Wolves 0 Brighton 2 - player ratings

Wolves correspondent Tim Spiers rates the players after league leaders Brighton win 2-0 at Molineux.

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Andy Lonergan

The number of errors he's made this season are stacking up. Got to keep out Knockaert's shot for the first goal, after getting a hand to it. Had a nervous flap at a cross in the second half too. Made a couple of good saves but he doesn't inspire confidence. 5/10

Conor Coady

Wolves' best chance fell to him but he couldn't find the net with a close-range header. One dreadful mistake when he headed the ball straight at Tomer Hemed, leading to a good chance. But otherwise he was fine. 6/10

Danny Batth

A tough afternoon against Hemed and Glenn Murray. Looked like he'd suffered a really nasty injury in the first half but he played through the pain. 6/10

Kortney Hause

Misjudged the flight of the ball for the first goal. Yes Doherty missed his header but Hause has got to allow for that. A dip below his recent standards. 5/10

Matt Doherty

His recent poor form was epitomised when he played a basic 10 yard pass straight out of play. Seems to be sleepwalking through games at the moment. Where's the Doherty of last season when he was a rampaging attacking force down that left flank? Also not as solid defensively. Needs to buck his ideas up. 4/10

David Edwards

Dale Stephens and Steve Sidwell ran the midfield for Brighton and that's where this game was won, with the visitors in control for long periods. Plenty of effort from Edwards and he rarely conceded possession, but he didn't have much of an impact on the game. 5/10

Romain Saiss

So frustrating to watch. He started with some sublime, effortless passes and picked holes in the Brighton midfield, oozing class. Then he played a ridiculous pass which led to Brighton hitting the bar. Hit and miss for the rest of the game. Has the best technique and vision of all Wolves' central midfielders but he's too passive for the Championship at the moment. Partnership with Edwards doesn't work either. 5/10

Andreas Weimann

Scored two goals in two appearances as a number nine (against Rotherham and Fulham) but has since, bar Cardiff at home, been shunted back out to the wing again where he's not as effective, certainly in a goalscoring sense. No shortage of effort and endeavour and he did have a couple of sniffs at goal, but it wasn't his day. 6/10

Ivan Cavaleiro

Started well, with good movement and some nice touches. And it was his cross that led to the Coady chance, but he did very little else. He may have missed a chunk of the season through injury but this was his 29th appearance in gold and black and he's yet to justify that £7m fee. Lambert has absolved him of defensive responsibilities (and with the manner he barely shuffles back from offside positions he certainly has taken that on board) but he's got to offer more going forward, otherwise he's a luxury Wolves can't afford to carry. 5/10

Ben Marshall

Wolves' best chance of producing something special. Gets his head up and looks to make something happen. Was bright and breezy early on, then faded, then looked a good bet for a goal when he forced a couple of saves from Stockdale, before being surprisingly withdrawn. 7/10

Jon Dadi Bodvarsson

His bravery and persistence led to those second half chances, when he practically headbutted Bruno's foot to win the ball before Coady's header, and then broke from midfield to tee up Marshall. Otherwise he found it tough against Dunk and Hünemeier and was often isolated. Poor service to him too. 5/10


Nouha Dicko (for Marshall, 76)

Straight in the action with a cute flick to release Weimann but couldn't get in the game otherwise. 5/10

Donovan Wilson (for Bodvarsson, 76)

Given his league debut as a reward for nine goals in 10 under-23 appearances. One sniff of goal but he lost his footing. Hope to see more of him in the coming weeks - his pace could trouble any defence. 5/10

Subs not used: Burgoyne, Williamson, Saville, Evans, Gibbs-White.

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Comments for: "Wolves 0 Brighton 2 - player ratings"


A bit harsh on Cavaleiro; a bit generous to Weimann who is playing his way back to Blackburn after early promise; rest about right. What does the Manu lad have to do to get a game at left back? Marshall Wolves best player - looks a good signing - a cut above the rest for sure.


5 for the goalie????? You must be joking!!! 2 0r 3 at best.


On that showing I would give everyone a rating of 2! except Lonergan 0.

Bedford Wolf

Only Saiss and Marshall displayed anything like the level of quality we will require to get out of this division next season. Sadly they were surrounded by dross and mediocrity. I could imagine Saiss thinking to himself "I'm a footballer - get me out of here!".

