Wolves boss Paul Lambert: Cut out the gaffes

Paul Lambert said Wolves have to cut out errors of both ends of the pitch if they're to get anywhere near Brighton's level.

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Brighton & Hove Albion

The Seagulls were comfortable 2-0 winners at Molineux thanks to two goals from Anthony Knockaert.

It was Wolves' second successive defeat and their first at home for four matches.

And Lambert felt it was a deserved win for the visitors, who took the lead when mistakes from Kortney Hause and Andy Lonergan led to Knockaert's opener just before half time.

"I thought we started really well, we looked lively and threatening," he said.

"There was nothing in it up until the goal.

"It's a really poor goal from our point of view, we should have dealt with it on a few occasions.

"You've got to score, that's been the story of our season. You have to take your chances at this level - they've taken ours and we haven't.

"I was disappointed mistakes led to their goals and chances. It's the errors, we've got to cut out errors. Do Brighton make many errors? No, not really.

"We did have chances to score but we never took them. We have to cut out errors at both ends of the pitch.

"The Coady chance was a big one. There wasn't too much between the teams but they were better at both ends."

The likes of Steve Sidwell, Dale Stephens and Glenn Murray all impressed for the Seagulls.

And Lambert believes the experience of Chris Hughton's team puts them a level above Wolves at the moment.

"Brighton are a good, experienced side, well organised with a lot of lads that know the division and have played higher," he added.

"They've got good experience all around and that's something we have to get to, to that level. And not just a one-off, you've got to do that for 46 games.

"We've come up against a really good side who are just about up.

"They sat really deep, they get bodies behind the ball really well and it's difficult to get in behind."

Is experience the key difference between the two teams? "I think experience, know-how and being streetwise," Lambert replied.

"That's a big thing, to be streetwise. They've got it throughout their team."

Donovan Wilson was handed his league debut from the bench after notching nine goals in 10 under-23 appearances.

"He's the one that's been scoring goals in the under-23s, albeit there's a big gap between under-23s and first-team football, but it'll stand him in good stead," Lambert said.

Helder Costa again missed out injured - the third successive game he's missed with an ankle problem.

Lambert said of the Portuguese winger: "Costa was still short, we'll have to see how he is tomorrow and Sunday.

"He's not ruled out for Leeds. I'll wait and see how he progresses."

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Comments for: "Wolves boss Paul Lambert: Cut out the gaffes"


there were too many mistakes in defence , but why oh why does he insist on playing Saiss ,.

Like the lottery ad goes anyone but not him. puts the entire team on the back foot when he looses the ball. put the kid in goal , Lonerghan is a liability ! I hate to say this , but Bodvarson is never going to make it in the Championship.


I think he is playing Saiss as everyone (including the owners) seemed to be clambering for him to start.

I see nothing to change my initial view of him - too lightweight, ineffective and a nasty streak when he inevitably loses out to a stronger opponent.

He may have done well at the Africa Cup of Nations but a player to get you out of the Championship he is not.

Hause is a joke.


the mistakes are happening because 75% of the squad are nothing more than league 1 standard major surgery needed at this club with a change of coaching staff Edwards Daley etc The players currently at this club will not take this club forwards drastic measures needed

The Flying Winger

We have heard this from Jacket, Zenga, Lambert, it's not about experience streetwise etc, look how many games these players have played, Lonnie Donegan, Doherty, Hause, Batth Coady, Edwards, etc, etc, we all know they are not good enough, I know Lambet cannot say this but that's the fact.

He needs to sort out his subs, doesn't have a clue why would you keep making the same mistake.

Black Country Wanderer

PL is right,its the story of our season

Blunders at the back,toothless up front,and uncreative in midfield

Its no disgrace to lose to Brighton,who will win this league after a good season last year,they are good, experienced championship players, who have played at Prem level for the most part,more importantly they are consistently good,not a 2 in 10 team like us

I cant see us getting anything at Leeds,and we look lost without Costa

We may yet be pulled back into the relegation fight the way things are going,i think we may just have enough points, but it will be uncomfortably close if we cant find another win soon

The bottom line is we are not good enough on a regular basis,and PL knows it,too many average players,not enough quality or creativity,mainly in midfield, but the defence and forwards cant escape the same criticism either

The Flying Winger

B C W, We have known and commented on now for 2 maybe three seasons, since Hennessey left wrongly, we have needed a goalkeeper of quality, a CB, a LB, a midfield general / captain, a LW, a C.F. but what do fans know the club pre Fosun ignored those comments, Lambert ignored a C.F. but what do we know!


