Wolves are 'so lucky' to have Helder Costa

Wolves are lucky to have a player of Helder Costa's quality at the club, David Edwards believes.

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Edwards was the beneficiary of more Costa magic against Fulham on Saturday when the winger set up his second goal of the game with a blistering run and pass.

Both the Welsh international and boss Paul Lambert heaped praised on the £13million man after his match-winning Craven Cottage contribution.

Edwards said: "Helder Costa...I wax lyrical about him every week but he's a top, top player.

"We're so lucky at this football club to have a player of that quality.

"His work rate for the first goal when he's put in on a plate for (Ivan) Cavaleiro and he's done exactly the same for me.

"He really deserved a goal, but as a winger he's happy with the assists I suppose."

Lambert utilised Cavaleiro in a number 10 role and he and compatriot Costa combined to great effect, especially for the first goal.

The Wolves said of Costa: "He's not bad is he? The guy was on fire for months, he had a little dip like any footballer in the world and he's come back and been absolutely outstanding.

"Him and Cavaleiro, their link up for the goal was excellent.

"We've found a position for Cavaleiro that could hurt teams. If you take away his defensive duty - and yes you might have to give something up somewhere else on the pitch - you're asking him to make things happen and go and score. I'd rather take the risk than not.

"I'll never curtail anybody, when you've got talented players let them go and play."

Wolves' next challenge is to transform their excellent away form to Molineux.

They host Cardiff and Nottingham Forest in successive matches after the international break. And Edwards believes that their dangerous front four can improve the team's home struggles.

"I played at 10 on Tuesday night and it's a very different 10 to how people play," he added. "I think having a front four like we did today will help us at Molineux.

"It's been hard to get results there. We can't play like we have at Ipswich, Brentford and Fulham. Even if we won there'd be a few restless fans if we were sitting back.

"We need to find the right way to do it. I think when you play four top quality creative players like that it might be the way forward.

"It's up to the manager but fans would be enthusiastic about turning up at Molineux and seeing those four. Plus Jon and Nouha on the bench, Zyro, Graham and Joe Mason back soon...it's exciting times.

"If we have a solid six behind that and let those front four play, hopefully that's the tonic we need at Molineux to improve our home form, because that's what has cost us this year."

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Comments for: "Wolves are 'so lucky' to have Helder Costa"


Clearly there is talent in the WW squad. Making them an effective team takes time and with all our rush of imports following new owners, Fosun, taking over, it has taken time. If we can pull a few points clear of the drop zone Paul can use the remainder of the season trying out new players, styles of play and combinations. The Championshi takes some getting used to. I am really surprised and pleased Costa has placed his future with WW when lots of Premier clubs will soon come calling. Lambert has had to sort out a mess and we should credit him with being brave in his team selections and knowing his squad.


I don't wish to sound a sour note, but the more Costa puts in performances like those at Brentford and Fulham, the more chance he's likely to be sold in the summer. It's a case of enjoying him while we can.

For Lambert and the club, it's a double edged sword. Costa will command a big transfer fee, which in turn will allow the squad to be strengthened overall. However, if as I suspect Costa does leave, it will not be easy to replace him. Echo's from the past here, when Sako was sold and never properly replaced.

Of the fabulous four - Cavaleiro, Marshall, Weimann, Costa - only the first two are certain to be at Molineux at the start of next season. Weimann's future is up in the air, and will depend on whether Rowett wants him back at Derby to help rebuild the playing squad to his own style of play.


"but the more Costa puts in performances like those at Brentford and Fulham, the more chance he's likely to be sold in the summer".

I would also suggest that the more money will end up in Mendes' pocket so it will in his interests to see him move on.


Bleydh - Yes, I'm sure Mendes is already gleefully rubbing his hands with the thought of Costa being sold.

Hong Kong Pete


I agree with you re Sako was never replaced, the trouble is when players are looked at by other clubs which has been muted about Costa we know what happens e.g. Afobe.

If Lambert stands by what he's says that he decides who he wants it may be he will not let Costa go. The terms of Costa's contract may have release clauses in it which we will never know about.