My markings:

Lonergan - hopeless, can't kick, can't catch and has floppy hands (I was going to say he is limp wristed but in view of the opposition I didn't want to sound homophobic). Play Burgoyne ahead of him every time. 4/10

Coady - poor game 5/10

Batth - absolutely dire as he has been all season, MUST be replaced. Williamson to start ahead of him. 4/10

Hause - looks nervous as hell but playing alongside Batth who wouldn't? 5/10

Doherty - looks knackered and is definitely NOT a left back 5/10

Saiss - see above, quality player but needs better players around him who think at the same speed. 6.5/10

Edwards - headless chicken, seems incapable of playing in any recognised position, left Saiss alone and exposed throughout the game. 4/10

Weimann - not a wide player and not a goalscoring striker so what is he? 4/10

Cavaleiro - desperately disappointing and failed to live up to his £7m tag again, hopefully a pre-season and a year's experience in England will see him blossom next season? 5/10

Marshall - see above, delivers some great balls. 6/10

Bodvarsson - great target man and willing runner but unlikely to score more than 5 goals a season. 5/10


I just cannot understand why so many fans are prepared to put their faith in Lambert and allow him to control (what needs to be) significant transfer funds in the summer if we are to mount a credible challenge. So far he has bought in Weimann and Marshall, both of whom are way below the standard we need to match the best in this league. They may be an improvement on what we have but still not good enough and certainly not good enough to make either the Brighton or Newcastle sides. So why has he brought them in ???? Was it to help us maintain our chump status ? If so, why is he not setting his sights higher re the quality of the squad required to get promoted and be competitive in the prem. If he genuinely rates them as potential players of the quality to do that then he is sorely misguided.

Once this season is over will he suddenly be able to put together a squad to challenge? and will he suddenly have the ability to mastermind game strategies to get results or effect changes to turn our fortunes mid games ?? er no! he hasn't given any signs so far for any of you to think that might happen. So we are left with blind hope which is the only reason I can see for anyone backing him.

Next season will be more of the same, only hopefully he can achieve mid table mediocrity without the flirtation with relegation.

If anyone who has good tangible reasons for disagreeing other than "stop being negative and let's just get behind him and the team" , I'd love to hear them.

Molly Knew

El - Spot on mate, Cannot see us making the top 6 once Costa is sold to help the problem of the FFP rules. Zyro and Graham will improve the team, lets face it, (Humpty Dumpty would improve the current squad) but these two alone, if they are as good as they were before the season out, will not be enough. Quality, desire to win, never give up attitude is what is required in EVERY POSITION.


Evening ELDERVO, can understand your frustration. However a few points around the squad:

1. If you include Evans, 4 managers have failed to improve the performance of this hapless group of players, so I think that says something.

2. It is not the manager making the mistakes at the back, so many miss-placed passes out of defence yesterday .........it was embarrassing

3. Not the manager missing the chances up front

4. I do disagree on Marshall and Weimann. They are a step up from the majority of the squad. Lambert's choices, so trust his list of players for next season will up the standards again.

My worry is we will not be able to offload most of the Thelwell rubbish, which could cause an issue. Personally, I would just pay off their Contracts, will be cheaper in the long run.

For me, only 4 of existing squad would be automatic choices, the 2 mentioned, plus the 2 C's.

Some of the kids would be in the squad for me, some others good enough to be reserves, the rest are a drain on the Club.

So, as was said on Sky, Wolves need 7/8 decent players if they expect to be in the top half of the table next season.


It's not frustration Rugeley, It's stating the blindingly obvious mate. I'd be frustrated if I thought we had a manager and squad that were generally under performing. We don't, we have a squad and manager that are performing exactly to their abilities and that's why we are where we are.

As for Weimann and Marshall I did say they were an improvement on what we had BUT if you read my post again I go on to say they are still not good enough so why bring them in if the stated goals are indeed where we want to be. Do you not agree that neither of those two would get into Newcastle or Brighton's sides ? or any of the top 6 for that matter.

Weimann's goal to game ratio is dire for a striker and Marshall couldn't get into an also ran Derby side. Like I said, better than we had but still no where near what we need.


Not quite with you ref. Marshall/Derby. Never their player surely?


Sorry, I was talking about Weimann ref Derby.