Ikeme's pants, he's stopped saving us, last season he was awesome, once he has a few bad games, thats it he has a crap season.

if fosun wanna get serious we need a proper keeper been saying it for ages, a proper well scouted goal keeper could go along way in helping us grab an addtional 10points or so a season.

Silver Wolf

You're quite right. We are not up to scratch in any area of the game. Only the individual brilliance of Costa assisted by one or two useful contributions along the way has kept us from relegation.

Moderacy is the trademark of too many in our present squad. We have plenty of players but almost all are, at best, moderate at Championship level and, other than Costa, none who would have a prayer in the Prem.

Having said that I still cannot fathom how players keep passing straight to the opposition and cannot hit the net from ten or less yards out. If they are as useless in trials/training surely they should have been found out before being signed?


another piss podigal performance after Bristol .. now there more or less safe all on holiday , should try and remember fans pay good money to watch this crap


This is why I wrote that a few 3-5mln players preferred than one Helder Costa. Now we completely depend on him. He is injured and we got mediocre team. Before that he lost his form for a few games and we lost all of them.


We had chances but just can't take them . We look like a team that ought to have finished 10 th this season but no more . Looks as if Dave E may be coming to an end and we do need a striker- TA from Bristol/Chelsea - and the goalkeeper issue is now serious . You can't leave a 35 year old on the bench and then expect him to be able to play . Is Costas ankle simply a player precaution given his impending transfer ? It looks odd and has cost us points .


Toothless up front and nail bitingly bad at back.

I think we need more than just a bit of help in the summer, young is not enough.we need experience.

and lots of it, We cannot stay with this team so poor.

It was a good job Brighton was not playing so good or it could have been so much worse.

Any takers for Blackburn to beat us......


The difference between top of the table brighton who have been building a side for several seasons, and wolves is experience!

they have plenty of ex prem players and well experienced championship players.

thats the only difference, they took their chances yesterday 2-0 flattered wolves really, we just dont look a genuine threat.


It's been a "Comedy of Errors" all season, Paul, and to quote my mate Will Shakespeare, (that's Leicester City Manager's great, great, great, great ancestor), "Every why hath a wherefore".

In this case, the "why" is not lack of experience, it's lack of ability, and the wherefore is to ship out the players with a lack of ability, and draft in 8 more players with the ability to do the job.

Do you really believe that this team would be in Brighton's position, Paul, with 12 months more experience on Good Friday 2018?

"Hopeless and helpless doth PL wend,

But to procrastinate Wolves lifeless end."

Will's moving finger, if it writ today, would surely have synopsized thus, the lifeless display at Molineux after the first 20 mins of the game.

His assessment of the team? - "A wretched soul, bruised with adversity."

Individual Players?

"He that commends me to my own content,

Commends me to the thing I cannot get" - Hause soliloquy on failing twice in the same move for the first goal, firstly to read a ball he let bounce, and then failing to get to Knockaert to block his shot.

"O train me not to let in goals at my near post, sweet Pat" - Andy Lonergan to Pat Mountain, Goalkeeping Coach.

"O train me not to give away the ball for three pennies less than a groat." - The entire team to Rob Edwards after a season of constantly giving the ball away cheaply in dangerous positions.

"Methinks, I am an ass," Connor Coady left for dead by a simple Knockaert - Pocognoli one-two.

"Methinks I am doubly an ass," Romain Saiss on giving the ball away for the first shot that hit the bar.

"Fear not for thou art but a drop of water that in the ocean seeks another drop." Danny Batth reassuring Romain and Connor that the entire team do the same thing every game.

"A man may break a word with you, sir, and words are but wind;

Ay, and break it in your face, so he break it not behind" - Stuart Taylor and Paul Lambert talking tactics on the touchline.

Thanks Will, for being my guest today, and when and where can we expect to see your masterpiece, "The Comedy of Errors" next performed live?

Monday, 3.00 p.m. Leeds.

Realistic Wolf

Pl, the team is selected by you and the tactics are yours although personally I am having a job finding anything other than hoof and hope. After Bristol and today, unfortunately it is looking like we are in for another winless streak and yet more dire football. Hopefully though one more win should see us safe and then we can rebuild and fingers crossed even have a new coach. Very impressed with what Chris Houghton has achieved.