I would like something positive to come out of the Molineux we do not want to see our potential best players sold we know where that has lead us to.


Pete - There are some similarities with the Afobe affair, but differencies too. Although supporters weren't aware of it until later, Afobe wanted to leave the club prior to season starting. His form that season was way below that of the previous season. Rightly or wrongly he made it plain that he wasn't going give 100%, and the club had little option but to sell him.

Costa has performed magnificently for most of this season. He clearly is relishing his time here. His contract was negotiated such that the only club that could buy him in January was Wolves. Media speculation doesn't seem to be a distraction at the moment for him, but in the summer it will be very different. And yes, there could well be a release clause in his new contract - possibly at the insistance of Mendes.

Lambert may well wish to keep Costa for another season, but he seems to me to be a pragmatist who will know that you can't have everything you wish for. However, if all the money generated by the sale of Costa is used to buy a few extra quality players, I think he will be happy bunny with the outcome.

For me, players are bought and sold all the time - it's part and parcel of the football world. The comparisson with the previous owner and management is not, with respect, particularly relevent. Leaving aside the limited amount of transfer money available, the biggest obstacle previously was wages - both to attract new players or keep our best ones from wanting to leave.


Completely different situation Dek. Costa is controlled by Mendes. See below.


Indeed the whole Costa situation is... We got him for the season, then we got to buy him in order to either have him, or sell him, at a profit. Whatever the reasons we got him for a season and appear to be likely to recoup all of the cash we lavished on the deal and wages. Hopefully it's enough to offset the cost of the ones that didn't work out so well!


Costa won't leave until he has given Wolves a fair chance to prove they can get promoted i.e. at least til Christmas 2017.

Mendes works for Fosun and Fosun own part of Mendes remember.


Yep, I too think he'll stay for another season and it's within Fosuns interests to keep him because we will get more for him as a premier player than championship. Think about it you doom and gloom merchants. That aside he loves it at Wolves and that means something to this lad.


424 and take the opposition on is my kind of football, specially when you have quality and in Marshall, Weimann, Cav and costa that;s what we have. Plus the fact we have Zyro and Graham coming back soon and they slot in with that formation.

No more parking the bus at the Mol please...

Albrighton Fred

No Mr Edwards you got it wrong again !!!!!. Both you and Held a Costa ( packet ) are the lucky ones playing for a gre at club wit great support You have just worked your way out of the crap you dropped us in and well done for doing so!!!

However this is what you are all payed so handsomely for so carry on working your buts off in an attempt to get the club back to its former premier position. Get us back to a respectable position and carry on doing your talking on the pitch, especially in front of the long suffering home crowd so carry on the good work.


No mate, you have it wrong.

They didn't work them selves in to the crap as you call it, they got themselves two rounds behind everyone else because of a cup run and found themselves, after an admittedly poor run, near the bottom three.

We won the first game in hand and I contend we will win the second one at home to Huddersfield.

Its less than 8 weeks ago that we were beating Liverpool at Anfield!!!

Albrighton Fred

So your blaming the cup run on our league position. Which until 3 games ago was dire. We should be talking of getting out of this league at the upper end not the lower end and under performing players and team selection has been the problem. Or was it the shock of the cup run which was a bit out of the blue. I have supported the team since the age of 5 over 60 yrs ago and have seen some great players over the years, however when bully admits the Rotherham game was dire I think that sums it up. We all want better than the dross that has been served up at times this season. However let's hope we have turned the corner now and better times are a bead.


Fred with respect, our problems are at home. Is this down to negative vibes from some fans? You decide.


Fred, if you play two less games than everyone else its going to look worse than it is.

If that's due to the cup run then fine, blame it on the cup run.

Your words not mine.



According to 1877 it is us knuckle draggers and geriatric Victor Meldrews that are creating the problems. He feels it would be a better atmosphere if they didn't attend home matches the lost revenue wouldn't be a problem as Fosun have plenty of money to cover the short fall.


From the darkness....came a fantastic week and so happy on Saturday, I did the ironing on Sunday! Not just Helder and Cav but all the team should hear our pride and passionate support big time next up at home.