Apologies..........................meant Edwards, not Evans as a manager this season

chris h

A mixed bag whilst I have been away, two important wins, two poor defeats. Chuffed to hear of Danny's two goals against Cardiff. Overall this season has not been good enough. 26000 fans turning up a hour before kick off drinking over priced beer in the rain, in anticipation of yet more underachievement, you must be having a laugh Mr Shi. YOU NEED TO GET IT RIGHT ON THE PITCH FIRST. My suggestions for the next transfer window ; Boddingtons on draft to replace Budvarsson, STARBUCKS to replace Costa, Masonic Hall to give support to Mason, Wild Bill to replace Co(a)dy, Donkey to replace Doherty, Redrow House to replace Hause and somebody,anybody to stick the flaming ball in the net on a regular basis.

As for Farmer Ted's suggestion for Robert Plant to provide the pre match music, how about asking Elgar, he is nearly as old as Planty and would come cheaper.

chris h

Sorry 'Bodvarsson' not Bud. Had to smile at Lambert giving him a start because he scored his first goal in 8 months. Surely Paul, law of averages, the next one is not due until Boxing Day.


Lol, I like it, where you been, round the world old chap??

Flying, it's only a matter of time before he mentions Kenny and the state of the pound!!!

The Flying Winger

Ritchie, that's naughty maybe not after rehab


He'll be chomping on the bit Flying, and I dare bet he's been over the Atlantic to see his mate Donald and the first lady?!!

chris h

It was Donald but the Duck variety, the Pound didn't stretch as far as the last time I was over there. And we all know why don't we bud. As for Kenny, I read an excellent post from Dances the other day, stating clearly the fact that Kenny was spot on in his assessment of 25 goal Chris Wood. Perhaps you and Flying and Elder etc failed to notice his post. Also reading an excellent book re scouts and player recruitment. Evidently when manager at Swansea Kenny was one of the first to realise the potential of Joe Hart when he was at your neck of the Woods ,Stevie. Looks like we could have done with Joe in nets last Friday.

The Flying Winger

Ritchie, now look what you have done, he's reading books and posts about him, posters on the walls at home.

Remind me is he still out of work walking out on Rotherham never gets mentioned by our friend nor when Moxey was going to sack him.


Lol, can you imagine what the yanks got and I dare bet everyone in Orlando know who Kenny is!!!!

chris h

FW Ken is currently working for Spurs, training their kids .

The Flying Winger

Welcome back Chris


Lonergan was very poor, he should have saved both goals, as he got a soft spot for Brighton. Saiss was poor as well, we should feel persist with Lee Evans. I know some of you will not agree with me for saying that and if we let him go as some of you have been saying he will surely come back to haunt us. Parkinson will be first in the queue for him. And whats the chances of Wallace coming back to haunt us next season. COME ON WOLVES.


The big difference between the two sides was that Brighton functioned like a well oiled machine with all the cogs in the right places, while Wolves looked more like some Heath Robinson design concept with bits missing.

I don't blame Lambert for making changes - he's probably still to make up his mind about which players to keep for next season. Bodvarsson and Dicko are both boarderline cases who probably residing in the last chance saloon at the moment. The former got the nod yesterday, which meant Weimann had to play on the wing - where he is not very effective. But would it have made much difference if Dicko had started? I rather doubt it.

The other major change was another opportunity for Saiss - who once again failed to live up to expectations. I've yet to see him play a good game for Wolves. He hit a few decent long ball passes, but nothing that I haven't seen Price or Evans do. At times he looked to be playing as a third defender between Batth and Hause, or even behind them doing a Franz Beckanbaur impression - something which I recall him doing some weeks ago. Is he doing it to Lambert's instructions, or is he doing off his own bat? Whichever, he's failing, and almost gifted Brighton a goal early on by playing the ball straight to the opposition when under no pressure. Another one in the last chance saloon, and probably leaning on the exit door.

I'm not sure I agree that the first goal was the result of a mistake by Hause. The ball should have been headed away by Doherty, as he had ample time to see it coming. As a consequence, the resulting bouncing ball caught both Knockaert and Hause by surprise, but the former had maybe a fraction of a second to react first and speed away from Hause. Even so, although I was at the other end of the stadium, I thought at the time that Lonegan should have saved the shot. Maybe it's time to give young Harry another opportunity.

I'm not sure what's happened to Doherty at the moment. He used to be a model of consistency. Now he looks anything but.

