Wolves poised to sign Andreas Weimann

Wolves look set to complete a permanent deal for Andreas Weimann, with boss Paul Lambert stating: “I’d like to sign him.”

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A deal is in place to buy the Austrian international from Derby County when his loan deal expires.

It’s believed the agreed fee is £1.5million for a player who has scored three goals in Wolves colours.

The Wolves hierarchy were due to make a decision on whether to sign him at the end of the season – but Lambert told the Express & Star that he wants the deal to happen.

“I’d like to sign him, he’s been terrific,” the head coach told the Express & Star.

“It’ll wait until the end of the season but hopefully it’ll take care of itself.”

Weimann’s appearances up front – his preferred position – have been limited, with Lambert saying after Monday’s win over Leeds that he hasn’t wanted to play Weimann on the right of late, but he’s needed to fill in for the injured Helder Costa.

The Austrian enjoyed success under Lambert at Villa and he recently said he’s enjoying his football at Wolves after being in and out of the Derby team for a season and a half.

Lambert said Weimann was an important part of the club now.

“I’ve been praising him because he’s performed,” he added. “He came in, what you see is what you get, an unbelievable work ethic, a great desire for the game and he’s been a major part of what’s happened here in the past few months.

“He should have scored on Monday! But his general game, I think every supporter can see what he adds to us.

“He doesn’t miss many games, he performs, he scores, he performs in big games, atmospheres don’t phase him, he knows what the game’s about. I think he’s important for this club.”

Derby have changed manager since Weimann moved to Molineux but the Rams can’t renege on the deal, so if personal terms are agreed it will go ahead.

Gary Rowett recently admitted it was out of his hands, and added: “If he wants to sign for Wolves at the end of it, and Wolves want him then that will happen.”

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Comments for: "Wolves poised to sign Andreas Weimann"

The Flying Winger

He deserves his contract and is the type of player we need for next season, a good appointment by Lambert inc the way he was secured should we wish to do so.

He could occupy the role that would have been Masons to lose if he cannot shake off his constant injuries.


We've known for a while now about the £1.5m buy option included in his loan deal, but this article clarifies the timetable for it to be executed. As Lambert is making it quite clear he wants the deal done, it's inconceivable that the club won't do anything other than carry out his wishes.

Weimann is not the complete answer to our strike problems, but he will be a more than useful aquisition. He can play as the lone striker, or as he did on many occasions at Villa, play as a strike partner in a 4-4-2 formation.


I'm sorry he has done good for us and thanks,but if fosun want promotion we need better players we already have Costa,cav,Graham and zyro out wide and we need better forwards than weimann,unless used as a very good sub or as a second forward,but please get rid of the deadwood so there is no chance of them getting on the bench,I hope that we don't loose costa


We can only sell players if someone wants to buy them,its all very saying get rid.


Jef Shi said we are buying, Lamberts said hes got targets. Dalrymples said we are buying but we will have to sell as well. Why dont we all just take their word for it for the moment and see what happens? Its a long transfer window from June to the start of September


I totally understand they need buying first and that's where the problem lies,nobody wants them so that proves they are not good enough for promotion,so we either stick with them and sell Costa or finish there contracts,I think Lambert has favourites,Edwards to me is no more than a sub,he deserves to stay I like him but to get up we need better,and weimann also a sub,it's price,Saville,gladon,batth,that need to be sold and send the kids out on loan

3 Points Saturday

sensible comment Jezmox. I'm with your sentiments all the way.

Dr Teeth

Paul Lambert "Weimann’s appearances up front – his preferred position – have been limited, with Lambert saying after Monday’s win over Leeds that he hasn’t wanted to play Weimann on the right of late, but he’s needed to fill in for the injured Helder Costa.

sie69 "we already have Costa,cav,Graham and zyro out wide"

Which bit of PL's statement didn't you understand?