Stearmans overhead kick

Realistic Wolf, Houghton was my choice on here when they got rid of Mick.

Chorley Steve

Hughton is a top class coach. He wouldn't continually play Wiemann out wide when he is the best striker in the club just to accommodate others in the team.


I tend not to comment on playing matters too much, but I managed to watch the first half today. There is a plethora of players who are evidently leaving in the summer:

Lonergan - not good enough. Beaten at the near post from the edge of the area today and has been unconvincing throughout his stay here.

Doherty - been at the club for years, never looked accomplished in either full back position. Get rid.

Stearman- Can't get in the team again.

Williamson - a crock who never impressed anywhere other than alongside Coloccini. Scary that he is our best defender, although never plays when seemingly fit!

Borthwick-Jackson - talented lad but hasn't got the right head for this league, sulky.

Silvio - a crock Wolves took a gamble on. And lost.

Price - shirks the physical stuff too much to be a holding midfielder. Not creative or zealous enough to play further forward. Might flourish given time at another club.

Saville - Correctly assessed by Kenny Jackett to not be good enough defensively and can't hit a barn door with his preferred left foot let alone his right. Another who will do better away from Wolves.

Henry - You're not going to win promotion with James in your starting line-up, sorry.

Wallace - a Thelwell disaster. Bought to play on the left post-Sako. A league one player at best and a cheap gamble symptomatic of the Moxey era.

Saiss - was awful today but it is his first season at Wolves and the victim of certain unsettling circumstances. At £4m he is too much of a financial loss to jettison yet.

Oniangue - see Saiss, yet Lambert quickly decided he didn't fancy him. Tongo Doumbia 2: Return of the African stab in the dark.

Costa - Yes every Wolves fan wants him to stay but he won't. He is already too good for this club right now and this league, and Wolves will need the £25-30m from his sale to replace the dross.

Cavaleiro - not suited to the Championship in all honesty. Doesn't put the defensive work in enough and blows hot and cold. Reminds me of Ariel Ortega.

Gladon - a victim of the team's inability to cross a ball this season. That said, other than aerial threat he hasn't got much else to his game.

Bodvarsson - Like Saiss and Cavaleiro, it would be silly to dump the guy for a loss after just one season (and a seven figure outlay) in England and unlike the other two I can't see the guy going missing on a cold January night in Scunthorpe. The problem is that he seems to play the Dicko role; running the channels and operating wide of the goal, despite his attributes not being suited for it, so you can't have both in the team. If he played the way Murray did for Brighton today, it might be better for all but it remains to be seen.

Mason - he was the £3m shut door after the Callum Wilson horse already bolted. Wilson is undeniably injury prone but you only have to play him on one leg for half a season and he will score goals. Mason has been just as sickly but never had half the scoring record, ever. I'm still puzzled over why he was signed. Maybe Thelwell can explain as Joe was never a Kenny Jackett signing, not in a million years.

So that leaves;

Ikeme, Burgoyne, Flatt.

Iorfa, Ebanks-Landell, Batth, Hause, Deslandes?!

Marshall, Coady, Evans, Ronan, Edwards, Saiss, Graham

Weimann, Dicko, Bodvarsson, Mason, Zyro

Enobakhare and Gibbs-White need full loan periods to get regular football first.

Looking at that we need two full backs and another two or three top players through the spine of the team to have any chance.


Soggy, brilliant assessment , couldn't have written it better myself.

Of the ones left.

Not sue about Burgoyne yet, Flatt definitely a no.

Both Iorfa & Hause, I don't see what England selectors see. They don't watch them in the same games as me.

Deslandes Not seen enough to judge.

I like Doherty, needs to up his defensive game and be played at RB.

Of the midfield, well Marshall has been good buy, and Graham if he comes back as good as before.

Forwards, maybe Bod and Zyro as back up.

Of the kids, Ronan & Enobakhare may make it.

Doesn't leave a lot does it.

Not surprising to see where we are in the league if I am right.

PL needs a preseason & at least 2 transfer Windows to sort this out. If he agrees.


Iorfa's choosen to represent and follow in his dad's footsteps not england mate


So you saying he hasn't played for England?

Not surprising he's changed his allegiance as he would never be good enough for England.


Sounds fair enough. Would add Dicko and Ikeme to the move on list myself. Dicko is a league one player and Ikeme won't get any better.


