Helder Costa still injured says Wolves boss Paul Lambert

Paul Lambert has insisted there’s nothing untoward about Helder Costa’s absence from the team, as it was revealed forgotten man Joe Mason may play again this season.

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Bristol City
Helder Costa

Costa has missed Wolves’ last four matches after limping out of the warm-up with an ankle problem before the win over Nottingham Forest.

There have been suggestions that 23-year-old £13million man Costa was conveniently being kept out of action ahead of a possible big-money summer exit.

But Lambert said a debilitating injury has prevented the winger from playing.

“The other day we thought he had a good chance of being fit for Leeds when he raised the tempo, but that’s when he felt it,” Lambert told the Express & Star.

“The scan came back and showed there was a bit of inflammation there. We have to treat him accordingly.

“He’s tried to come back, he’s been out there trying.

“I certainly hope he plays again this season, with the season he’s had as well. He’s been a massive part of what’s happened. So we’ll see what happens with the doctors and what they say. With a bit of luck he might be available for Saturday (against Blackburn), but that’s pre-empting it a few days before. Will he be fit? We’ll have to wait and see, but hopefully.”

Meanwhile Mason, out since January with a combination of hernia and hip problems, is nearing a first-team comeback.

The forward has only played 21 times this season, something Lambert wants to rectify in 2017/18.

Lambert added: “Joe’s doing all right. He’s had a really frustrating season, stop-start, stop-start.

“He’s got to have a season where he’s sustainable for 39, 40 games.

“Most players have to have that in their make-up. You can see he’s got great ability, it’s just keeping him fit to perform.

“The last week or so he’s been training and gradually building it up.

“We’ll see how he does this week. We’ve still got four games left so hopefully he’ll get some game time for the first team.”

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Comments for: "Helder Costa still injured says Wolves boss Paul Lambert"


Wolves are in a unique position like no other time in our history were we don't actually need to sell any players for financial reasons. With Fosun's money it means we don't need to sell Costa, if He does go it's because of agents who want to make money through the sale.


'Where', there should be an edit button.


Where would you put the edit button?


Sorry mate but Costa didnt come to Wolverhampton because he liked the taste of bank's, he came here to make his name. Now hes done that! If one of the big boys comes along with a big enough offer and they can offer him premier league or possibly champions league football lets be honest hed be a mug if he didnt grab his chance. Hes a professional footballer with a very short career he'll want to get as far up the ladder as he can as soon as he can. Its nothing to do with agents turning players heads its personal ambition. One possibility is a Wilfred Zaha kind of deal where one of the big boys gives us say £20m for him then loan him back for the season. I hope im wrong but the odds on him being a premier league player next season are very short indeed

Sir Billy Quiet

jezmox - Imagine a Premiership club spending over £20M on a footballer that has had nothing more than a half decent season in the Championship?

If you think he has 'made his name' you should have a look at the long list of players that have also 'made their name' in the Championship headed by Afobe and Sako.

A few good games and a lot of potential don't make Premiership footballers. He would struggle to get a regular game at any of the Premiership teams.

He will be here next season, Wolves don't need to sell and Costa signed a contract on the understanding that he would be playing for Wolves.

If you, and others, want to believe the made up stories on Social Media then go ahead.

Its going to be a long summer....


First off I dont do twitter. Second this page is about opinions. In my opinion Costa would be on a par with Wilfred Zaha at the same age. Zaha if you remember went to Man U for around £20m. What does a contract mean in football these days eh mate? I might well be wrong and if Costas still a Wolves player at the start of next season no-one will be more delighted than me

Not Convinced

sir billy ,

I like costa - effort , ability , emotion

however with respect you are also speculating when you say he will be at wolves next season

I agree that £20 m would be a gamble for any prem team but sadly some prem clubs do these types of deals

and you cant deny that prem clubs sent their scouts to watch , when he did not play too well - they must be aware of the sort of money they would have to fork out for costa yet they still sent the scouts , however

let hope you are right .

Sir Billy Quiet

My 'speculation' that he will be here next season is based on statements made by Jeff Shi, Lambert and the player himself.

Everything else posted on here about Costa leaving is based on pub gossip, terrace chatter, social media rumours and tabloid journalists making up stories.