All of it but he won't play him upfront he has had the chance and only done it twice,we need better forwards so he will not be used as a forward,

The Flying Winger

The way he and Marshall have played and helped us stay up they are exactly the type of players we need to get us out of this league, the recruitment team get a lot of stick from fans myself included over players bought in, but this time they got it right yes may have been Lamberts ' decision but someone has to sign them off


No brainer to me. He proved in the PL that he can score against the big teams. He may not be the prolific marksman we still need but his energy and all-round play are first rate. Nobody could ever accuse him of not putting a shift in.


I like him , enthusiastic,loads of energy,scores goals.sign him I say.

Sir Billy Quiet

Clearly a replacement for Costa who has left for Monaco, Liverpool, WBA, Crystal Palace, Bournemouth, Newcastle (delete as appropriate).

Probably we will only buy Wiemann to sell him at Christmas because our owners are an investment company that only buy assets to sell them at a profit even if it reduces the value of the main asset......

Moan, moan, moan, worry, worry, worry, make stuff up, make stuff up etc etc

Happy Birthday Your Majesty - may you reign over us for many more years.

chris h

Sir Bill, According to wiki last season Costa played 25 times,I think, for Monaco, a club that have now reached the semi finals of the European Cup. Monaco are top or near the top of ligue 1. At Wolves has has played this season for a club that has just with four games to go, avoided relegation to the English third division. Penny for his thoughts. Of course this also ignores the extra sunshine, better tax rates and basic pay on offer in the West Midlands compared to all the poverty in Monaco. If the opportunity came knocking, it would be a no brainer, wouldn't it. Also Fosun as an investment company will clearly be looking to claw back some of the money wasted in the last 12 months. Very little sentiment with investment companies.

Sir Billy Quiet

Then why did he sign for Wolves when he could have waited until the summer and gone to Monaco? Why did Monaco not renew the loan deal (or sign him) last summer? why would Monaco think that Costa would add anything to a squad that has reached the Champions League Semi Final after letting him go last summer? none of that part of your point makes any sense to me.

Fosun have repeatedly said that they are in this for the long term not the short term and that Costa is part of that long term plan - they want (and need) Wolves to be in the Premiership if they are to get a return on their investment.

You are being very skeptical if you think that Fosun intend to cut and run after 12 months, balancing the books by selling Costa undermines the investment plan.

Costa is the highest paid player in Wolves history - which probably means he is earning more at Wolves than he did (and would) at Monaco) - strange but true.

Molly Knew

IF Costa goes, it will be a well worked deal and due to the FFP rules which tighten even more next season. If they do sell costa for £20 mill plus, it will not only give a return to fund other signings, it will increase the clubs turnover and spending power in light of the FFP rules. Remember we are now being run and dealing with very clever people in the financial market place, its not by luck that Fosun make billions profit every year!

Hope I'm wrong, because as a fan, you want to see the best players possible perform for our team every week.

Black Country Wanderer

I agree to a point SBQ,it didn't make sense that Monaco wouldn't buy him and now the price has doubled suddenly come in

What we have to remember is that he was a Benfica player,and Mendes has a strong say with them,plus they needed cash at the time,so a deal was struck quite quickly to avoid losing out on either a very good player, or more likely, a very big profit

P&S rules will have a bearing,perhaps not so much this season but the next for sure,and I believe that will be the deciding factor

Pretty much wipe out in one stroke the cash spent this season,bring in the 3/4/5 quality players PL wants,keep well within P&S rules for the next few seasons,or keep Costa and bring in one or two players, and risk breaking P&S rules at some stage over the next 3 seasons,i think I can see where logical chips are falling

As for Wiemann absolute no brainer,hes not the answer to our striking problems for sure,but versatile enough to play anywhere across the front line and cause problems,he has to sign really

Sir Billy Quiet

BCW - I am not saying he won't go at the end of next season and fully expect him to leave Wolves at some point in the future.