Chris Groves

Cav and Costa £20 million worth of forward firepower. Hope they are with us next season between them and Weimann that's a promotion winning combination.

Black Country Wanderer

Doubt we will be so lucky next season though

I will be amazed if Costa doesn't go to a Prem club in the summer,circa £20 mil, a snip

In some ways it would benefit the club,by freeing up FFP rules ,and making more funds available for the 3/4 players we need to come in

If he stays fantastic,but we would have to go for it completely next season,probably breaking FFP rules unless we get promoted,will Fosun take that chance? Yes I think they would if needs be,but my gut feelng is they will use Costa as a means to an end,nothing against that, its football/business and we move on

Olly the cat

On his day he is a class act. Unfortunately, if a Premier League club comes sniffing around Molineux with it's cheque book, it is quite likely that they will make an offer that Fosun will find difficult to refuse.


I hope you are wrong Olly because we need him for next season so that we can progress. However, there are rumours that other premier league clubs have shown an interest in him. He can be a class player.


If footballing status was dictated by how much fans moan about their club and players, we would consistently win the champions league.

1. Costa plays badly - he is overpriced, not putting a shift in, influx of foreign players, doesn't care

2. plays a blinder - plays in a crap team, won't be here next season.

To be fair, we have been conditioned to expect disappointment consistently but I don't think any fans can be so consistently bereft of joy than us. Even the baggies fans have more optimism. Now I know they are in the premier league where life is better but we really do not ever really celebrate victories or moments of pleasure.

Everything is consistently and depressingly bleak. But we are from Wolverhampton and that is the way we like it.


Cracking post and certainly applies to a few who contribute on here.


Yes I agree with that, Costa plays well and he's going in the summer, the club have stated we aint bought him to sell him in the summer and if they did then that would contradict Fosuns reason for buying the club in the first case.

FFP, Once again the club have stated we have that in hand and the Costa deal does not jeopardise that. Mind you the club cannot comment on the end of the world I suppose!!!!!


He is priceless at Wolves and it will take at least 30m for Fosun to be tempted, i think Fosun will say no to any offers and build a class team around him, saw in the sunday papers PL might be on his way at the end of the season, Will Fosun trust him with the 25-30m we need to spend on the quality players we need to have a good go next season. we need to move players on so the likes of Batth,2M Evans,500k Price 500k, stearman, Wallace 250k, Cody500k, Saville500k and maybe Graham500k and Zyro1m should command fee"s.


Paul, I don't agree with building the team around any player, not even Barcelona do that with Messi. however, I do believe in building a squad that are strong in every position and with Cav, Costa and now Marshall and Weighmann we have four very good players. Long way to go in certain other quarters me thinks unless the young lads in Ronan and co can surge forward a wee bit?


No mention of Bod or Dicko in relation to forward players. Is this because each time they get their chance they fluff the chances which come their way and spend most of the game chasing around like excited puppies. During our bad run we needed them to step up and they were found wanting.

Olly the cat

I think Bodvarsson and Dicko will leave the club at the end of the season. Dicko did the club a great service in his time here, but it has become evident to everybody who has seen him play since his return from injury that he not the player he was two years ago. Although, in fairness to him, when he was scoring lots of goals he was playing alongside Sako and Afobe. Bodvarrson is a player who tries 100% every game. He is a fans favourite, and it's been great to see the Icelandic thunderclap at Molineux. The sad truth is he is not a prolific goalscorer at this level.


If Fosuns intentions are as they stated earlier then selling Costa would be a backward step. They will build around him..

Fosun arent Morgan and Moxey.


Absolutely. If we are serious about getting to the prem and staying there we need plaeysrs like Helda.


Helder Costa looks like he could slot very nicely into any of the top 6 Premiership squads. Enjoy while he remains a Wolves' player.

Benny Hill's dad

Just don't sell him in the summer. He will be vital next season.