If you want to buy into the rumour mongering and add to the misinformation by speculating on made up drivel by people who are ITK, the carry on.........

Not Convinced

interesting - costa is a true entertainer and I like the way he wears his heart on his sleeve

he s grown to like wolves over the season (has he found love ?) ; (thelwell made a statement several months ago that he could not persuade him to stay next season ) ;

fosuns are serious about getting wolves to the prem ;

they are paying costa a very good salary , so as I say lets hope you are right

Northern Wolf

Andrew - you may be a little younger than me...there was a time when we could have had anyone we wanted and only ever lost players to the Jehovah's Witnesses! Also, sadly, we may have to sell. With the Financial Fair Play rules we blew a big chunk of what we are allowed to spend/ lose over a 3 year period on this season's transfers. An overhaul of the squad may need us to recoup the £27m net spend from this season......and there is only a couple of places that sort of money is going to come from. It is a decent bet that at least one of Hause, Iorfa or Costa won't be around for the pre-season game against Crewe.......


So do the fair play rules not apply to the likes of manure who are millions in debt, it was said you can be £39 million over three years in debt, so how do Newcastle, the vile, Derby, etc, come into it, must admit I don't get these so called rules, it seems to me that it's an excuse for WWFC to not spend money and give them the excuse to sell!


The rules are relatively simple mate. As of the start of this season championship clubs are allowed a £39 m overspend over 3 seasons. This is more than last season where it was only £8m a season. A few clubs including Leeds, Nott F have overspent and come unstuck with a transfer embargo . One team overspent and got away with it Bournemouth. They got promoted but got a £5m fine which when you think of how much premier league football is worth they got off pretty light. Most of the champ clubs that spend big have either got parachute money or theyve sold big first. As for Man U in terms of income they are one of the two richest clubs in the world. Its global tv audiences and multinational advertising that generate the big bucks mate.


I may be wrong but surely the amount of money the club generates comes into the equation. Some clubs have fallen foul and landed themseves with a transfer embargo. I would rather we kept on the right side of FFP or whatever it's called now and do our business accordingly.


I'm imagining that, since we made over 5 million last year we can be up to 44 million in debt on players at the end of the next year and still be ok, but the year after would need to bring it down to 39 million and again the year after, remain at 39, over the three years up to that point. Is that how it works? If so, we at least start from a reasonable position with Morgan cashing us up that last year, albeit dooming us to championship limbo in the process.


Costa still injured Paul? You can't very well say he's been sold and his future owners don't want to risk him! As long as the money is reinvested in new players with a bit more on top, I don't think anyone would begrudge Costa his big chance. After all, had we achieved what Brighton has achieved, Costa would be staying.

It's not Paradise Lost it's more Paradise Postponed. Next season will be ours


Why do you people keep on about Brighton? do you seriously want to be like Brighton, if that's the case it just shows how far backwards has a club we have gone.

Brighton were nothing special, we gifted them two goals, my prediction is they will be down before Christmas, we surely have to aim higher and be saying we want to emulate Chelsea, Manure, citae, etc, not these small clubs who would be better suited to the conference league.


You need to get in the real world.

Brighton have great home attendance and are a well run club why wouldnt we like to be like them and you really think they will be relegated before Christmas ?

Yes they did have the rub of the green against us but they took the chances gifted them do we ?



Can't you read? Nowhere did I say I wanted us to be like Brighton. I want us to achieve what they have achieved, i.e. promotion.

Before you can be Chelsea, Man U etc you need to get promoted. You have to do what Brighton did and that is, within a Championship spending budget, get promoted. You can't spend £95mil on a player in the Championship.


If circumstances were different, Costa's absence would more significant. But we're neither vying for a play-off place or in danger of relegation anymore. In years gone by, clubs would select players who weren't 100% fit and give them pain killing injections, which in some cases only aggravated the injury leading to a further prolonged absence. Irrespective of whether he will here next season, it's important that the injury is cleared up fully before he resumes playing. His misfortune could be an opportunity for others to get a chance - maybe 45 minutes apiece for Graham and Zyro.

Lambert's comment about Mason doesn't bode well for the striker. Ever since he was signed he's had niggling injuries which has stymied his career here. Played his best when alongside Bodvarsson, but those occasions have been few and far between. Sounds to me that Lambert might just give him one last chance to prove that he's fit for purpose.