Not Convinced

saisse - seems to want to play as a defender , like price , but he is supposed to be playing midfield ;

evans may not get everything right all the time but at least he appears to understand that a defensive midfielder is a defender when the other team have the ball , then when we have it he should turn himself into a player who supports the team in attack ;

if saisse wants to play in defence , why not put him there and move kortney to left back in place of doherty ; a left back should also support the attack but at least kortney has a left foot and some fitness and athleticism to get up and down the pitch .

Hong Kong Pete


See my post below sorry


Chorley Steve

Lets face it Dek, Brighton are a good side and have 6 players already of premiership quality. We had at least 6 players v Brighton playing who are league one quality. See Jed Wallace scored 2 one a screamer from outside the box Saturday for Millwall. That's where we are .


As far as Doherty is concerned do you think the rest of the crap around him is rubbing off ??


Oh my dear gosh. What a shambolic performance. So very sad that the real Wolves are one of the worst sides in the division.

Starting at the back. We could pick up a Sunday league amateur who would have saved the first goal. The goal keeper seemed to not be in the game at all.

Defence. They seemed intent on gifting Brighton goals. Unbelievably bad.

Mid field. Toiled away with only two or three passes that went confidently to strikers in positions to score.

Strikers. Sorry, did we have any on the pitch?

If we survive the drop, there has to be a total rebuildimg of the squad. The team lack any structure or confidence. Could this be the manager's responsibility? Is he really able to build a promotion challenging team? I have my grave doubts based on Friday's performance.

Let's hope for a few miracles happening over the summer. Come on the Wolves.


simply not good enough dim tim being kind with his marks they all deserve a big fat zero and that's being kind


6 in your criteria must be poor?

The Flying Winger

Well those ratings inspire little confidence that we can keep out of relegation spot.

We know they are not good enough but some explanation of what happens on th training ground has to be found, can't pass, can't defend and putting the ball between the white sticks seems more elusive than ever.

What about putting some screen up either side and over the top of the goal in black then the white posts may show up better, This is getting pathetic.

Black Country Wanderer

Cant argue with any of the marks really,but I don't understand why PL keeps shuffling the pack

Ok Costa is injured,play Bod out wide its where he plays for his country

Keep Wiesmann central,hes played there 2/3 times and now back on the wing where he is far less effective

Ive been an advocate for Saiss and still think he could be a class player in midfield,but he has to increase his energy levels and awareness,perhaps playing with a more defensive midfielder would help

Cav is an enigma, hes so dangerous,but cant just coast through games,seems lost when Costa isn't on the pitch

Ive said before we have so many average players that only click when right at the top of their game,even 10% below that and we are in trouble,Edwards,Doc,Baath,Coady the list goes on

Some have to go I'm afraid,they are all experienced players just not good enough consistently

black country born

Watched. the game on TVs, from what I saw none of this team are good enough to get promotion out of the championship.

Still thinking of my era , Richards, Dougan, and Wagstaffe.

chris h

Me too bud and many thousand others.


Good to see you back bud but leave Brexit alone please.

Dave Gilberts old sock's

If you are a black country boy why do you support a team from Staffordshire ?. Are you a gory hunter lol

Farmer Ted

After a promising start we were out thought and out manoeuvred. We gifted them two goals, both should have been stopped. Lonegan, like Martinez last season, shouldn't be here and has to take a large slice of the responsibility for both. Surprised Lambert took off Marshall and very surprised he dropped Evans who was starting to show consistency. Saiss continues to disappoint me, plays far too deep and gives the ball away when not under pressure (...and some moan about Batth's distribution.)

Probably win at Elland Road now!


Sooooo Ted, after your surprisingly naive reply to my post the other day, I have to ask the obvious question ... exactly what did you learn from your and Lambert's barometer yesterday that you shouldn't have already been acutely aware of already ?

If you did learn anything then better late than never but doesn't really say much for your grasp of what's required at Wolves does it ?? If you didn't learn anything then I'm wasting my time trying to educate you.

Did you learn the one thing that could be taken from yesterday's game, for those that haven't already cottoned on ???


I see after two defeats the Bellyachers are back in town....


Never mind Ritchie, I'm sure you'll be able to happy clap them all they way to ... well, exactly the same situation yet again next season.


Im far from a happy clapper Tettenhall and you know it, difference between supporters like your good self is you never come up with any answers, you wait for some bad results then bellyache. And let's sack the manager...


