Wolves' David Edwards can end Twitter exile after nightmare run ends

David Edwards believes Wolves' team spirit got them through their nightmare run – as he revealed he can finally log on to social media again.

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Wolves won their third game in a row when beating Fulham 3-1 at Craven Cottage on Saturday.

The three points saw them jump to 16th in the table with their survival prospects hugely boosted by a perfect week of results.

And Edwards, who netted a career-high 10th goal of the season, said: "Ten out of 12 points is huge for the club and it's when we really needed it.

"It's been really tough. As a senior member of the team you do feel a lot more responsibility. The good thing is we've always stayed out the bottom three – mentally that's important.

"To get that breathing space now at five points and we've still got a game in hand, I think we've shown real character to come through it.

"There was a time when it could have gone the other way. Credit to everyone in that dressing room, we've got a really good team ethic in there and a good team spirit which has dragged us through.

"It was a huge win against Rotherham, I know we took quite a lot of criticism on the back of that game, but we won, that was all that mattered, and it gave us the platform to come to these two away games and play the way that suits us.

"It's a lot more difficult to do that at home, we're naturally a counter attacking team. Away from home we can do that and look at our best.

"It's coming good but there's a lot of work to do, we've got a huge week when we come back from the international break.

"If we do have a good week hopefully it puts us in a position to have an emotion-free end to the season."

The Welsh international recently because the first player in the Championship to make 100 tackles in 2016/17. However that still wasn't enough to stop him getting stick from supporters – so he's had a self-imposed Twitter break...until now.

"I deleted my Twitter app a few weeks ago," he said. "It wasn't good for my zen or my positive energy when you're getting hammered every week.

"I thought I'd stay off it. The last stat I read, someone tweeted me saying Dave Edwards is the first player in the Championship to make 100 tackles, and as you click on it you see the first reply – and it's off a Wolves fan – saying "it's only because his second touch is a tackle".

"I've got to take that with a pinch of salt. But it's nice to get these games and I can get my Twitter app back now! A bit more positivity, hopefully.

"I base my game around pressing so if I can win that ball back that's important.

"When you've got players like we have up front you do need someone to win the ball and give it to better players. I've always said that. I like to try and create but I'm not going to be the player who splits open defences. If I can win the ball and give it to players who can, I'm happy with that."

Edwards' previous best goal tally was nine in the 2013/14 League One title-winning season. However he hadn't netted since scoring twice in the 3-1 win at Barnsley in late January.

He admitted the seven-week goal drought had played on his mind, but he was delighted to reach double figures and hopes for a few more because the season ends.

"It's double figures for the first time since I was about 15 I think!" Edwards said.

"Me personally, it feels like forever since I scored at Barnsley. It's a personal barrier that I've broken through – hopefully I can go on and get a few more.

"It's been a great season, I always set myself a target of 10, I've come close a few times and after that Barnsley I thought yes this is definitely my season.

"You always have a mental ceiling put in place and for me to push through that is huge.

"In February it didn't go to plan, although I've still been getting chances. I had a good chance at Brentford. It's a huge mental barrier cleared, hopefully it opens the floodgates and I can score a few more.

"More recently, after the run of defeats, I was starting to think the goals are drying up. Me and Helder had a really good spell through December and January and it was important we got scoring again.

"The last few weeks it's played on my my mind a little bit. I needed a goal like that, where I couldn't miss! Helder did all the hard work. My name's on the scoresheet but it's Helder Costa's work."

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Comments for: "Wolves' David Edwards can end Twitter exile after nightmare run ends"


How times have changed. When I left W-ton to go to college in London (OK, many years ago), the only way I could contact my parents was by letter as they didn't have a telephone. Come up to the modern day and, when you are out and about, every other person you come across seems to be transfixed by the gadget they are holding in their hand. It is fantastic to have an immediate means of communication ready to hand, lives have been saved because of that. But, at the same time, social media can be so easily abused. Sadly, even on these threads occasionally we see examples of disagreement being taken beyond the level of banter into nastiness - and that between folk who support the same team. Dave Edwards reveals here that it is not just dissatisfied home "support" when things are going wrong that can get to a player, but also social media. Twitter sometimes has a lot to answer for it seems to me.

chris h

I refer to him as Dependable Dave, because in my opinion, he is. In the fifty four years I have been going to the Molineux,it seems some fans always have a downer on one player or another. In my first game it was Alan Hinton, an England international who went on to win a League title (top flight),at one time it was Mike Bailey. Stephen Ward we were told on here was never a full back. This season we have witnessed the dreadful and unwarranted booing from the South Bank of our Captain. I suppose it is the same at every club, basically it is the down side (one of them at least) of the beautiful game. Don't worry Dave in years to come you will be referred to as a legend and some of the younger folks who criticise you today will one day tell their grand kids if only latest pretender of a midfielder playing for Wolves was as good as Dependable Dave Edwards, who always gave everything for the team.


