thank you, thank you’.

“George is a delightful person and it was good to see the enthusiasm was there even among the players who have not been in the team very much.

“It shows the terrific spirit at the club.”

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Comments for: "Sir Jack's delight after Wolves' promotion"


Sir Jack, Wolves will forever be in you debt. Wolves man through and through.

Dougan is king...


It's hard to imagine were we would be without the financial backing of Sir Jack,he will always have the freedom of this city for me.


“I had also phoned him at half time, he was listening to the game through some kind of peculiar contraption on the other side of the Atlantic.

I had a "peculiar contraption" for picking up football matches, the police said it was illegal. :) I am of course just joking. It is fantastic to have that winning feeling back, not having a miserable summer ahead. We still need to strengthen the squad in the summer and show the door to a few more. He is a delightful fellow is George Elokobi, but he won't be at Molineux next season. Perhaps his hug with Steve Morgan was his last attempt at staying. Again, just joking. :) I am pleased for Steve Morgan as well, made a great choice in hiring Kenny. Thanks Kenny, the Wolves fightback is well underway.

Now let's win the league and break 100 points.


I was glad at the start of the season that George was kept in the ranks at Wolves, albeit limited games for him this season. He clearly loves the club as much as any fan would, and a firm fan favourite because of it. It shows that a few of last season's players really do love the club, and can show that on and off the field.

Of course, a special mention to Sir Jack; will always be a legend, and I'm glad to share the surname! :-)