I have given my answers ad nauseam going back to the point it was obvious (at least to me) that Jackett was never going to deliver. I don't chop and change my mind, I make assessments based on what I see. Quality and potential is there from the off, as are deficiencies you just need to know what to look for. Trust me it's not often I get it wrong and when I do as in the case of Danny B I'm the first to admit I got it wrong, but regarding Lambert and Jackett before him time will show that foresight and 'bellyaching' as you put it are sometimes one and the same.

Remember what I said about Iorfa when all were raving about him ? and to a lesser degree remember the flack I got for questioning Bright ??

Don't be too quick to dismiss my (admittedly sometimes controversial) comments as bellyaching until proven wrong. We ALL want success for the club and we now have owners with the potential to achieve that, but they won't flog a dead horse for too long before they move on ... let's not waste any more time.


A very well constructed plea of non bellyaching Tettenhall, and I have no doubt you bleed like the rest of us however and let's get one thing right. I never change my mind, I also don't take a side. Jackett was not my choice, Zenga was not my choice just as Lambert wasn't. I wanted Hulls boss.

Notwithstanding the above, I complemented all three managers when they did something right, but when they get it wrong they feel the wrath. It's quite simple old chap, don't you think..


Also add...

Paul Lambert 2/10

Coaching Staff 2/10

Medical/Fitness Staff 1/10

Recruitment Staff 1/100

Ground Staff 8/10


Ground staff 10/10, that pitch is PL class pity the team aint.

Hong Kong Pete


I know one player does not make a side but when Costa was not starting l thought we would struggle, if he had been on in my opinion we would have been a bit closer. With Bov up front he caused a few problems but that was about it.

Costa if on form would have caused problems but t was not to be, let's hope he's back against Leeds, l know there are thoughts about him going etc.

When Saiss gave the ball away it was a clear indication what to expect if you made mistakes you got punished which happened.

I do not know what your thoughts are on Williamson sits the bench an experienced player and not used

Whoever Lambert keeps and we expect some to be bought in l would have thought twice as many will be going out he says the squads to big, is there doubt setting in some players minds that they are on their way out, it will be interesting


Pete - Costa playing, and on form, would have made some difference, but in all honesty I still don't think we would have won. Brighton are a well organised disiplined side - they're the finished article in terms of a club configured to gain promotion. In Knockaert they have their equivalent of our Costa. But their whole team is far more balanced than Wolves.

Costa's future divides opinion. I personnally think he will be sold, especially if as reported, there is a buy-out clause in his contract. So Lambert may well have to get used to life without him for next season.

Williamson's future hangs in the air. He's a good solid defender, but there seems to be serious question marks about his fitness. If Lambert isn't convinced he can play in the majority of the 46 plus matches next season, he may let him leave at the end of his contract, and find an alternative.


Wasn't a Wolves player who stood out for me. There is some ability in the side but it's just not being developed or nurtured. Who looks as though they are enjoying themselves? It's hang-dog stuff at times. Is it coaching or management? Is it us, the fans, expecting too much perhaps? Either way, lot of work to get us to where we need to be.


Coady put some effort in and I would give him 5/10, GK 2/10 the rest 4/10.

Saiss should be better than his performances but he continues to give sloppy balls away in dangerous areas. Midfield in general none existent Bod could do with an afternoon with Andy Gray, Doherty has to stop thinking he's Messi.

Brighton are a well organised team that are constantly moving with the ball and work hard to recover it. We were just too pedestrian with the ball which is why we hoof it and hope for the best. The game showed Pl our many weaknesses so that must be a positive going into the summer. Poor Cav got slated by fans around me, we could have had Ronaldo up front yesterday and we would have made him an ordinary player too.


I really try to be positive but all I can say I've lost another two hours of my life. And this is not the first time this season

chris h

Sorry to say you, and all of us, lost those two hours no matter what you were doing. Could have spent it better, sure, but gone forever. As Sandy Denny sang in her memorable song' Who Knows Where the Time Goes'.

Sigmund Fried

Several players still not good enough. Technique and attitude are poor. Coady can't use his left foot - limits his game and the teams options. I won't criticise Edwards but can understand those who do. Doherty is fed up with playing out of position so stop it please. Weimann isn't a winger. Jon-Dadi has played there. Cav does defend - last ditch tackle v Forest, we go up other end and score the winner? Where's Enobakhare? Lonergan should be dropped. Hause and Batth should be fined a weeks wages if they try to pass the ball further than ten yards. Marshall needs to play the whole game.