I totally agree with you Chris H, I like Dave Edwards as he always gives 100% and he reminds me of the same style as Frank Lampard. Ok not as good but he is consistent and a honest and loyal Wolves player. He creates space for other players.


Nice comment Chris H, totally agree.


I know you mean "Dependable" as a complement but he is a football player, not an accountant!! ;-) Let's stick with "Dangerous"!!! I'm sure you agree with me but some others responding don't seem to have picked up on it that he's actually being too humble in this (and his other) article. Ten goals from midfield is priceless and anyone being too negative should have a look again at his pass to Coady for the second goal on Saturday (1'05" in the highlights) - chipped on the half-turn to land and check back/side in the perfect spot just before the touchline......

The Flying Winger

I think it's deeply disturbing that Edwards or any Wolves player can receive such comments unfortunately thats just what social media has bred today , if you have a media account then you are going to get it, personally I don't understand why so much time is spent on this form of communication which could be put to better use.

I am not a fan of Edwards and don't think the club should be trying to build a midfield around him, however you have to applaud his contribution to this season along with his goals and passion for the clubs.

Sad to hear what he says but not surprising.


Here's a piece of advice for you Dave... you can't jump into a cesspit and complain that you now smell. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform are all the same. It doesn't matter who you are, how good you are or how hard you work. People will troll you. That being said... the second touch comment made me laugh and was probably said with a cheeky wink.


It must be hard to ignore the losers and trolls that give David Edwards such a tough time. I for one think he has been invaluable with his never say die attitude, always breaking up the opposition play and of course chipping in with his goals. I'm so glad Paul Lambert has kept on picking him. Another invaluable contribution on Saturday. If I were David Edwards I wouldn't reinstall Twitter as the boo boys are never far away. UTW!


It was fantastic to hear the fantastic support for David and all the team at Fulham on Saturday - long may it continue!

Ye Olde South Bank

Ten goals - not bad for a guy who seems to attract regular, unwarranted criticism. He may not be the most gifted footballer out there (and he'd be the first to admit it), but you can't knock his heart or model professionalism. Congratulations, Dave - now knock in a few more, son.


When we lose I can't bear watching goals on Sunday or even looking at the league table. It is because Wolves are part of me. It is patently obvious that Wolves are also part of Dave and that he cares deeply. So lay off him, support the team & support Dave. It isn't often that you get players that are as loyal as Dave. OK he has a bad game now and again, but he never hides. Just my opinion folks.


I can never understand why so called home fans boo their own players, I think it must be because their [the fans] levels of in intelligence are very low.

Black Country Wanderer

As most of you know I'm not the biggest fan of Dangerous by any means,but its good to hear an honest assessment from the player himself

He knows hes not the most talented footballer,and is happy doing the spade work for others,i can relate to that in my own lower standard football career

Every team need the grafters,the runners,the guys who always "put a shift in",and I know DE gets a lot of stick from quite a few on here,myself included at times,but its only when his standards drop below his very best,and yet he keeps getting picked by PL

As every less talented footballer knows,they only survive by being at the top of their game for as many games as possible,as when that drops, they stand out more than their "star quality" counterparts do,and games pass them by

Edwards drops right into that category, and I think he understands that,and the criticism that follows

All I say is this Dave,keep playing like you have for the last 2 games and the flak will move to some other guy I guess

Deep down we all appreciate what you do for the team,just keep on doing it lad : )

Woodsetton wolf

BCW....a very good assessment of the role of the hod carrier....and whether anyone likes it or not, that is what Dangerous is. He has performed pretty well at his peak in the last two matches and whilst he can keep up to that standard he deserves his place in the team. However, during our losing run his form often slipped well below an acceptable level and the effect on those games was to leave us with the equivalent of 10 a man short.