A very good player, if fosun , want to keep the premier vultures at bay, they have to offer him a fair contract,

Costa should take note from players who have left the championship to better themselves in the premier and failed......Zaha, sako, afobe, fletcher, kitely, Jarvis,

Roll on summer

Black Country Wanderer

I believe he is on a four year contract now and also the highest ever earner at the club,what else do you want?

Its not just a matter of money either,Costa or any player in this league wants Prem football and compete with the best,whether they make that step up is another story,but they all want to try it out,and if we cant give them that they will move on

People talking about spending £20/30 mil in the summer are dreaming if we keep Costa,FFP rules will kill us if we do

Yes I know for now we are the right side of those rules, and staggering the Costa deal was smart thinking,but these rules span a rolling 3 year period and this year alone we are pushing that limit,so what happens in the next 2 years if we break the limit?

Transfer embagos,loss of points,fines all these are possible, in fact probable if we are not careful

I'm sure Fosun are aware of this and wont get caught in the trap,but it may very well include selling Costa ,if not in the summer ,sometime in the next year


Bcw, just read up on ffp, we are allowed to make a losss of up to 39, million......without sanctions......and as we made a small profit last season, spending 20- 30 million in the summer is feasible.


1 wolf

If Costa is sold at the end of the season we will go backwards do not sell he will be hard to replace

Chris Groves

I think it will depend on whether Costa wants to go or stay. If Costa helps us get promotion the £30m to Fosun is nothing. It wont be the offer for Costa that will make him go its if he wants to leave. No club should keep a player who wants away. Our stripey neighbours have already learned that lesson. The fact is we have money available to invest in the squad. I trust PL to make the right decisions his signings so far have already improved the squad.


It may not be Costas decision to make. Mendez seems to be pulling the strings. I really hope he does stay because moving to a big club is not always the answer. Very often careers stall with too much time sitting on the bench, too much competition for places as well. He works well with Cav, so would be great if they are both here for next season. Yesterday's newspapers mentioned two foreign managers Wolves are supposedly interested in. We see what develops.

Paul's Blade

Whilst I agree with you that Mendes is pulling the strings, bear in mind that Fosun own 20% of his company and therefore may be in a position to exert some pressure on Mendes not to force a sale through - assuming Costa doesn't mind staying of course.


Why don't we tell everyone that Costa has hardly had a decent game since the win at Liverpool. And that he is far to inconsistent for the Premier League. Then he might still be at Wolves when he does find that consistency.


Fosun should be doing everything possible to keep Costa and Caveleiro and also should be using strong arm tactics on Mendes laying down the law if you will telling him in no uncertain terms is Costa to be sold.

They are without a doubt our two best players and selling either of them would be a massive backwards step, I wonder what Andreas Weimann will be doing come the end of the season will he return to Derby County after his loan spell ends or do we have an option to buy ? One thing is for sure it's certainly going to be an interesting summer.

Swindon wolves

Can't believe such negativity. As supporters if they play crap it's oh let's sell them if they play good it's some big club will take them and if we buy him for 13 million it's because we are selling him This is football how it's been since this money loaded premier league ruined most clubs of ever having success Oh go on throw Leicester at me. Believe me won't happen again soon. Let's just enjoy what we do supporting our local team with pride and enthusiasm. Our glory days I'm afraid won't be back anytime soon. But if we can just have a team introducing good kids and some pride I'm happy


It might not feel right being owned by a huge foreign investment company but shouldn't we all be thinking bigger? Our scout/agent who got Costa is the biggest agent ever. Period. Our parent company is owned by someone who is wealthier than anyone who owns an English football club except Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal. We have Mendes here when Portuguese football is at a high and Fosun are coming into football at English Championship level when there are soaring levels of money in the Premier League. If we, and Costa, believe that his agent and Fosun are unliklely to be messing around here, why shouldn't we expect him to stay?


Down to the player at the end of the day if the club accept a bid. Wolves have made both Portugese signings better players and finally accomodated their defensive shortcomings. Play another season with a get out if promotion isn't achieved sounds like the best option for all parties. Surely the club will be promoted next season if the further strengthening goes well in the summer with a full pre-season for all the players. Exciting times.