Johnny Richards 1974

After yesterday and last Saturdays none event in Bristol, I`m beginning to question my sanity In attending the remaining games having purchased tickets for Leeds & Derby.

Lonergan makes Ikeme look like Gordon Banks

Doherty just does not seem Interested

Did Edwards Play? (better than Zidane/ - Song should now become where's the Missing-Man)

No Effort - No Heart - No Tactics - No Idea - No Hope

No more points this Season.

Ooh Congratulations to Ebanks Landell & Sheffield United


And Leon Clarke for firing his team to promotion.

We need a striker who scores hahahahahaha

The Flying Winger

Mistake not signing a talented keeper, ikeme has not been the same player since he was dropped last season and injury.

Mistake not signing a striker

Mistake not signing a CB

Mistake not signing a LB

Mistake not signing a Midfield General

Mistake trying to build Midfield around Edwards.

Mistake not signing a LW ( flying of course)

Mistake not signing a RB

Mistake not signing a top class manager after Jackett

Mistake not removing the backroom staff.

Biggest Mistake retaining Moxey after Take Over.

That is why we are near relegation, many people's fault for this largely the last regime.

Biggest Mistake letting the best fans in the Championship down again.

black country born

57000 crowd wolves v man united in the fa cup Charlton, Best, Law. Best was the best he was absolute magic .those were the days. Forgot to mention Peter Knowles, the best player by far I saw in a Wolves strip.


I watched the game on Sky and thought it was men against boys, I realised that most of the Wolves team are simply not good enough

How many misplaced passes do we make in a game?

At the end their keeper hoofs the ball down the field and Coady simply needs to head it left or right off the park but instead heads it straight to their forward

Sums up Wolves

Sidwell is exactly the kind of player that we have been crying out for

Remember the days of Ince, Rae etc

Lambert must be wondering where the rebuild starts, he needs to virtually start again


Marks far too generous for all of em


Whats happened to Edwards? He use to be one of our consistent players and he looked tired and was not in the game at all. Weimann is definitely better up front. Lambert doing his tinkering again! I would not give anyone above 5. I just hope Leeds have an off day because if they are on song I can see Wolves suffering a heavy defeat. Lambert must change the goalkeeper and midfield for this game and why not bring Williamson back in to steady the defence.


What happened to Edwards? He needs a rest; he was cumbersome and tired. I would not have marked anyone more than 5. Lambert keeps tinkering with his team and we are not safe yet. Bodvarrsonn is not good enough, Weimann is better up front. In fact no one played well. Lambert needs to change the goalkeeper he is useless. If Wolves play like this against Leeds I can see Leeds thrashing us. Why not bring Williamson back? he will make the defence more solid. I will be glad when this season is over, hopefully we will still be in this league.

Black Country Wanderer

The answer to what happened to Edwards is absolutely nothing

Hes the same as hes always been,2/3 good games followed by 6/7 of being anonymous

Sorry ive said this many times but hes not worth his place,that can be said for half of this side though,and we are where we are till the summer

We can all argue about who plays and where they play,but the top and bottom of it is,it doesn't matter,because we have so many average players

Yes when it all comes together we can beat most teams in this league,but that happens for perhaps 15 games a season, the other 30 odd games we can, and often do, lose to anyone in this league

Its called consistency,something else ive harped on about for the last 3 seasons,we have basically the same squad as last season ,with Costa Cav and Marshall thrown in,the core of the team hasn't changed,and it wasn't good enough then nor now

Three good games out of ten isn't good enough,that goes for Edwards and the whole team

Effort is commendable, putting a shift in is great,but that only takes you so far,quality,skill,talent are the ingredients for any team that has aspirations for success,and we are sadly lacking in those departments,and have been for many years


Yep, I too have harped on about not being consistently good enough and at least 50% of the squad's b game is div1 at best.

Like Lambert stated last week, this summer is huge...


Haha I don't know what happened there. At least I agreed with myself.

old gold barmy army

cant be arsed to type much so to save time 2 out of 10 for everybody. 1 point for walking on the pitch and the other for walking off. Gutless, clueless, lacking passion and effort. Transfer list all bar 4.

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