Wouldn't disagree if we have designs on premier league.


Soggy - you are on the money ! We must buy a top goalkeeper and have Ikeme in the bench . Batth is not good enough but alright in the bench . Replace Edwards with a top midfielder and with a striker we have a chance assuming Iorfa gets his act together .


Lambert should have a long hard look at himself and cut out his mistakes.As with KJ we are approaching the end of another dire season without a clue who his best 11 are.Chopping and changing week in week out for the sake of it.No ideas when to make a game changing substitution,happy with a strike force,Bod 2 goals this season,Dicko 2 goals this season,Cav 4 goals this season and finally Mason 1 goal thats 9 goals between 4 top strikers and Lamberts HAPPY.

To have any chance of moving onwards and upwards a massive and i mean the majority of this shambles and unfortunately i now have to include Lambert,Thelwell,Dalrymple and all the coaching staff need to be replaced with professionals who actually know what they are doing or the future is no brighter than pre-Fosun days.


I said a couple of days ago after his 'barometer' statement that we'd learn nothing from this game that we didn't already know . The only thing we might see was a further indication of Lambert's ability to set up a game plan to combat a better quality side and what he'd do to effect changes mid game if it started getting away from us.

He failed miserably on both counts'

Of course we have players of lesser quality and no one expected us to win this game but we could have expected a good manager to lessen the quality gap advantage by formulating a plan before and during the game much as Pulis does in Shadowland. Brighton looked to me to be doing just enough to coast the win they were looking for, it's my guess they had several gears in reserve if needed ... they didn't.

Lambert can cite the need for better players and he'd be quite right but for me he is of no better quality himself and has shown nothing since he's been at Wolves to suggest otherwise. Some fans are quick to say Marshall and Weimann are good signings and a taste of what to expect from Lambert in the next window. They are probably a small step up on what we have and stand out in our poor squad but neither would grace any of the top sides in this division.


Goes deeper than gaffes Paul, some/most of yesterdays starting eleven were just not good enough and not much better those sitting it out. We can point the finger at you but truth is most of the squad were inherited by you and your only as good as what you have to work with.

You can't make a purse out of a sow's ear.


Well due to my health still not being much good I once again missed a Molineux treat,,,,,,LOL

Brighton a good team? How they are top of the league heaven knows we made them look gook after the first 20 minutes and I think they will be odds on favorites for relegation from the prem next year. As for Wolves well i think everyone has their opinion as to where we are at right now and I personally think we are somewhat like a rudderless ship stuck in the doldrums,hopefully in the summer we will get sorted and make some sort of challenge for a top two spot.....but hey glass is still half full so fingers crossed PL gets it sorted that's of course if Fosun retain his services...which from the way Jeff Shi was talking seems likely they will UPTW!!


Taxi for half this squad, preferably to North Korea. Most won't improve; passing the ball to the opposition in attack has been endemic for most of the season; and is fatal against good, counter attacking sides. Expecting the lumbering Dadi to be target man and run bother channels is ridiculous. Why 2 X defensive midfielders at home, especially when one, Dangerous is a leading goalscorer? Does Cameron Borthwick-Jackson have bad breath? Where the players drug tested after those 5 wins? B*gger.


Unfortunately Bodvarson is not a championship player shame cus I love the theatre of thunderclap to get behind jury out on Dicko I'm afraid he's been unlucky charges should have been bought for the challenges that put him, Zyco out. Inept midfield toothless upfront always inviting pressure most cannot control a cross field pass without gifting opposition think back to Bradshaw,Parkin,Daley,Hibbit, Carr,Richards then Irwin/Ince/Sturridge (not exhaustive)SPINE this current lot look like they don't want to put shift in for our great club the old thing of ooer they bought better in I'm out now some good additions from Lambo and I think will come good, survive get rid rebuild lambo has nouse dosent have to be millions to get players with some pride (Marshall) wait and see


As normal the doom and gloom mongers out.

Wolves are not good enough everyone knows that lots of work to do end of season.....

Significant strengthening of squad required as everyone one also knows.......

Brighton cut above and may win league lets put it into perspective.

Next season lets have a reality check now don't expect glory march into premiere league very regretabily will not happen strong foundations required.

To many fans swing from deep despair to simply ridiculous comments once we win a few games or the cup run ...we were world beaters with a simply massive fan base ..

So lets try to take more measured perspective long road ahead current squad not good enough and reliance on one Star worrying.