IMO he will be a Wolves player at the start of next season unless someone offers silly money.

Monaco don't offer silly money nor do Premiership clubs - I might be wrong but I can't think of a Championship player being sold for £20M?

His a kid with talent but his not Dele Ali, Marcus Rashford or more to the point Kylian Mbappe is he?

I think some posters on here would love Costa to be sold so they can moan on about Fosun selling players and the club not building a team etc etc

These rumours will rumble on all summer just like us signing Taslica last summer!

Black Country Wanderer

In many ways I hope your right SB,but as you say silly money will do it,and I'm talking maybe even £25 million,which apparently the buy out clause is in the contract

Is he worth that kind of money? Its difficult to say anyone is really,but Spurs are rumoured to be paying that much for another Costa from Bayern reserves,so don't rule it out my friend

His performances against Stoke and Liverpool put his stock way higher than it was previously,hes shown he can do it against decent class opposition,and adapt to a very difficult league,so yes theres room for improvement, but what a player he potentially is

Sir Billy Quiet

BCW - who is spreading the rumour of a buyout clause at £25M? its probably some teenage kid on twitter!

The Costa you are referring to at Bayern Munich played most games last season and has fallen out of favour with Ancelotti but was liked by Guardiola - not really comparable.

At the moment talk of buyout clauses, £25M bids, interest from Monaco, interest from Spurs, interest from Liverpool is all just rumours and in this world of fake news I won't believe it until it happens.

Lets remember Mendes has more than a passing interest in Wolves being successful and he was instrumental in getting Costa signed up.

chris h

Sir Bill, I am not saying he is staying or going. I would like him to stay. What I am pointing out is Helder is surely bound to reflect on how well his previous club (on loan) have achieved so far this season compared to relatively how poorly Wolves have played.Then he might prefer warmer climes compared to Barnsley on a Tuesday night in Feb. I don't buy for a minute that Wolves will pay more than Monaco especially with its tax advantages. As for signing contracts, if a player wants to go they can be pretty meaningless especially given we don't know details of the terms involved. Lescott signed a five year contract and was gone to Everton in less than a year. We also know Fosun have made it clear the club will need to sell players to earn income as part of its overall strategy. Don't know what will happen, but if I was a gambling man I would expect him to go before next Sept.


Sir Bill, considering what prem clubs are earning from the tv deal this year, £20m is a snip for any of them. It will depend on the boy himself, if he wants out then he will more than likely go. Yes, we can play hardball with him but we both know that doesn't benefit either party & would be disasterous for the club.

I'd rather concentrate on players coming in, keeper? Striker?.....or two & experienced centre half..............if Williamson is considered too risky to keep.

Sigmund Fried

SBQ - Nice tongue-in-cheek post. I assume that also applies to the comment about HM's birthday.

Sir Billy Quiet

No definitely not!

Olly the cat

Andreas Weimann is just the type of hard working professional that we need at Wolverhampton Wanderers. He will provide the passes for our new striker next season, whoever that may be, to score twenty five goals.


Olly. It seems your namesake has died from anti freeze poisoning. Very sad.

Olly the cat

Very sad when pets die. People dispose of poisons very recklessly. This is why my cat, whose name Olly I use as a pseudonym, never goes outside. He is seven years old and has spent all his life indoors. He is safe, and he loves his life.


Like i have said on here before at 1.5m he is a good squad player to have. but we still need a 20 goal a season striker in, if that means Costa has to be sold then so be it. i feel Costa may give us another season but every player has a price and the draw of some one like Liverpool will be to much. Please Stay Helda.

bonk off

I think he would be a bargain at 1.5m he's the sort of player we need in the championship.


From yesterday's Costa debate he's off to Monaco done deal. He has to be sold mate so we can reinvest in the summer. With the financial fair play rules unfortunately we don't have a choice.

Sir Billy Quiet

Bonk Off - Really where did you read that?