I do think that Dave must be getting touchy in his old age...the 'tackle' comment strikes me as more humorous than vindictive and was hardly reason to shut his account down. On the contrary Dangerous more so than any Wolves player has benefited from social media in the promotion of his soft play business and the forthcoming launch of his charity. As Lincswolf says above...you can't have it both ways.

Anyway, good luck to all of the lads through a busy April, and PL, don't overplay Dangerous...nobody can be at their best playing eight games in four weeks.

chris h

Woods, A hod carrier who scores and two assists in the build up to two goals in the last week alone. Seems to me bud you are as harsh on some players as you are over generous to some others.

Woodsetton wolf

Chris....we can all be selective...I have acknowledged his performance in the last two games, but whether you like it or not there were some pretty anonymous ones in the previous seven. I do partly blame PL for that because throughout that spell he gave Dave no rest at all...and at 31 he is nearing the veteran stage.

The term 'hod carrier' like 'artisan' or 'grafter' is not insulting....it simply sums up the type of player, as BCW says, that every team needs...and Edwards is that type of player. No slur intended...that is just the way it is. If I'd called him a 'creative genius' you'd have accused me of taking the McCarthy!

Farmer Ted

Abusing players...and management...on these and other social media pages is totally wrong, but sadly it's part of life today. Some of the things that are said to OUR players is quite appalling and I for one won't sit back and let it happen. Dave Edwards is, as he says, a more senior member of the dressing room, can you imagine how it must affect the younger players?... cos they read them! The perpetrators say it's just their opinion, but it's just vile abuse very often said in total ignorance. The problem is they create a ground swell of negativity which definitely affects performances. Look at the stick Stephen Ward took on these pages and look where he is now. Mind you it's always been there; Bobby Mason used to attract the boo boys and there was a player who regularly hit 15 goals a season (including European goals) in a double League Championship winning team. The only difference was those morons never had iPads


Always grew up being told as a Wolves fan that as long as a player gave 100% for the club, he'd always get the backing of the fans. I think the majority adhere to this, even those that don't necessarily 'rate' him will still admire his efforts and therefore support him, but unfortunately as with anywhere and especially social media there will always be a negative, disrespectful minority. This mans worth his weight in gold to the club, he's a model pro and a good example to our talented youngsters of how to conduct themselves on and off the pitch. As he said himself, he's at his best when winning the ball and doing the running to allow space for the more technical players, hopefully with Costa, Cav, Marshall and Weimann starting to look good this can be a good fit, plus his goal threat from midfield is a massive benefit to us!


'That bloke again'


I dont understand the endless criticism of Dave Edwards compared to other players in the team. He never stops chasing and has won us the points a lot of times this season. Credit where its due - his heart is 100% Wolves.


I'm shocked and saddened by what I read in the article but reassured by the comments I have read to date.


Sorry I don't fall for all this stuff - where was he in February? He wasn't the only one mind. But at times in those 5 home games he was anonymous.

That does not mean I boo him or criticise him at the game, and you have to give him immense credit for 10 goals.

But althoot hi sfault, Wolves have had a substandard central midfield for may years, and whether he plays dreadfully or well, he is always picked.


Sorry last line meant to say "not his fault"


Critics of Dave Edwards need to get real. He knows his limitations but still gives his best. Its so easy to sit behind a keyboard and make nasty comments, would they do it face to face. On our site some of our fans describe our players as morons, how insulting. Just because they earn shed loads of money doesn't mean they are insensitive.

Farmer Ted

She, there are description of players on this site far worse than morons, sometimes I wonder if there is anybody moderating. You'll notice a number of the worst offenders are conspicuous by their absence over the last few days!


FT I mentioned yesterday that some of the more vociferous complainers had gone missing. Are these the same at the home games, if so no wonder the players are nervous playing at the Mol.


Hi Shewolf.

You do realise that us knuckle draggers and Victor Meldrew range of supporters are the reason for the poor home results.

Well that is according to the knowledgable 1877.

It appears that if those supporters stay away the home results will improve...!


Need to get real?

Are fans not allowed an opinion on certain players anymore? And I would say it to his face, I would happily explain why I think his limitations compromise our central midfield. But I don't ever boo any Wolves player.

Do you really think Wolves fans are any different?

They need to keep away from twitter if it gets too hot for them.


Reans. I'm glad you would tell Dave to his face about his limitations, of which he openly admits. That is not being abusive is it, which is what some of our fans are. We have players I do not rate but I don't bad mouth them, because they are at Wolves I support them.