Foundations strength in depth first its not a computer


Wolves for life not just the FA cup ........


You are quite right; seeing last nights game we need 11 Quality players, not one player stood out! From the goalkeeper onwards we were poor. Like you said we were expected to lose against Brighton who were not great but took their chances although a good goalkeeper would have saved both goals. Lets hope we perform better against Leeds as we tend to play better away but I expect Wolves to lose; then we play Blackburn which is a must win. Can't wait for this season to finish.


It's difficult not to be gloomy in the short term after yet another home defeat and a repeat of a pretty inept performance at Bristol. Our/your club in their hands, but high time the plethora of mistakes on and off the field are stopped.

Fans would have expected, having essentially avoided relegation, and been given a vote of confidence by Jeff Shi, that the players would at the very least maintain standards if not play with freedom. Instead as Bully suggests they've lowered their standards, took their foot off the pedal and the season stands to end on a sour note which no one wants.


Could sleepwalk into league one if we arent careful and lose all our remaining games, one of the worst wolves sides ive ever seen, not knocking effort, but its a results business and coming to the end of the season / reflecting on last 2 performances we dont look in very good shape.

As bully states really, we dont want to go into last 2 games with anything less than a 6point gap already.

Costa has obviously played his last game for us and has clearly been taken out of the team, and protected ahead of a sale £££ / move away, it sounds like he's going back to Monacco, permanently this time, wonder how much we'll get and how much goes back into the transfer kitty?

The Flying Winger

Every time I see the goals on Sky News this morning they get worse.

Best of luck with that Lambert your the third one to try.


Indeed the 2nd was fairly comical really, brigton made us press / play far forward.

Hause caught out on half way line by a long ball, was a hard ball to deal with didnt drop right, good tricky ball from brighton (experience) 5 seconds later, and 50+yards bang 2-0 down, bath, hause, and another defender chasing shadows and picking ball out of the net.

Shouldnt play so far forward then should we Lambert? keep getting caught on the break at home as well, needs sorting out. Tactics are a mess.

Feel sorry for bath, hause, the rest having to play so far out of position, no wonder we they end of picking ball out of the net against an experienced side? Should of played it slow and got men behind the ball, not infront of it Lambert! its costing us, another point could of battled for? instead we looked like headless chickens in front of the cameras again!


No pace in the defence so Wolves always in big trouble when forwards lose possession with a lot of players committed. The coordinated high pressing (a la Spurs) evident when Lambert first came seems to have been abandoned (or the players can't be a*sed). All Brighton had to do was wait for Wolves to make mistakes. For a top of the table side they didn't really create very much, but there again they didn't need to, so abject was Wolves' passing.

Cookley Wolf

Can't add any more to the comments already made about the limitations of most of the players in our squad. Unfortunately Morgan/ Moxey's economy-class pigeons have all come home to roost, together with most of the signings made by our new owners who, whilst being undeniably enthusiastic and generous with the cheque book, have been very poorly advised and somewhat naive in this, their first season.

Lambert is a good appointment and I believe he will deliver us promotion in the next couple of years. He - and Jeff Shi - will both know just as well as any of us here that no more than a handful of the current squad are good enough to play in a promotion winning side. But the current lack of quality is not down to Lambert. This season has always been about him steadying the ship after the Zenga experience. Apart from Marshall and Weimann, remember none of the rest are players that Lambert has actually signed himself.

We need at least half a dozen quality signings for next season so if the squad needs to be reduced in number, the maths suggests that at least 10 of the current squad will be moved out this summer.

I think with some proper planning and the right recruitment strategy, we could and should be looking at the play-offs next year. As Lambert said, Brighton are actually a very good benchmark. The positives are that we had 51% possession and more shots than them. The reality however was that in defence, midfield and attack they were individually better than us in virtually every position. We can definitely all see how much work will need to be done.


Cookley,Lambert had the whole of December and January to sort out the Striking department,In his own words, " I am happy with our strike force",Weimann released by Derby after scoring just 4 in 45 appearances, 2 for us,Bod 2,Dicko 2,Mason,1,Cav 4 fantastic achievement from our happy strikers 11 goals between 5 strikers but never mind PL is Happy.


I think lambert should be more honest in his review.

of course we'll have 51 possession, if brighton are experienced enough to sit back and counter attack us on the break, whilst lambert and the players were playing a game of headless chickens.

we didnt give them a game, never really tested them, or made them get out of 3rd gear and its not acceptable. What a dire performance? are the players not good enough, is the head coach not good enough, or is it just both arent good enough.