FFP - do you understand that his transfer fee and wages are spread over the length of his contract, do you know how that impacts on the 3 year accounting period? please explain why we have no choice but to sell him? enlighten me.

We do have a choice and his going nowhere!!

bonk off

There ain't anything more than I'd like to see Helda put on that shirt next season, I haven't seen a talent that good since Robbie Keane. But let's be honest our squad needs major surgery in the summer. We've spent 27 mil this season which is nearly half what we can spend in 3 years? 20 mil plus back for Costa reinvested would make more sense to me. We're not good enough to hold onto talent that good yet!

Sir Billy Quiet

bonk off - we made £5M profit last year and with increased revenues this year plus new sponsorship and Chinese TV money I am pretty sure that the books will be balanced to meet FFP rules.

£20M for Costa would only generate £7M profit. We could generate £7M selling 5 or 6 squad players.

Costa is a talent but Robbie Keane was 17 years old when he debuted for Wolves, Costa is 23 and is still not as good as Robbie was on his debut.

Fosun will invest in the Summer and Costa will stay.

Dr Teeth

Bonk off, £27m is NOT half of what we can spend in three years. We can spend all the profit we make, whatever that turns out to be. We can LOSE up to £30 million spent on transfers and wages (which is nearly all the £27 million I think you are referring to). Costa's fee has been amortised, which helps a little but still falls within the three year accounting period.


If you think about which players made most impact this season Ben Marshall and Weimann are right up there at the top. Both Lambert signings. Two out of two aint bad, few more of the same over the summer would do very nicely thank you. Big summer coming up theres load of players coming back off loan. Might get a few bob on Ebanks Landell whose done well at promoted Sheff U but we might have a job shifting some of the rest. Pity Fosun didnt come in when Morgan took over. There weren't any spending rules back then, money wouldn't have been a problem


a very good signing for the club and a bargain

No Sweat

'atmosphere's don't phase him' - I think you meant 'faze him' - bottom of the class, E&S.

No Sweat

Sorry, should have typed 'atmospheres' - now I'm bottom.

old gold barmy army

Sie69. Qoute"hes done good for us". What the hell would you want to lose someone who h been good for us for ????? Has to be the most stupid comment I've read in ages.!!!!! We need a whole team that does good for us, there are plenty that need shipping out and a few that need retaining and he's one of them. Get a bloody grip.!!!!


Weimann in. Bod and Dicko out. Simples.

Bedford Wolf

I know I will be in the minority here but as well as Weimann has done for us I do not think this is a great signing. My concern is where will he play? He is not happy as a wide attacker and indeed with Costa, Cavaleiro, Marshall, Graham and possibly Zyro one would have to ask whether we need another wide player anyway. If he is therefore to be used as a central striker is he better than a fully fit Dicko or a properly rested Bodvarsson? Regardless of whether or not you think he is can anyone really see him scoring 20+ goals for us next season? We need to sign a 20+ goal striker without a doubt so if/when we do where will Weimann fit in?

I am not against him at all and quite like him and agree he has done well but other than as a squad player who can fill in at a number of different positions I cannot get too excited at signing a utility squad player.

Molly Knew

Everyone is assuming that both Graham and Zyro will be back to where they were before they had their career threatening injuries. I for one hope they are, but, if Dicko is anything to go by it will take sometime even with a pre season under their belt. Weimann will be a good squad signing but we need 24 players all of quality if we are to even think about mounting a challenge for the top 6. There will be no room for passengers or those that we currently have in the squad who are not the first names on the team sheet.

Players that are questionable, IMO, would be -

Ikeme, Iorfa, Hause, Batth,Evans, Price,Silvio, Saville & Galadon.

Jury out on Saiss and Prince Oniangue.


Not a prolific marksman but can chip in. We need someone like Abraham - similar to Afobe - and then the likes of Dicko etc can contribute too. We must start playing 2 upfront more often as when Costa goes his goals will need to be replaced. The top 2 play 2 strikers and that is the way forward!