Safeguarding the investment, no other way of looking at it.

Sir Billy Quiet

Well other than he is injured and Wolves have a duty of care to get him fit?



So another for the convalescent home, but maybe short term til the summer transfer opens.


The word on the terraces at Leeds on Monday afternoon was that a sale has been agreed with Monacco for a sum of €25 million euros. He wanted this move more than the premier as he was on loan there.


Rumour has it he is signing for Liverpool a fee of 25 million quid has beenot agreed, whoever he goes to he will only be a bench warmer, would you invest that amount of money on a player who has had only one season in the chumpionship and unproven at a higher level.

The anti Morgan/Moxey morons will be wishing they were back because selling our best players will become the normal under Fosun, the clue is in what they are "an INVESTMENT company".


Sodding predictive spelling, been agreed.

The Flying Winger

Do you have to come out with some if the words us use on every post about people who don't agree with you.

Grown up conversations are much better.


No such thing as a rumour. It's the truth or a not.

Sir Billy Quiet

its not.


He has come out and said he doesn't want to go to the Prem. He wants to go back where he came from ? Monaco if he does move.

Sir Billy Quiet

johnwolf49 - the clue is simple they are an INVESTMENT company - that's right investing in the asset until it becomes extremely valuable as an established Premiership club generating huge income from amongst other things Chinese TV rights.

Unlike Moxey and Morgan they have a vision for Wolves, under those two Wolves were a selling club heading for division 1.

Love your rumour about Liverpool - laughable the things that are made up on social media.......

Sir Billy Quiet

Rugby - Yeah on the terraces at Leeds, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha

You couldn't make it up - oh sorry you did.....

Swindon wolves

Word on terrace is you haven't got a clue. He signed a contract and who knows what clauses were involved. Could be Santa Claus for all we know. The club is owned by multi millionaires it doesn't have to sell. You never know he may be injured have you ever thought of that. Lol. Listen to the chairman on you tube. He is looking to add not sell. Mind after reading comments when the team was announced on Monday I'm not shocked it's all negative as usual Lambert has won 6 out of 8 matches and still the doubters want him out. Got to laugh ain't we


Regarding Costa it is all speculation who knows when he signed his contract they might ha e put a clause in saying he stayed one more season if dont get promoted he wluld be allowed to leave. Its just a thought i mean at least at WOLVES he will get games can not see that happening at the clubs that have been mentioned on here and in the newspapers.


Something gives me the impression that 90% of people on here wont be satisfied until the club comes out and states that Costa is going to be sold??

Sir Billy Quiet

Quite a few on here are just looking for the negative in every situation. Life is like that for some people.


Would be nice if he stayed which he won't. But one man doesn't make a team.


Useless medical staff or mendes has got him a move

Sir Billy Quiet

Why would Mendes be getting Joe Mason a move?





You usually post Cockroach...! lol.


True. But have not heard much from cockroach lately.

John Richards

Now - now ladies


and gents


Negotiate he stays with us till the Christmas to see our position. IF WE ARE SUITABLY PLACED HE STAYS. If not he can go with our blessing!! How about that? Want to see him play at least in the last couple of home games!

Sir Billy Quiet

We negotiated when he signed a long term contract in January. It's a done deal he is staying.


Costa has had 4 clubs since 2012, he may want yo play for Monaco but why didn't they sign him after the loan period?

Why were Benfica happy to sell him relatively cheap despite the potential this gifted player could fetch?

At the moment he's a big fish at Wolves and for once in his career he's wanted.

I reckon we will have another season of watching this talented player.


At the end of the day regarding Costa we are in a better situation than we were at the start of the season as he was only on loan for the season along with Texiera, and would be heading back to Benfica, so we would all be talking about that we have to buy him at at the of season, which would then open up a bidding war with, probably bigger clubs (or should i say higher placed clubs) for which we would lose out to.

Now we are in a position where we don't have to sell but if Costa wants to play at a better standard then fair play to him and we have made money.

My personal opinion is that he seems happy at Wolves and another season with us will probably be his choice.


£££££ Cha Ching Cha Ching.. £££££..

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