To be brutally honest, not one Wolves player would have got in the Brighton side.

This shows the work Lambert has in front of him. Brighton are a very well organised team who capitalise on the oppositions mistakes.

No room for sentiment at Wolves now. Lambert has to be brutal with this squad.


I totally agree with your comments most of the players yesterday would just about be good enough to play in Div1.


I grew up in 50's and back then it hurt so much when we lost I wanted to bleed. These days it no longer hurts and yesterday I was pleased for Brighton. Good luck to them because they will need it. Where have we gone as a club? It seems to me the whole modern game has passed us by. We are the so called sleeping giant . Well we are certainly sleeping. Yesterday I saw a team outplayed and out thought all over the park. Brighton in 1st gear ran everything. They created so much space and pinged passed into spaces where several buses could park.They were better organised, massively more skilled, brighter, clinical and had play makers. Remember play makers? Make no mistake we are a very poor squad with only a couple of decent players, the best of which is tipped to move on in the summer. Oh and for those that say we have nothing to play for then what about us fans? We pay hard earned cash for very poor return. We deserve to see better and not just because we are WWFC. I don't have any grudge against Lambert. He has only just arrived. I think we will struggle in next window in attracting the type of players so desperately needed so expect more of the same next season. Sadly it no longer makes me bleed.


I'm trying not to bleed, but it still hurts, but l know what you mean regarding the modern game

Silver Wolf

Aye, WW, a Wolves loss was close to a bereavement, at best it wrecked the next week. But, the points you make are spot on. Earlier this season I read some garbage about the skills a few of our squad display in training - someone's 'avin' a larf! It's a damned poor squad, which, you rightly suggest, has a couple of decent players. As for skills they are noticeable due to their absence and as for nous, or footballing brain, most are in footballing terms, headless chickens.

Like you I no longer bleed but I do get brassed off with hype about 'potential' and 'gaffes'. Potential never seems to arrive and gaffes are part of the weekly diet.

I haven't seen a non-league match for a long time, but other than in the purely physical areas of stamina, strength and speed it can't be less skilful or intelligent - it simply can't be!


shouldnt be making mistakes when you get paid £10,000+ a week?


Never mind cutting out the gaffes to be like Brighton! Look at Bristol that's getting your act together, these are the players playing for club and manager, its about pride, ok put Donavon in if your safe.

Stupid Sunday league mistakes are not acceptable at this level , no offence to Sunday league players, Costa is just keeping safe for his transfer


This is a quick preview of next season with life without COSTA if we dont re-invest.

He's deffo played his last game for us. Its clearly obvious these lads cant grind out results without him in the side.

Cant fault effort lads, but footballs more than running about abit. Thats what we showed skysports and the world yesterday, that we run about abit?


great counter attacking football by brighton, merits why they are top of the league/

didnt think they were anything special, but experienced enough to know how to get a win, when they werent playing well.

they made it tough for wolves to breakdown by sitting deep in their own half, lets be honest they could of been 4, or 5 goals up if brighton were a little more clinical.

lamberts phrase of sleepwalking?

brighton sleepwalk a win and now 3 points away or from promotion

wolves sleepwalk their way to the beach


Not difficult to see why we looked so ineffective. Both full backs are out of position,whilst Edwards was far too deep to have any impact on the game, therefore his main goal threat asset was never going to be present. Weimann looked totally lost and contributes much better further forward down the middle whilst Marshall, although neat and tidy generally, is never a wide left player and looked uncomfortable. Didn't you purchase him as a right sided midfielder/ full back Mr Lambert ? Cavaleiro, undoubtedly has ability but he flatters to deceive too often and seems to not know where he really wants to perform. Over half the side then not in their natural positions, a lack of left footers and both centre backs making constant errors. Against a decent Brighton side we looked hugely average and our coaches response to improve matters was decidedly unimpressive. His interviews are bland and the way we play mirrors that, without the ability of Costa to open the opposition up we lack creativity and simply do not get enough players in the penalty box when the ball does arrive. A poacher is a blatantly obvious need as are an experienced centre half, a left back and a guy who can simply see a pass in the final third . Without these and the prospect of Costa departing it looks bleak.