I agree with the majority, Weinmann will be a good signing.

Hopefully, we will see many of the 1st Division standard squad members moved on or contracts terminated.

We have some exciting young prospects, who will develop and benefit by us bringing in better players.

Same old, same old, but not rocket-science..................................new "Spine" for team please!


Good signing. But is anybody else sick of armchair warriors debating about costas future like they have some tremendous insight into the future when they don't even have the insight to know what their having for dinner later? Bore off, The club do not need to sell. End of. Costa is a bright lad and enjoys playing, why would he want to go and sit on the subs bench for a season when he's just signed a bumper contract with the view to getting us to the premiership. It's getting boring now

Sir Billy Quiet

Yep - but you better batten down the hatches because they will carry on speculating all summer and then up to Christmas and then to next summer and when he is sold they will tell us that they told us so.....

Imagine Mendes doing the dirty on Fosun - it ain't going to happen


None of us know the answer to Costa. We'll know soon enough. I'm not going to concern myself over

something I have control of.

"It is what it is"


Weimann. Sign him up. Good for the Champs league. And who know's he could become a better

player as we progress. "WORTH A SHOT"


We need an experienced Centre back and Central Midfielder to help guide Iorfa, Hause, Ronan and the other young lads.

Saville, Doherty, Price, Evans, Dicko (with a heavy heart), Gladon, Silvio, Ikeme, Lonergan it's time to move on.

Sigmund Fried

1877wolf - But Doherty is a better footballer than Iorfa!


No way. Doherty is shocking defensively, he's cost us so many points with awful mistakes. Iorfa needs an experienced head next to him and him and Hause will go on to become Premier League players.

Sigmund Fried

Doherty has been played out of position most of the season but I agree he has a tendency to doze off from time to time - just like Iorfa. I would argue that Doherty is a better passer of the ball, heads better, has better control, is more likely to score and has more awareness than Iorfa. Dom has played 100 games so is not that inexperienced. The truth is he has fallen well down the pecking order and is currently out of the side - and the squad most weeks - because a central midfielder is preferred at right back and at least 4 others are ahead of him for the CH spot. I hope he does make it but he has a long way to go in terms of basic technique. BTW you're not Mrs Iorfa are you?

Farmer Ted

As I said the other day there is little point in getting involved in putting together Lambert's dream team. He will already know his targets and, no doubt, the players he wants to move on. At least we know that Weimann is one of them and I for one will be delighted.

What does make me smile is that everyone now seems to be FFP/P&S wise, which is a good thing. It seemed a few months ago I was fighting a lone battle (a slight exaggeration to illustrate a point). I took a fair bit of stick from some quarters. (Hello Maltawolf, still scoffing now are we? You'd be better off doing something to stop those evil countrymen of yours killing thousands of migrating birds in the name of fun.)

chris h

FT, Malta is of Wolvo origin with a former career in Procurement, I seem to recall, he went home and away in the '70s. No doubt in his time he had to deal with the sharks from the world of Marketing, never mind migrating birds in his adopted country.

Farmer Ted

Chris, I was aware of that, but I was also aware of him trying to belittle my concerns on FFP which now everybody seems to have at last grasped. The gap widens between Premier and Championship as each season progresses. Even to the extent of the earnings and parachute payments of teams coming down, which again with his comments about Villa Maltawolf didn't understand. This problem needs addressing!

Now back to the slaughter of those birds....


I do not think for one minute that Andreas Weimann is the upgrade in quality that our team needs to progress from mid-table Championship side to EPL contender.True he has a tremendous engine and boundless enthusiasm,but natural goalscorer? Never! The goals he has managed to score,were set up for him,on a plate,by Costa which my granny could have managed,and she has been dead for 30 years

It will probably happen,as PL likes him,but IMHO,he will be a waste of funds that would be better spent elsewhere.

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