Paul Lambert setting his sights high at Wolves

It’s a bit of an understatement to label this as a ‘funny old season’ at Molineux.

Soccer - Wolverhampton Wanderers sign Andreas Weimann
Rob Edwards speaks with Paul Lambert

Three managers, two record signings, 15 new players, new billionaire owners, an FA Cup run and a relegation battle... it’s been anything but boring.

You’d wager, though, that after the stress of the past couple of months most of those associated with the club will settle for a nice, calm month to polish off the season, preferably with a few more victories.

Seven games remain and Wolves are all-but safe, meaning tomorrow’s game at Bristol City isn’t half as important as it looked just a few weeks ago.

But as to what to expect from Wolves over these remaining fixtures... that’s still anybody’s guess. After all, Wolves lost five in a row, then drew at Ipswich, and have won the last five.

It’s left everyone wondering ‘what might have been’, had they not endured such a disastrous February. Ten points from the five games they lost and they’d now be just five off the play-offs with a game in hand.

Paul Lambert is clear that Wolves’ major downfall in that regard has been the lack of a prolific striker, with Nouha Dicko and Jon Dadi Bodvarsson scoring just two apiece all season. “If we had a striker that’s scored 15 goals we’d be right in there,” Lambert said.

“And that’s no fault of Nouha, or Jon Bodvarsson or any striker at this club.

“It’s a big ask for Nouha to come back from that massive injury.

“Jon’s new to the league and might be a second-season player.

“With the cruciate knee ligament injury you never know how they’re going to come back from it.

“The lad has trained a bit, then the season’s started and he’s in.

“As a footballer you need to have a base of endurance and a pre-season, and come through that pre-season without missing days. You’ve got to sustain it.”

Lambert is adamant that there could be good times just around the corner at Molineux – if things are right off the field.

He is already eyeing up a crucial summer in the transfer market with the intention of bringing in a number of key signings to complement what he believes is a strong, if bloated, squad.

And for this season, after reaching the hallowed 50-point mark he’s keen to push on and finish as high up the table as possible.

“I’m not here just to get to 50 points,” he added.

“I think it’s a club with incredible potential.

“If it’s done right and we get the right personnel to help them, and everything off the field is right – because the support’s here – it could really take off.

“Hopefully we get given the time to do it.

“It gives us a good base to look forward to next season.

“If we can help the group with lads coming in to give them a hand we’ll be stronger, because that’s what you need with the amount of games we play, especially if you get a cup run which takes its toll, it’s difficult to keep sustaining that on Saturday-Tuesday.

“And some of the lads haven’t done Saturday-Tuesday, they don’t know the league and it’s a culture shock to them.

“There are so many good things here. If we get the help, this could be great.”

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Comments for: "Paul Lambert setting his sights high at Wolves"


If we get the help ? Hopefully we get given the time to do it ? Comprends pas !

Olly the cat

Everybody who watches Wolves regularly knew that we needed to sign a striker in the January transfer window.


C'mon, be positive, lets finish strongly and then push on for next season.

Altogether - club and fans. There is at last positivity in the air.


Yes, a funny-old season for Wolves.

Sense Fosun will support Lambert on signings, so plenty to look foward to next season!


I'm very happy with Weimann and Marshall and to think that they were not playing regularly up until recently leaves me even more optimistic.

Lambert's priorities must be the core of the side a commanding centre back (or a fit Williamson), a central midfielder and a striker who can put the ball away, I'd also like to see a specialist left-back come in as Doherty is excellent going forward but poor defensively.

Sir Billy Quiet

Kenny Jackett was sacked before the season kicked off, so we have had two managers - Lambert and Zenga.

Its a little detail but why get it wrong E&S? - we have enough 'fake news' about without getting facts wrong.

Also for Wolves fans that have come to the conclusion that Costa is to be sold in the summer - good news this will not happen. Costa is happy at Wolves and his advisers have told him that another season in the Championship will be more beneficial than being on the bench at a champions league club.

Of course we are going to have rumours all summer but his not going anywhere.

It seems these words from Dalrymple have been forgotten by some fans:

"He's not been bought just to be sold on," Dalrymple said. "My understanding and my belief is we've bought him on a long term deal because we want him to be a big part of this club going forward.

"I'd be a bit of a fraud if I said he's definitely not going anywhere in the summer because I don't know that about anyone in the squad.

"But I certainly wouldn't want to lose someone of his ability having just made such a big statement by bringing him in.

"In the summer we potentially risk a bidding war with someone else. Given the way the loan deal was structured we had the opportunity to exercise that right to take him on a permanent deal.

"His performances have gone on an upward trend.

"Stoke and Liverpool (in the FA Cup) showed he's comfortable in that environment. We always had the option and we wanted to exercise it.

"It's certainly not spending above Fosun's means. We're acutely aware of Financial Fair Play and the parameters of that. "That's a long-term, three year framework, which is why the structuring of the deal helps us to manage that.

"If (the Costa deal) was a one-year or two-year deal that would potentially create us problems.

"In six months time someone else would take him. We wanted him to be part of the club going forward.

"He's been signed on a long term deal. I want that to be fulfilled for as long as possible - as long as we think he can contribute to the team, whether that's in the Championship or the Premier League, and as long as he wants to be in the squad and be part of Wolves."

Farmer Ted

Rob Edwards...was he not manager?

Sir Billy Quiet

Caretaker? mute point...

Black Country Wanderer

The key phrase there SBQ is "id be a bit of a fraud if I said he was definitely not going anywhere" in other words if the money is right he will go,and I think we all accept that

Of course we would all love him to stay,and he may well do so,but logically if the supposed £25 million get out clause is reached, we have no option but sell

It would be a disappointment for sure,but by no means a disaster,our slate would be virtually clean and we can revamp the whole squad with ease with that cash


I think Costa will only go if his desire to leave is sufficient to go against his agent's wishes since his agent is Mendes who is doing work for Fosun and so will surely want his player to stay. Personally, I agree with Sir Billy - I think he'll stay. His agent is the best in the business and so I think he has probably already made HC aware that what Fosun are aiming for Wolves is a journey suitable for him.

Sir Billy Quiet

BCW what buyout clause? Neither Wolves, Costa or his agent have confirmed this social media gossip?


Funny old season is right, that's why jock the strap joins in with us,it keeps his heart beating, nothing really happens in sandwell does it, all they can argue about is the thickness of the stripes on their shirts. BOreING ..........BOreING

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