I cannot believe that he finds Weimann's best position as a central forward and then puts him wide because of Costa's "injury", put Bodvarsson wide because Weizmann looks like he is playing out of position, both he and Edwards were our most ineffectual players on the pitch last night and did not get substituted. Chris Hughton inherited his squad, no big stars, but he organises them properly on the training pitch and they go into matches knowing exactly what they are doing. I don't think Lambert or his coaches have a clue how to organise or when things are going wrong how to change it.


Mistakes at both ends and on the touchline again.

Woodsetton wolf

Every player was useless yesterday...but how can Lambert possibly imagine that against the league leaders a central midfield paring of Dangerous and Saiss could possibly create a single bloody thing. Saiss seems to me to be a better central defender than any sort of midfielder and Dangerous is I am afraid Lambert's major blind spot. He is the first man on the team sheet whoever else is picked and whether he is in the number 10 role, attacking midfield or defensive midfield, Lambert seems to think he has to be on the pitch. In other words Lambert has tried all season to build a team around possibly the most talentless player in the squad...big hearted...yes, 100% effort...yes, runs all day...yes, but so does my pet hamster. Yesterday to my memory Dangerous only played two forward balls and one was back to their keeper after an injury stoppage. He spends 90+minutes doing what all little boys and girls are told not to do...chasing the ball. As a result he is constantly leaving a player he should be marking in pursuit of a lost cause...the ball never gets tired...but sadly Dangerous does.

Lambert's lack of judgement in totally backing Dangerous at the cost of any other option is a deep concern and if he tries to continue this plan next season it will only get worse as our Dave reaches the veteran stage. He should ditch him now and chuck in a kid with true creativity as sadly we do not have a single senior midfielder who could even create a decent atmosphere.


Shopping list for the summer

GK - Emilio Martinez (Arsenal)

FB - Phil Bardsley (Stoke)

DM - Scott Brown (Celtic)

CM - Charlie Adam (Stoke)

CF - Tammy Abraham (Chelsea)

We have to look at players underused by ourselves before jettisoning them, viz Oniangue, Silvio, Ebanks-Landell

Could this starting XI do it for us next year?


Silvio Williamson Ebanks-Landell Bardsley

Costa Brown (Capt) Adam Graham



Subs: Burgoyne Iorfa Hause Ronan Gibbs-White Enobakhare Zyro

Everyone else is surplus to requirements and available for sale.


Capel, Brown and Adam sounds a little like Ince and Cameron. As a starter It'l do for me. If they became available they are the sort of players we need to recruit in the summer. Glenn Wheelan perhaps another contender. Tough men that can tackle and play.


Well. Most of us figured the W's were a good middle of the table team and that's exactly what they are.

Are we happy....NO. Can it change ..... certainly hope so.

Another season in paradise folks.


As Vera Lynne sang "We'll meet again dont know where don't know when"


boggies1 good job your lot don't play Reading and Derby every week. Poor little Championship teams. How are the mighty fallen.

The Stom

This is a three year plan not a three minute plan. , you are all expecting far to much far to soon. Sit back and accept the ride it won`t always be pleasant. Wholesale change will achieve nothing it has to be gradual, planned and educated.

chris h

Did you first post this in 1995, 2001, 2006,2007, 2008, 2012 and every year since then? You could have added of course, 'Rome wasn''t built in a day'. I especially liked the 'educated' comment, at least that will be a first.

Stearmans overhead kick

Three year plan Yes Stom , But it don't help that we have been waiting twenty bloomin years previous for something to happen.


This team will never cut out the gaffes as they are mostly of league 1 standard playing in a league above their ability but they aren't helped by a manager who still doesn't seem to know his best team. We were easily beaten by Bristol playing 4-4-2 and by Brighton also playing 4-4-2, yet OUR manager seems unable to change his tactics from the supposedly defensible 4-2-3-1. Playing 2 strikers might JUST give our forwards the chance of scoring more goals, or hasn't Lambert worked that out yet? We are suffering from the years of under-investment by Morgan in decent players and the poor performance of Thelwell in spotting players to sign, and until all of that dead wood is cleared out there will be no improvement.

Mind you, having seen Spurs' demolition of Bournemouth last night on MOTD, can you imagine what they would do to OUR team!. Promotion to the Prem?. Be careful what you wish for!.

old gold barmy army

NO chance of cutting out the mistakes, either the players aren't good enough or the coaches are not capable of giving instruction. Failing that it's both.!!!!


It should say cut out GAFFER

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